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Soul Land III

This plane is where the abyssal creatures came from. Six thousand three hundred years ago, an abyssal tunnel appeared in the Endless Mountains. Throngs of abyssal creatures came in great number onto the Endless Mountains and migrated onto Douluo Continent. Because it took place in the secluded western part of the continent where the population is sparse and also the blackout on information by the Federation, there were only a handful of people who knew about the abyssal creatures. All life on the Endless Mountains were exterminated.

Fortunately, the Federation noticed the invasion early on, so the invasion did not spread to the inner part of the continent. The Federation had practically mobilized two-thirds of its armies to eradicate these abyssal creatures. With the combined efforts of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Spirit Pagoda, and the Battle God Hall, in cooperation with the eleven mecha regiments, and countless fixed soul ammunitions, they eventually managed to push the abyssal creatures back into the tunnel.  

In the battle, more than two hundred people died. The Tang Sect Douluo Hall Hall Master had died during a fight with an abyssal creature's plane king. Four of the Shrek Seven Monsters of that generation had died. Ten of the Battle God Hall's eighteen battle gods had died. Three of the Four Great Spiriters of the Spirit Pagoda had died. Of the three main and deputy hall masters, one had died while the other was gravely injured. It is said that the battle was absolutely horrifying. After that, they had forcibly sealed the abyss's tunnel. They weren't able to seal it completely, but abyssal creatures above the rank of King would find it difficult to pass through the tunnel. In addition, the Blood God Army, an elite force consisting of the most exceptional soul masters in the military, was formed to monitor and protect the seal, unbeknownst to the public and even lower caste military.

Soul Land IV

In Book 24, it is revealed the Abyssal Plane was originally 40% of the unstable swallowing plane created and nurtured by the half-step God King Crimson Mother, with the Abyssal Sacred Monarch as one of her children. A fragmented divine soul survived through the Abyssal Sacred Monarch's divine tool and with Tang Xuanyu's 7th ring breakthrough, gained enough consciousness to report many secrets to Crimson Mother.


The entire plane can be classified as a single complete living organism. The abyssal creatures are but its cells. When the cells die, the energy will be recycled and new cells are made, therefore creating more abyssal creatures. The Abyssal plane has a total of 108 layers. Every layer is connected via spatial passages, and a monarch resides on each level. Hence, there are actually one hundred and eight monarch-ranked existences. The core of those layers is the Abyssal Sacred Monarch. The top three layers only contain one creature each, beceause each of them was the only creature on their separate levels, they were known as the Three Abyssal Saints.

Each layer has an Abyssal Monarch. Once the monarch is truly dead, it might lead to the crumbling of that layer’s abyssal plane. The abyssal creatures belonging to the plane will also crumble completely and die out. After all, even if they can be reborn, the process of recovery after death is extremely long and arduous.

  • 73rd-108h layer - Human Titled Douluo Level Strength
  • 37th - 72nd layer - Human Hyper Douluo Level Strength
  • 19th-36th layer - Human Limit Douluo Level Strength
  • 2nd-18th layer - Human Quasi-God Level Strength
  • 1st layer - Human God Level Strength

The energy from the plane is able to devour the origin energy from the Douluo Planet and strengthen the Abyssal Plane.

Abyssal Creatures

Common Creatures

Abyssal Monarchs

Note: The author later mentioned the layer of Black Monarch as Eight, Bee Monarch as Ten, both Scythe Monarch and Sage Monarch as Five.


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