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Ah Yin was a Spirit Beast who turned into a human. She is the mother of Tang San and the wife of Tang Hao. She ascends to the Divine realm as a Goddess with her son and husband.


As a Spirit Beast, Ah Yin is depicted as a beautiful silver-blue willow tree, with tendrils of silver-blue grass, or a flowering vine respectively. Her form seems to depend on her vitality, though her full strength appearance is unknown.

As a human, Ah Yin becomes a pale, beautiful woman with long silver-blue hair. Her features are lovely, with cool blue eyes, perfect skin, and rosy lips. She favors flowing white and blue clothing, sometimes decorated with vines and flowers using her Blue Silver Empress spirit.


Ah Yin was very kindhearted, gentle and would not hesitate to sacrifice herself for the ones she loved. She has a sense of humor, teasing Tang San about bringing a girl back to meet her with a Grass Heart engagement ring after her partial resurrection. Her aura has been noted to be warm and gentle, like a sea of grass waving in a summer wind.


Ah Yin met Tang Hao and Tang Xiao, and for the next three years, Ah Yin traveled with the brothers all around the continent, deepening their friendship. After Tang Xiao left her and Tang Hao quietly one night, she told Tang Hao that she wasn't human but a 100,000 year old Spirit Beast on the verge of entering the mature stage. She confesses her love for him when he tells her that it doesn't matter who she was, and that he loved her.

She goes with Tang Hao to the Clear Sky Clan. On their way, they ran into trouble. She runs away with Tang Hao after he severely injures a Titled Douluo from Spirit Hall, and later marries Tang Hao. After hiding for some time, Ah Yin became pregnant with Tang San.

Ah Yin sacrifices herself to give Tang Hao a 100,000 year spirit ring.

After Tang San's birth, people from Spirit Hall came to take her away. While Tang Hao was fighting Spirit Hall, she walked out of the house calmly and said that it was impossible to kill her unless she killed herself. This was due to her Blue Silver Domain. She proposes that she will go with Spirit Hall provided that Spirit Hall let Tang Hao and Tang San go, and not punish the Clear Sky Clan. After the Supreme Pontiff agreed to this, she walked up to Tang Hao, telling him that she will always be his, and sacrificed herself to become his final ring.


First Meeting[]

She grows slowly in the place where her seed was planted as a Blue Silver Grass, which has a characteristic golden color exhibiting its difference and superiority. However, she lacks consciousness or a physical body. Upon Tang San's release of the Blue Silver Domain, it causes her to have a growth spurt as well a whisper of her consciousness. With her leaves, she wraps around Tang San's and Tang Hao's fingers, as they weep in mixture of sadness and joy, consoling her loving husband and son.

Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well[]

She was then moved to the area of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well in Sunset Forest, where she was replanted in the optimum position. She stops Tang San from giving more than a single drop of his blood since it might cause a detrimental effect to her.

Following Tang San's peril and Xiao Wu's immolation to become his next Spirit Ring, both Tang Hao and Ah Yin are able to sense Tang San's terrible grief and mourn their child facing the same situation as them.

Before Tang San leaves with the Shrek Seven Devils for Sea God Island, he visits Tang Hao and Ah Yin (still in plant form) and asks for their blessing to get engaged to Xiao Wu. Both Tang Hao and Ah Yin happily give their blessing, and Ah Yin uses her power to produce two golden rings from her leaves, placing them on Tang San and Xiao Wu's ring fingersI

Tang Hao and Ah Yin revealed themselves to assist Tang Wulin at the end of the war with the Abyssal Realm. It was also found out at this time that he was the Planar Lord, and was put in place by Tang San.

Soul Land IV[]

Ah Yin has yet to appear in Soul Land IV however, she has been mentioned by Tang Wulin as the sleeping Douluo Planet Life Core and great-grandmother of Xuanyu, even in Book 27 and 28.