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Soul Land Series

  1. Douluo Dalu
  2. Unrivaled Tang Sect
  3. Legend of the Dragon King
  4. Ultimate Combat
  5. Rebirth Tang San

Mysterious Seas and Lands of Wonder Series

  1. The Matchless Pearl
  2. The Sea Dragon Pearl
  3. Netherworld Pearl

Great Circle of Gods Series

  1. Child of Light
  2. Mad God
  3. The Kind Death God
  4. I am the Sole Immortal
  5. Space Speedstar Hen
  6. Magic Chef of Ice and Fire
  7. The Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods
  8. Zither Emperor
  9. Wine God
  10. Heavenly Jewel Change
  11. Sealed Divine Throne
  12. Skyfire Avenue