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The ancestral court is surrounded by a towering mountain. This layout is a little similar to Kerry City, but these peaks around the ancestral court are obviously much taller than those around Kerry City. At the top of the peaks that are almost towering into the clouds, huge statues can also be faintly seen. Each statue looks like a giant beast. These statues correspond to the demon emperors who once existed and still exist. Only the great demon emperor is qualified to have such statues on the peaks around the ancestral court. It is said that among these statues, there is also the divine consciousness of the great demon emperors and always guards the ancestral court.

The surrounding peaks are also known as the ancestral holy mountain. On the ancestral holy mountain facing the east side of the mainland, most of them are statues of the great demon emperors, while facing the west are naturally statues of the spirit emperors, with more numbers. These statues are also collectively called the Holy Mountain Throne. Under their protection, the ancestral court not only deters the Fairy Continent, but also the whole Falan Planet. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the center of Falan Planet. Between the mountains, there are a total of eight roads that can enter the ancestral court, and there is no city wall here. Because the ancestral court does not need it at all, no one dares to plot against the ancestral court.

Although there is no city wall, it needs to go through strict examination to enter the ancestral court. The ancestral court is completely composed of nobles of the two races of the spirits, which specializes in guarding the ancestral court. The minimum cultivation requirement of the ancestral court guard is the sixth level.

After passing the checkpoint, there are steep cliffs on both sides, standing thousands of feet. However, the central road is wide enough to accommodate twenty carriages parallel. The rock walls on both sides seem to be split by some sharp weapons, not formed naturally. How great is it that such a high mountain has been split out of the passageway?

The interior of the ancestral court exudes an extremely strong aura of heaven and earth. These aura attributes are rich. Although they are not pure life energy, they are extremely rich. This is also the reason why the ancestral court requires only nobles to enter. He is not an aristocrat and is not qualified to absorb these strong auras in the ancestral court.

The higher the ranking of the demon emperor and the spirit emperor, the closer the palace is to the center of the ancestral court. And the most central place is where the Ancestral Parliament is located. It is a peak, a peak in the middle of the whole ancestral court, towering into the clouds and surrounded by clouds all year round. It is said that there is the parliament, and only the Demon Emperor and the Spirit Emperor are qualified to board.


There are several precautions. In the ancestral court, fighting is prohibited. Once found, you will face the punishment of the ancestral court law enforcement team and will be executed. In addition, below the god level, there is no right to fly in the ancestral court. Even above the god level, the flight area is different, and the god level of the vassal population is not qualified to fly. In addition, approaching the holy mountain and the palaces of the great demon emperors and the spirit emperors at will isn’t allowed. Once you step into the restricted area, you will definitely die.

Nine Demon Emperors

Ranked first, the Omnipotent Crystal Demon Emperor

The Crystal Demon Emperor is currently recognized as the strongest of the monster and spirit clans, and has a long life of more than two thousand years old. Even in Parliament, he rarely appears. He was cultivated by a crystal dragon. It is said that he can do everything. He is a special dragon mutated from the dragon clan. It has no gender and cannot be inherited. It is a unique existence.

The crystal dragon started from him, and it is likely to end with him, which is a little similar to the Seven-colored Deer Demon Emperor. However, the Crystal Demon Emperor may be stronger. His blood talent is copying and be able to copy all abilities, no matter strong or weak, so he is called omnipotent. There was once a legend that even if all the other demon emperors combined, at most they could defeat him, but it was impossible to kill him. This unique existence has always stood at the top of the whole fairy continent for two thousand years.

Ranked second, fate dominates the Heavenly Fox Demon Emperor

In the overall ranking of the monster and spirit clans, the Heavenly Fox Demon Emperor ranks third. But on the monster side, he ranks second, and he is more famous than the Crystal Demon Emperor who ranks first. He controls fortune, is the master of fortune, the son of fate, the prophet of the monsters and spirits, the great prophet, and the wise man who follows the law.

In terms of strength, the Heavenly Fox Demon Emperor can even be said to be the strongest among the demons and spirits. The fortune he controls is what other demon emperors and emperors yearn for, so he is also the most popular one, and no one wants to offend him. The Legend said that he dominates the fate of the whole fairy continent. As long as he is here, the monster and spirit clans will have the greatest luck and always dominate the whole plane.

Ranked third, the Eternal Burning Immortal Demon Emperor

The third-ranked demon emperor is called Immortal Demon Emperor. He is the oldest-lived one among the monsters and spirits at present, that is, he has lived for more than three thousand years. His population is an immortal phoenix. The Phoenix clan has always been an extremely powerful existence, and the immortal phoenix is the royal family of the Phoenix clan. Their most powerful blood talent is Nirvana.

It is said that as long as the immortal phoenix's vein breaks through to the god level, it has nine lives, and it will not really die until nine nirvanas. And every time they nirvana, they become stronger. This immortal demon emperor is also very low-key. No one knows how much worse his real combat effectiveness is compared with the Crystal Demon Emperor. The title of the immortal demon emperor is the eternal burning of the sky, and his burning flame is also known as the strongest flame.

Ranks fourth, the Invincible Demon Emperor of Sky Splitting

The fourth rank Great Demon Lord was called the Invincible Sky Splitting. The Great Sky Splitting Demon Lord belongs to the Behemoth monster clan. They have the title of terrestrial invincibility and are very strong. Physically, they tend to be the best monsters among the monster clans.

But this clan has a problem, that is, it is difficult to have children, so the number of races is very few, and the entire clan is not even a thousand. But each one is very strong. The ninth-level giant behemoth even possible to challenge a higher-level god-level powerhouse. The title of Sky-Splitting Demon King is invincible! A pair of sharp claws can destroy heaven and earth.

Ranked fifth, the Heaven and Earth White Tiger Demon Emperor

The fifth ranked Demon Lord is the White Tiger Demon Emperor. The White Tiger Bloodline is mutated, and the number of races is relatively small. This line is the worst offense to bear grudges. The White Tiger Great Demon Emperor had wings on his back and had the ability to pierce through heaven and earth. Whether in the air or on the ground, that was his domain. Therefore, his title is also heaven and earth.

Ranked sixth, the Eternal Night King Dark Demon Emperor

The sixth rank Great Demon Lord, named the Dark Demon Great Demon Lord, was cultivated by the dark dragon among the dragon clans. The dragon clan is a completely different race, and the number of rare dragon clans and giant giants is almost the same, but each Behemoth has the same attributes and abilities. However, the dragons are strange, including fire dragons, water dragons, earth dragons, wind dragons, etc.

It is said that in ancient times, dragons were very lewd. , But because the blood is strong, when inheriting, more characteristics of the dragon family are inherited. Like the Crystal Demon Emperor, it is a mutant existence among the dragons. Dragons and black dragons have conflicting attributes that cannot give birth to offspring

Ranked seventh, the Golden Glorious Mammoth Demon Emperor

The seventh rank Demon Emperor was the only one chosen with a golden bloodline. Because the golden bloodline of this bloodline was already at the level of a first-rate bloodline. Mammoth The Great Demon Emperor. Came from the Golden Mammoth family, and was also the leader of the Elephant Demon Race. Known as the number one defensive existence among Great Demon Emperors. It was not easy for the Great Demon Emperor to break through. “The thing is. The title of the Mammoth Demon Lord is Golden Radiance. That is, his bloodline is the pride of the golden bloodline.

Ranked eighth, the Sword Saint Demon Emperor of Rising Clouds

The rank eight Great Demon Emperor was the Sword Saint Great Demon Emperor. The Red-crowned Crane Demon is a bloodline of the Red-Crowned Crane Demon. Among the Great Demon Emperors, Fengrui is the first. The Inheritance Demon Red Crown Crane is not only strong in swordsmanship, but also a powerful race that is the best at coordinating.

The Sword Saint Demon Emperor was said to have three thousand six hundred crane swords. If it was under the Demon Emperor Sword Saint's unified mobilization, It would be extremely terrifying. His title rose to the sky. The Red-crowned Demon Crane's physical strength was not high, but it could be ranked among the great demon emperors, which showed that his swordsmanship and skills were extremely strong. The Sword Saint Great Demon Emperor was also because of this, known as the number one fighting technique.

Ranked ninth, the Crystal Seals Heaven and Earth Crystal Phoenix Demon Emperor

The ninth rank Great Demon Emperor was the Crystal Phoenix Great Demon Emperor. He was a relatively special existence. Originally, his bloodline was unlikely to reach the rank of Great Demon Emperor. But there seems to be. After several special opportunities, the impact finally worked, which made the Crystal Phoenix line rise.

This Crystal Phoenix Great Demon Emperor is a newcomer, and there is still a significant difference in strength from the other eight, and more accumulation is needed. But in any case, it is also among the Great Demon Emperors, and its own strength is definitely not to be underestimated. After stabilizing his cultivation base, it would also be extremely powerful. The title is Crystal Seals Heaven and Earth.

Seven Spirit Emperors

Ranked first, Born to nourish, the Heavenly Yang Spirit Emperor

The first rank heavenly spirit emperor is called Heavenly Yang Spirit Emperor who ranks higher than the Heavenly Fox Demon Emperor. After hundreds of years of cultivation and grafting, the Sunflower bloodline and the eight different spirit races had finally inherited a kind of perfect special existence.

Because several particularly powerful bloodlines have been used when cultivating it, and it has failed many times. Therefore, the cultivation of sunflower is almost irreversible at present. And this Heavenly Yang Spirit Emperor is more than two thousand years old, the Richen Empire is also worried about how to pass down this bloodline.

Ranked second, Everything is overcast, the Earth Yin Emperor

The second rank emperor was called Diyintianjinghuang, who cultivated as the emperor of the Diyin Grass, and separated himself from the Great Demon Emperor Tianyang to control the yin and yang of the spirit world. It is also an existence developed by various plants. Compared to Tianyanghua, Jinghuang Diyintian is relatively reproducible. However, it was still more difficult to cultivate it to his level.

It is said that Diyintian Jinghuang has the ability to control the earth, which is for the rest of the Jingwei tribe. There is a powerful oppressive force. Hence, the title was Earth City of All Things. The Earth City of All Things Cloudy Earth Jingtian Jinghuang. In the Jingwei Clan's Rich Empire, the prestige of the two emperors of heaven and earth was higher than the other five emperors. Lots. He is the true ruler of Richen Kingdom

Ranked third, Turn the stone into life, Soul Stealing Emperor

Third rank emperors are called demons, and emperors are demons. It was cultivated by the demon tree. Among all the great demon emperors and emperors, spiritual awareness is cultivated. Only the Crystal Demon Emperor could compare. He has tremendous power on a spiritual level. It is said that where the soul-stealing emperor can control everything, especially the existence of spirits, trees, etc. Under his control. There was even a life-giving ability that could turn a stubborn stone into a spirit, the title was "Dianshichengjing.

Ranks fourth, Burning the Heaven and boiling the earth, the Sycamore Emperor

The fourth emperor was named Wutong Tianjing. Even though it is called wood, its attribute is fire. Anything that can be burned can turn into itself. Nutrient, has a strong power to burn the heavens and boil the earth. Although it is only ranked fourth among emperors, it must be noted that it is the only emperor who has the closest relationship with the great demon emperor. Its existence. Because his partners were the eternal Burning Heaven and the Eternal Demon Emperor who was third among the Great Demon Emperors. This immortal Huofeng and the phoenix tree are a couple.

Ranked fifth, Thousands of possibilities, the Glazed Emperor

the fifth emperor was a very strange existence. As I said before, the emperor has the power to turn stones into essence, and this emperor cultivates essence stones. The main body is a piece of glazed stone, cultivated in the layered stone body, and finally reached the throne. This ability is said to be strange and unpredictable. Therefore, he has the title of emperor emperor.

Ranked sixth, Indestructible Diamond Emperor

the sixth emperor was King King Kong, who was refined and refined to become a King. King Kong is a metal ore, known to be the harshest existence, and is not conductive to any attributes. Naturally resistant to almost all attributes. So, among all the emperors, in terms of defense, it was the strongest. It is also an integrated and defensive attack.

In general in the monster clan, the most difficult King Kong to say is him. Emperor King Kong. The title is indestructible. It has a very bad relationship with the Sky-Splitting Demon Emperor, perhaps due to a title conflict. It has been played many times. Although it can't beat the Sky Severing Devil Emperor, it still takes It has nothing to do, it can only hurt him, but it is impossible to kill him. It's also famous for this

Ranked seventh, the Water is endless, the Heaven Emperor

The seventh and last Emperor Tenjin, known as the endless emperor Tenjin, is said to be a bottomless deep spring that is cultivated into essence and enters the path with water. So it is also called endless water. all great demon emperors and emperors, his attack range can be the greatest.

he controls rivers, lakes, and seas, and is the controller of the source of the water element. The name Endless comes from the endless blue sea, which denotes his control over all the waters of Power. Title: Water rules the world

Notable Places

Sword Saint Palace

Looking up from the foot of the mountain, this is a hillside about three hundred meters high. At the top of the hill, a towering palace stands there. The reason why it is described as standing up is that the palace is very high. The main gate of the palace still looks like a palace, but the whole is an acute triangle straight up. It's like a sword front rising to the sky, pointing to the sky.

Just looking at the foot of the mountain, you can faintly feel the sword spirit that seems to rise to the sky. There is no lofty, only sharpness. Over the Sword Palace, the sun falls directly on the triangular palace, just like dark clouds piercing. It’s very strange.

The mountain bag where the Sword Holy Palace is located has only steps up on the front. At the moment of stepping up the steps, in the direction of the Sword Holy Palace, there is a sharp breath from top to bottom. If you look up at the Sword Palace, you will even feel that the Sword Palace seems to have been turned into a huge sword and cut off the sky. That's obviously illusory, but it gives people great oppression in their hearts.

At the top, there is a gate which is very high, with a foot of fifteen meters, and the top is triangular. The whole gate is in the form of opposite. After entering the gate, the aura of heaven and earth becomes extremely thick. There is a huge sculpture which is about thirty meters high and in human shape. It is a man in a white robe and holding a black sword. Behind it, a pair of huge white wings spread out as if to take off.

Heavenly Fox Palace

Heavenly Yang Spirit Palace

There is an official hall with magnificent gradient color. The lower part of the official hall is green, which seems to merge with all kinds of vegetation on the mountain, but the upper part is fiery red. The gradient from green to fiery red makes it look like a flame rising from the sky. The overall shape of the palace is a bit like a huge mushroom.

White Tiger Palace

The palace is on a mountain bag about 500 meters high, and the white palace bursts out with intimidating domineering spirit. In front of the palace, there is a huge statue. Although it is not as big as the throne of the Holy Mountain, it is also extraordinary. The statue is carved with a huge white tiger with wings on its back and a strong fierce atmosphere on its tens of meters long body.

White Tiger Hotel

The hotel looks very large, and the gate at the gate is more than five meters high, which is obviously for tall monsters and spirits. After entering the door, there is a hotel lobby full of twenty meters high. The interior decoration of the lobby is simple, but it gives people a sense of some oppression. The relief on the wall presents white tigers of different shapes.

There are standard rooms, VIP rooms, special rooms, special VIP rooms, Demon King suites and the most noble Demon Emperor suites. There is a practice room inside each room, the higher the room standard, the richer, stronger and purer the aura of heaven and earth. The practice rooms inside the demon king suite and demon emperor suite are specially designed to warm up the divine consciousness of the God level.