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He is an old man who has a slim built but seems extremely well proportioned. He has snow white long hair that hangs over his back and a rosy face which gives him a younger appearance.


Tang Sect[]

Speed Clan[]

Bai He arrives at Rising Dragon City for the reunion of the four former subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky Clan. He meets with Niu Gao and Tai Tan. He is rather depressed by the fact that Niu Gao would be moving to Heaven Dou City and thus their support would cease to exist.

After they introduce Tang San to him, who promotes the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, Bai He impressed by the Hidden Weapon asks for 200 of them and mistakenly assumes all of them to be only 120 gold. Since Bai He does not have any money to buy them, Tang San puts forth a challenge to compete in speed, whereas if Tang San won, he would get 100 gold and if Bai Chenxiang won, they would get one Godly Zhuge Crossbow. However Bai Chenxiang is unable to catch Tang San thus it ends in her loss due to Tang San's Purple Demon Eyes and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Bai He thus unwillingly parts with the 100 gold. Tang San then issues another challenge directed against Bai He, with the conditions being if Tang San won the Speed Clan would join the Tang Sect and if Bai He won, he would receive 500 gold worth of Hidden Weapons for each of his clan members. Thus Bai He accepts and immediately uses his superior speed. Overwhelmed by the speed Tang San is forced to use the teleportation ability of his left arm Spirit Bone.

As it goes on Bai He having understood that Tang San is very unlikely to deplete his Spirit Power, he goes all out using his 7th and 8th Spirit Rings. This puts immense pressure on Tang San and he inadvertently uses the 6th Spirit Ring which makes Bai He unable to touch him since he has turned to nothingness. Soon after Tang San concedes defeat citing that having used the specific ability renders him unable to have partaken in a fair fight. However Bai He also cites that since he was the one to first use his spirit abilities, it would have resulted in his loss.

Niu Gao and Tai Tan then tells Bai He that they plan to join Tang Sect and that they hope he would join along with him. Tang San reveals he is Tang Hao's son, which shocks Bai He. Although he is extremely tempted to join he states that he would only join if the Breaking Clan joins Tang Sect.

Bai He arrives at Tang San's room as he is cultivating early in the morning. He then tells him that he is his granduncle and gives Tang San Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng in order to persuade Yang Wudi to join the Tang Sect. He leaves before Tang San refuses the heirloom of Speed Clan.

Breaking Clan[]

After Breaking Clan arrives, the four convene together. When it is revealed to Yang Wudi that Tang San is Tang Hao's son and he is about to leave, Bai He tries to stop him. When Tang San issues a challenge with a bet he stifles his laughter. He is rather worried when the battle gets very serious, but is relieved when Tang San manages to attain victory. After Yang Wudi agrees to join the Tang Sect having received the Aromatic Silk Beauty, he along with the 3 other clans set off to establish Tang Sect in the Heaven Dou Empire.

After Tang San returns from visiting Gengxin City, the elders and the Shrek Devils have their first meeting. Tang San expresses to abolish the different clans and make Tang Sect become one single entity. He then makes Bai He the master of Speed Hall, in charge of information gathering, investigation and news.

During the Heaven Dou Palace rebellion he acts as a scout quickly providing information and instructions back and forth.

When Ma Hongjun asks for permission to marry Bai Chenxiang, he readily agrees to it because of Hongjun's spirit. He asks Ma Hongjun to give one of his children the surname Bai and become the leader of the Speed Clan. He is rather reluctant to let Chenxiang part from him and travel with the Shrek Seven Devils and repeatedly asks Ma Hongjun to take care of her.


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