The Asura God is one of the Enforcer Gods of the Divine Realm and the God of de Murder, in charge of killing, judging and ruling.

History[edit | edit source]

In the Divine Realm, when it was the war against the Divine Beast Rebellon, the Dragon God was severed into two by the Asura God, becoming the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King.

Afterward, The Asura God also wanted to find the next successor for his position afterward. He left the Divine Realm and went to many universes far away to find the best fit one. With his strong Law Executor’s God Power, he for sure found that person.

Tang Chen attempted to inherit the position of the Asura God by completing the Asura God Trials, but failed in the end due to the trials being corrupted by the Rakshasa God. He went on to pass the Asura Sword to his great-grandson. After Tang San chooses to become the Sea God, the Asura Sword chooses Xiao Wu as its scabbard for Tang San to complete the last trial and become the Asura God by performing a God-level soul fusion with Xiao Wu.

Tang San became the Asura God during the final battle with the Rakshasa Goddess and Angel Goddess in a state of god duo coexistence with the Sea God. He defeated both the gods resulting in death of Bibi Dong and the shattering of the Seraphim spirit of Qian Renxue.

After ascending to the God's realm, Tang San no longer has to fuse with Xiao Wu to use the powers of the Asura God.

He proposed to Zhou Weiqing to inherit the position of the Asura God, but was refused.

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