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You’re Sima Jinchi? The Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi?
— A Ruheng patted on his large bald head as he looked at the person next to him with interest.
I’m fine. I’m making dinner for two middle-aged b*stards and one good-for-nothing glutton. The glutton told me that it felt incredible fighting you and he would look for you later.
— After that moment of venting, Mu Ye became more like his normal self.
A Ruheng
Name A Ruheng
Chinese 阿如恒 Ā Rú Héng
Also Known As Head of the Body Sect

Body Douluo
Strength God
Strength King
Baldie ~ Sima Jinchi
Senior Brother ~ Tang Wulin

Species Human
Age Mid 30's
Gender Male
Height 2.5+ m
Hair Color Bald (Black originally)
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Tang Wulin (Brother Disciple)

Shi Mengshan 石梦姗 (Wife-7th War God)

Master Mu Ye
Disciple Tang Wulin (Unofficial, Body Sect Innate Secret Technique)
Spirit Spirit Body - Golden Arhat Body
Spirit Rank Spirit Douluo (initially, C1075)

Titled Douluo - Rank 97 (current, C1692)
Limit Douluo - Rank 99 (C1775-SL3)

Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain Realm
Spirit Rings 4 Purple

5 Black

System Power Attack System

Defense System (Passive)

Professional Status
Occupation Heir of Body Sect (former)

Body Sect Head
3/4-word Battle Armor Master Standard Mecha Mechanic

Affiliation Body Sect

Tang Wulin
Blood Dragon's Battalion Unit Shrek City's Defense

Light Novel Debut Chapter 1075
Manhua Debut
Anime Debut

Appearance Edit

A Ruheng’s tall and huge with an unusually bulky figure was definitely a rarely seen one as compared to ordinary people. His height exceeded two point five meters and the width of his shoulders was at least twice of an ordinary person. His arms were barren and thus revealed muscles that could only be described as terrifying. The blood vessels on those muscles appeared so outrageous that they were akin to snakes on his skin. He is notable for his completely bald head and naturally sharp face.

A Ruheng, a man with a tall and muscular build, had a well-proportioned appearance. He was not as handsome as Tang Wulin, but he still had thick brows and big eyes filled with masculinity. He stood over there with his massive frame as he naturally exuded virtuous morality.

Body Sect's Secret Technique: Edit

His body size rapidly doubled. Soon after that, a layer of bright red color emerged on the surface of his body. The bright red was not the color of flames but was more similar to fresh blood. The bright red color made him appear unusually terrifying. A layer of densely-arranged striation had also appeared on his bright red skin.

The body covered by bright red skin was charging forward with great strides accompanied by tyrannical energy. Every step he took was akin to a war hammer that was knocking against the competition stage and producing violent booming sound. It was as if his pair of eyes shimmering with golden radiance were shooting out countless murderous gleams. His aura was so powerful that the thick blood essence had condensed into the form of a huge human that was tens of meters tall behind his back.

Among A Ruheng’s eight soul rings, the first, second, and third soul ring shone at the same time. His body underwent another round of explosive growth. The golden scripts on his body seemed to have come alive. A giant illusory shadow lit up behind him, resembling an enlarged version of himself that was more than a hundred meters tall. Suddenly a massive pressure weighed upon the golden giant dragon like a lofty mountain. He raised his right hand and a peculiar scene appeared. His fist enlarged instantaneously. In the blink of an eye, it attained a diameter of three meters.

(Second Awakening): His body suddenly contracted inward. He looked as if his entire person was forged out of gold. His height was reduced to three meters.

(Third Awakening - Martial Soul Avatar Ring 7): A Ruheng’s chest rose and fell. His strong heartbeats had instantly suppressed the cheers of the entire stadium. Once this heart sounded, it meant that his combat strength would be raised to the extremes.

Golden Body Arhat Level Edit

After he had cultivated the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique to its highest level, the Golden Body Arhat, his appearance changed once more.

A peculiar hum that sounded like a hymn rose into the air all of a sudden. A wheel of light became illuminated behind A Ruheng abruptly. The glowing wheel looked almost solid, and its shape seemed to be complementing the beauty of his background. Meanwhile, a thick and heavy blood essence gushed out from his body suddenly when the wheel rose behind him.

His entire body turned gold and red as if he had been cast in gold. His eyes had even become an exceedingly dazzling golden color. At this point, he no longer looked like a human being anymore. He stood over there like a celestial being or a buddha.

Personality Edit

A Ruheng is simple, but arrogant as the heir of the Body Sect and its complete cultivator of the innate secret technique. Because of successfully completing the technique, his brain development seemed to be stunned which resulted in him being foolish with deficiencies in his temperament as a side-effect. His fighting style is hot-blooded and masculine. He likes to wear only his elastic pants for most of his clothes are usually destroyed during battle, therefore, A Ruheng has a habit of carrying clothes with him.

A Ruheng's upbringing under chef Mu Ye and the Body Sect's Innate Secret Technique has made him a glutton on the level of Tang Wulin.

He speaks unruly and is prideful of his Body Sect's quenching result, his Spirit Body. This deep pride is to the level of declining to prioritize upgrading his Battle Armor to 4-word because his Spirit Body Golden-class (Leakproof Golden Body) has higher defense. A Ruheng also likes to do actives which use the body, such as learning mecha piloting. He likes to brag about his younger brother disciple Wulin.

A Ruheng is highly mature because of the extreme willpower required to advance with the pain during the practice of his Body Sect's innate secret technique. He is also open minded, acknowledging his resulting training as the Body Sect's heir would leave him a body that needs an extremely tough woman to handle to have descendants, therefore, his requirements for his spouse are simple and realistic.

A Ruheng is slow, but not stupid, and possesses high wisdom and intelligence to straightforward his schemes.

History Edit

For the past four centuries, no one had managed to successfully cultivate using the Body Sect's Innate Secret Technique until A Ruheng from this generation. A Ruheng had cultivated in the Body Sect since he was young. He seldom came into contact with the outside world. Even if he had ample experience in combat, he might not necessarily understand human emotions.

He was Tang Wulin’s senior disciple brother whom he had never met before and was Mu Ye’s disciple who had cultivated Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique since a young age so the sect had great expectations of him. Almost the entire sect was anticipating for him to have some breakthrough so he could lead Body Sect back to its glory.

What a waste that with the usage of modernized equipment such as battle armor and mecha, the ability of a soul master’s body was not as important as before. It was apparent that the Body Sect’s wish for this person to revive the sect was not that easily achievable. However, they finally had hope.

The Body Sect was one of the most prestigious sects in ancient times. It was a sect capable of standing against the Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. But with the development of soul technology that came afterward, along with the difficult cultivation of Body Secret Technique, the Body Sect gradually began to decline. Some secret techniques were already lost.

A person like A Ruheng capable of successfully cultivating Innate Secret Technique had finally come out from this generation, so Body Sect had considered its effort as betting all it had in a single row. It completely supported this man into forming adequate influence on the continent in order to develop the Body Sect even better.

The number of soul masters possessing body martial soul was small. If Body Sect could not absorb any more disciples, then its future would only grow tougher and it was even possible that the sect could walk down the path of extinction.

Chef Edit

With Mu Ye's gourmet chef occupation, A Ruheng is also a great chef, notably during his travels with Wulin and others in the Tang Sect submarine.

Plot Edit

Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge Debut: Edit

A Ruheng completed his training of his Spirit Body's 3rd Awakening (Innate Secret Technique reached the heart) and with the advice of his master Mu Ye, participated in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge as a debut and representative of the Body Sect. It was also to give him the chance to fight his younger brother discple Tang Wulin. During the tournament, he obtained the title 'Strength King' as a Spirit Douluo.

A Ruheng was noticed by Wulin when he used the Body Sect's Innate Secret Technique in the semi-final match against a user of the Jade Crystal Qilin called the 'Jade King'. He won just with his spirit's 3rd Awakening and no rings.

In the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge’s finals, he fought against Wulin and lost. This stirred him to contact Wulin and seek to follow his younger brother discple to see the world, spar and train. After the fight, A Ruheng was sent along with some heaven and earth treasures to Wulin by his master Mu Ye to teach the Body Sect's Innate Secret Technique to Wulin. Their irritable master Hyper Douluo Mu Ye, the Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua and the Saint Craftsman Mu Chen watched the fight together.

Mu Ye noted Wulin's bloodline is stronger than Ruheng’s, but the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique can make up for any shortcomings in one’s bloodline. It’s strengthening of the body beyond its extremes and A Ruheng has been cultivating for so many years now. With his current cultivation base, if he used Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique when Mu Ye does not use his 4-word Battle Armor, even he would be hard pressed to defeat A Ruheng quickly.

Spirit Douluo A Ruheng's body’s strength must at least be on par with a hundred-thousand-year old spirit beast now. A Ruheng could be described as the product of a hundred-year accumulation by the entire Body Sect.

Now that once one’s blood essence was powerful to a certain extent, it was possible for a burst of energy of this level to be released by solely releasing a burst of one’s own blood essence. A Ruheng's body’s strength must at least be on par with a hundred-thousand-year old soul beast now.

Following Tang Wulin and the 3-word Battle Armor: Edit

Mu Ye sent A Ruheng with several heaven-earth treasures to have him teach Tang Wulin the Body Sect's Innate Secret Technique.

A Ruheng arrives at the Blood God Army with Sima Jinchi to witness the Dragon God Transformation: Second - Dragon God Possession. Both are later captured by the Blood God Army as suspicious "spies".

Three (Wulin, A Ruheng, Jinchi) vs Six Shrek Monsters 2 Rounds: Edit

Infiltrating Spirit Pagoda Dou Spirit Empire Branch: Edit

Joust For a Spouse Festival: Edit

Shrek Academy Opening Day Bouts: Edit

Still Titled Douluo with Hyper Douluo abilities A Ruheng paired with similar cultivation Sima Jinchi to fight Spirit Pagoda's pair, manly ugly female twins Bai Haozhe and Bai Zhicen. 3-word battle armor masters A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi lost, not because of ability, but due to their opponent's contradictory ugliness. Even A Ruheng felt like vomitting. After the match, both men continued to quarrel as usual.

Although Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng were always seen quarrelling with one another, they had actually been cultivating together for a very long time. They worked very well together in a battle, so their cooperation was quite good regardless of how they spoke of one another. They were capable of distracting the opponents and also synchronized perfectly at the most crucial moments. Moreover, both of them possessed a Hyper Douluo’s abilities, and they were even slightly more powerful than the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters judging by their current Titled Douluo cultivation bases.

War God Temple Challenge and Marriage Proposal to the 7th War God: Edit

Hyper Douluo A Ruheng is noted to have requested Tang Wulin to not prioritize making metal for his 4-word battle armor before Wulin's other comrades because A Ruheng attained the Golden Arhat Body level. He has also attained Hyper Douluo cultivation and it easily increases without bottlenecks with his attainment of the Body Sect's Leakproof Golden Body.

A Ruheng's successful proposal to the Seventh War God, enough to move her heart, becomes the shortest proposal in Douluo Planet history.

Divine Blacksmith Tang Wulin: Edit

After eight months later, A Ruheng's battle armor was upgraded to 4-word with Tang Wulin's seven colored divine rank Heavenly Refined metals. He displayed it alongside his comrades' in Tang Wulin's direct confrontation revenge against the Spirit Pagoda. A Ruheng has also become a Limit Douluo.

Also during these eight months, A Ruheng had taken a trip back to the Body Sect and had just recently returned to Shrek. He brought good news with him. After discussing with Mu Ye, A Ruheng had not only taken over the position of the Body Sect’s Sect Master, he had also smoothly brought the Body Sect with him back to Shrek. The Body Sect had officially become a part of Shrek City. A Ruheng provided a very simple reason, which was that the Body Sect could only develop in Shrek City. He had also made a request of Shrek Academy. The Body Sect would bear the responsibility of protecting Shrek by settling down in Shrek City. In turn, the sect hoped that Shrek Academy could recommend some elite soul masters with Body martial souls in order to continue the legacy of the Body Sect. After discussing with the numerous elders, Tang Wulin approved the request. This was why the whole Body Sect moved and settled down in Shrek City without any hesitation.

 Although the Body Sect was no longer as glorious as it had been, it was still an elite sect with a profound history! No other sect on the continent could compare to it in the cultivation of Body martial souls. Despite the decline of Body Sect, it was still capable of cultivating a Golden Body Arhat that possessed the Leakproof Golden Body. What else was impossible for the sect in the future?

 Tang Wulin wanted to make the Body Set one of the members of Sea God’s Pavilion, but A Ruheng turned him down. The Body Douluo gave a very simple reason. As long as Tang Wulin held his position, his presence was enough to represent the Body Sect. There was no need for the sect to send out a disciple to join the Sea God’s Pavilion. The Body Sect would reconsider if Tang Wulin resigned from his duties in the future.

Holy Spirit Cult and Abyss Sage King: Edit

First Assault - Limit Douluos Edit

He fights as a Limit Douluo allied with Shrek Academy's Limit Douluos. He also acts as a golden human mobile rampart cannonball against the Abyssal Plane's Bee Emperor. Paired with Tang Wulin, A Ruheng manages to decimate the Bee Emperor's colony, however, almost get completely annihilated by the unescapable trap, the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. The two men escaped and teleported back to the Life Subtree nearby.

Second Support - Fight the Invasion Edit

A Ruheng

Third Team Up - The Bet 3 v 3 Teams Edit

A Ruheng is selected to join the team composed of himself, Ya Li, Lan Muzi, Yuanen Zhentian, Yuanen Tiandang, Tong Yu, Wu Zhangkong, Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng. The team fought against the Abyssal Plane's and the Holy Spirit Cult's .

A Ruheng defeats and kills the Holy Spirit Cult's Darkness Bell with his Golden Arhat Body.

Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena, Spirit Beasts and Dragon Emperor Tang Wulin: Edit

Soul Land 4 Edit

A Ruheng is indirectly implied in Book 18, as the Body Sect's innate secret body quenching technique is mentioned to be similar to the technique Tang Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu learn during their infiltration period of Dragon Horse Galaxy. This shows that with A Ruheng's efforts, the Body Sect attained higher prestige than its extremely below average popularity in Soul Land 3. However, it seems the Sect has hidden itself within Shrek City.

Trivia Edit

  • Near the end of Soul Land 3, A Ruheng has the Body Sect end its rivalry with Shrek Academy and moves the sect to become part of Shrek City as the Body Department, with the criteria that Shrek from the then on would recommend Body Spirit Masters or similar to the Body Sect, if any, to ensure its existence. A Ruheng's realistic choice ensures that the Body Sect would still be renown 10,000 years later as shown in SL4 Book 18.
  • A Ruheng's most notable sparring partners are Sima Jinchi and Tang Wulin.
  • A Ruheng's masculine personality and physique perfectly fits Seventh War God Shi Mengshan's preferences.
  • Based on A Ruheng's appearance, techniques and plot, he can be described as a martial Buddhist monk.
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