It was you? The one I always loved, the one I'm engaged to...was always you?
— After Ma Hongjun transforms into the Ninth Heaven Rainbow Phoenix

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chenxiang is a very beautiful girl who is tall and well proportioned albeit a little thin. She has long blonde hair, brown eyes, and a triangular emblem on her right cheek.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chenxiang has a rather proud demeanor and takes an interest in many things. She is very confident in her speed and her charm. She loves all things that are cute. Although she is somewhat arrogant she is also extremely caring and kind to those she respects.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tang Sect[edit | edit source]

Chenxiang arrives at Rising Dragon City along with her grandfather Bai He. He scoffs at Tang San when he expresses the price of one Godly Zhuge Crossbow. She then takes on his challenge for a competition in speed. She is however unable to catch him even after she uses her spirit thus causing her to be rather discontent at her loss.

Her discontent fades away when she realizes Tang San is a Spirit Emperor and is shocked upon seen Tang San's 6th Spirit Ring. She tries to ask Ma Hongjun, whom she is aware has lustful feelings for her, but he does not reveal anything to her regarding the red ring. She is later astonished when she learns of Tang San's age.

After she becomes part of Tang Sect and learns of Ma Hongjun's proposal and that her grandfather accepted she immediately becomes discontent. She confronts Hongjun and tells him to break it off and seeks assistance from Tang San. Tang San tells that she wouldn't have to marry him if their feelings are mutual.

Chenxiang then integrates herself with the Shrek Seven Devils. She is rather discontent when Grandmaster doesn't allow her to train together with them against Chen Xin but becomes shocked after witnessing the power difference between her and them.

Vast Sea City[edit | edit source]

She departs with the Shrek Seven Devils to the Sea God Island. On the way to Vast Sea City they come across a village reeking of blood. Chenxiang scouts and finds out that it was caused by Wolftaken.

She is shocked upon seeing Ma Hongjun severe wound on his arm following his fight against the Wolftaken. She immediately tries to help him close the wound. Ma Hongjun who is unconscious, subconsciously releases his fire which burns Chenxiang's thigh but she bares the pain and sews his wound shut. This gains her the approval of the Shrek Seven Devils which also compels Ma Hongjun to actively pursue her.

After arriving at Vast Sea City, Tang San asks her and Hongjun to take part in the Great Spirit Arena battle. They face up against the Ocean Soul Brothers as the Phoenix Fragrance. Chenxiang is rather nervous but Hongjun calms her down and plow straight into the battle.

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