Battle Armor is a personalized human-shaped armor like mecha created by blacksmiths and mecha craftsmen. Spirit Masters who have battle armor are known as Battle Armor Masters.

 Description[edit | edit source]

Just like mechas, battle armors had their own rankings. However, this particular ranking system was strange.

At its core, a suit of battle armor was similar to a super mecha. This was because both were forged personally by a soul master and acted as an extension of and became a major component of the user’s strength. A battle armor master would be twenty soul ranks stronger than any soul master of the same soul power rank.

If a soul master had five rings and equipped a one-word battle armor, his strength would be equivalent to that of a seven-ringed soul master. A two-word battle armor master could match a soul master with eight rings, and so forth.[1]

Using the blueprint of a Human-shape Soul Guidance Device which was a legacy left by Huo Yuhao, future soul masters perfected it, giving birth to Mecha technology. Simultaneously, soul masters invented techniques to create Battle Armor, a mecha type, but it can merge with oneself.

The common thing between Mecha and Battle Armor is both must be created by forging metals. Battle Armor will improve physical power, spiritual power, defense, and the effect of soul skills of a soul master to a higher level, dependent on characteristics of metals and compatibility with essence spirit.

All Battle Armor Masters are Mecha Craftsmen or Blacksmiths. The first battle armor prototypes exist because of the discovery of spirit refining by blacksmiths.[2]

Battle armors are like a circuit carved into the user’s martial soul that granted the martial soul its own set of armor and sublimating it.

Battle armor masters held a supreme position throughout the entire continent. Even government officials would withdraw from any disputes involving one of them. In the end, they would be forced to call in another battle armor master aligned with the government to settle the problem. Indeed, only a battle armor master could face another battle armor master.

On the Douluo Continent, they were the most regal of existences.

The reason Shrek Academy still held onto so much power and influence was precisely because it possessed the strongest battle armor master force!

Based on SL3 7th War God Asiatic Apple Douluo, some can discard their battle armor and recycle older other ones, but depending on the reused battle armor, incompatibility may rise based on martial soul.

In SL3, there were only four levels for battle armor. With the evolution of the Douluo Plane/Planet, the level increased to six by SL4.

If a divine craftsman's ability, resources and body reach God rank, one can attain the possbility produce a divine tool grade 4-word battle armor. notably Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Moon Song produced after his visit to the War God Temple, starting at one component (right gauntlet).

Prototype Battle Armor (SL2 Unrivaled Tang Sect)[edit | edit source]

The first prototype battle armor debutted as the Solo Battle Armor worn by Huo Yuhao, personally tailored by Soul Engineer Xuan Ziwen, in Chapter 444. It was a human-shaped soul tool following the thought of minimizing this type for other use. The base was a giant human-shaped soul tool stolen by Huo Yuhao from the Sun-Moon Empire, left for Xuan Ziwen to completely dismantle. With Huo Yuhao's Tang Sect mechanical techniques' designed human-shaped soul tool and Xuan Ziwen's research, this Class 7 soul tool was made.

This dark blue armor was filled with a kind of streamlined elegance, and it covered every single part of Huo Yuhao’s body. The flying-type soul tool behind Huo Yuhao’s back had come off because of that, and Huo Yuhao withdrew it into his storage ring.

Three pairs of dark blue wings quickly stretched out behind his back, and fired out blue light to stabilize his body. His helmet was like a dome that covered his head, and even his face was covered. There was an opening on his forehead, and there was a pale blue jewel in that opening.

Duo Mecha Master[edit | edit source]

In Soul Land 4, the interstellar combat elite trend is to be a Duo Mecha Master, a battle armor master riding in a mecha, synched and controlled by the same mecha master.

Battle Armor 11 Components + Wings (intro in SL3)[edit | edit source]

  • (4) Arms:
    • (2) L/R Pauldron (Shoulder) + Rerebrace (Upper arm) [左肩铠+大臂铠] / [右肩铠+大臂铠]:
    • (2) L/R Gauntlet (Hand) + Vambrace (Forearm) [左手甲+小臂铠] / [右手甲+小臂铠]:
  • (4) Legs:
    • (2) L/R Cuisses (Thigh) [左大腿铠] / [右大腿铠]:
    • (2) L/R Greave (Calf) + Boot (Foot) [左小腿铠+战靴] / [右小腿铠+战靴]:
  • (1) Belt- Fauld (include waist armor + battle kilt) [护腰+战裙]:
    • It acts as the core for a battle armor because it is the closest to the abdomen, where Spirit Masters condense their spirit power. Powerful Spirit Masters will guide their spirit power into the belt then disperse it throughout the battle armor, which will give them the best results.
  • (1) Helmet or Crown [头箍] with mask:
    • It enhances the soul master's defense from any physical attacks aiming at the head, from spiritual to soul attacks. Its design depends on the spirit and combat style. Some helmets are designed to enhance the wearer's spiritual realm, allowing a Spirit Domain Realm to reach half-step Divine Origin Realm.
    • A nask is usually added with the helmet.
  • (1) Breastplate, bottom half is Plackart (Chest/Back) [胸铠]:
    • The piece with the core component of the battle armor that allows the complete set to function as a unified power. Its appearance during the production of a 1-word battle armor signifies the set's eventual completion. Depending on the design, this piece can have its core component on the chest or abdomen.
  • Wings [翅膀]:
    • An external component equipped at the 2-word level. Wings allow the master to fly faster and better, or attain aerial movement if the master's martial soul does not possesses that aspect. Its designs is based on the wearer's aesthetics.

Level Classification[edit | edit source]

Wu Zhangkong's 2WBA - Sky Ice (天冰)

(SL3) [ 1 2 3 4 ] or (SL4) [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ]

Battle Armor is divided into 6 levels, 4 levels in the era of Sou Land 3. With each increase in level, another word (character) would be added to the battle armor’s name. Depicted in SL4 Book 27 Chapter 1611, it is also possible due to circumstances to discard the previous characters and rename the battle armor with a whole new character set like Tang Xuanyu's 6-word battle armor.

EX Naming: Tang Wulin's 6-word Battle Armor 金龙月轩寰语

  1. Dragon 龙
  2. Dragon Moon
  3. Dragon Moon Song 龙月
  4. Golden Dragon Moon Song 龙月轩寰语
  5. (SL4 Book 27 Ch. 1611) Golden Dragon Moon Song Whole 金龙月轩
  6. (SL4 Book 27 Ch. 1611) Golden Dragon Moon Song Whole World 金龙月轩寰

EX Naming: Tang Xuanyu's 6-word Battle Armor 神龙 (2WBA: 龙魔)

  1. Dragon
  2. Dragon Demon 龙魔
  3. Unnamed
  4. Unnamed
  5. Unnamed
  6. (SL4 Book 27 Ch. 1611) Divine Dragon Moon Elegant Emperor Dance 神龙月秀帝舞

To attain higher levels of the battle armor, soul masters must enhance their spiritual power and physique to handle the increase demand the battle armor. For advancement in battle armor level, the required blacksmith must have high ability in fuse forging (Harmonizing Refinement) to allow 1 tier higher refined metal/alloy to merge with the battle armor and advance the armor's refinement tier level, also to improve the battle armor's capabilities through the additional metals'/alloys' original characteristics. The wearer's bloodline also impacts the growth of the battle armor because to initially fuse with the battle armor, one's blood from the specific corresponding body part is used to bind the corresponding battle armor piece to the body, leading a high influence on its manifestation.

  1. 一字斗铠 One-word Battle Armor: [ 1 - - - - - ]
    • The best quality of complete battle armor set must be made using thousand refined metals.
      • This level has its sub-grades: white, yellow and purple grade, depending on materials used and completeness of the set. If top sub-grade, black grade is the rarest.
    • Requires 5 soul rings minimum to use the entire armor.
    • It can also be made using spirit refined metal but is very uncommon.
      • SL3 - Shrek Academy Outer Court students must have this level, under the age of 20, and pass a test to enter the Inner Court. They can also ordinarily graduate when they have a one-word battle armor while over the age of 20.
      • SL4 - Second year Outer Court students are required to have a one-word battle armor and pass the final exam to become third-year students. If not, they are expelled from Shrek Academy. This is to promote earlier compatibility with their battle armors for later years.
  2. 二字斗铠 Two-word Battle Armor: [ 1 2 - - - - ]
    • Every piece is made with spirit refined metal.
    • Requires 6 soul rings minimum to use.
    • Wings component and minimal protective shield become available.
    • All battle armor by this stage can merge completely with the user.
      • SL4 - If thousand refined with spirit a metal/alloy to make the 1-word battle armor, fusion is possible at an earlier level.
    • The metal composing a suit of battle armor existed as an extension of one’s body; as such, it was like another part of their martial soul, and all-powerful battle armors shared this trait.[3]
      • SL3 - Shrek Academy Outer Court students under the age of 30 must have a two-word battle armor to try and enter the Inner Court.
      • SL4 - Fifth year Outer Court students commonly have a two-word battle armor. Shrek Academy rules for graduating sixth year Outer Court Students that they must at least have a 2-word battle armor and reach 6-7 soul rings (Titled Douluo combat power) if they want to enter the Inner Court, located in Eternal Sky City.
  1. 三字斗铠 Three-word Battle Armor: [ 1 2 3 - - - ]
    • Every piece is made of soul refined metal, allowing self-repair if not severly damaged.
    • The metals become a crystal like appearance and texture
    • Requires 7 soul rings minimum to use.
    • The battle armor is considered a living being - a companion to the soul master. It is considered as the sublimation of a person, allowing a domain innate to the armor, located as a ring under the feet.
    • At this stage, it is said that the battle armor is akin to a soul master's second life because it is made out of soul-refined metal.
      • SL3 - Most Titled Douluo have Three-word Battle Armour, limited to this stage because of resources and necessary divine craftsman
      • SL4 - All Shrek Inner Court students are at this Battle Armor level
  2. 四字斗铠 Four-word Battle Armor: [ 1 2 3 4 - - ]
    • Every piece was made of heavenly refined metal (forging metals invite tribulation lightning, the standard refinement metals for 4-word must invite 1-7 colors calamity lightning). Top heavenly refinement has 7 colors lightning
    • The metals shine a color sheen depending on the heavenly refined metals used during fuse forging from 3-word to 4-word battle armor
    • Required 9 rings minimum to use
    • Allows domain innate at 3-word to evolve to its own world, using Laws that solidy the four-word battle armor domain
    • The battle armor can portrary itself as a projection avatar external of the body, such is called Out-of-void Armor Condensation
    • Out-of-void Armor Condensation and the solidification of the domain are the main characteristics of this battle armor level.
    • The armor can evolve and use their owner's techniques on its own.
    • The four-word battle armor was obviously the most integral part of any four-word battle armor master. It was like the most important organ in one’s body.
    • When the four-word battle armor had taken form during creation, a soul master would even need to sacrifice 1/3 of the blood flowing in his body to awaken it because it was akin to a form of life. The formation of any set of four-word battle armor is a life and death experience for a battle armor master. If one could break through the calamity then the master could successfully create four-word battle armor, but if failed, the master could possibly die.
      • Mortal rank: needs soul circuit engravement prior to formation as with any other 4-word battle armor
      • Divine tool-rank: No sacrificed needed. Tang Wulin's is the only current battle armor at this level, with his level of Harmonizing Heavenly Refinement, create a minimal divine tool 4-word battle armor. No soul ciruit engravement needed because the mortal rank style if for commoner battle armor (Divine tool battle armor perspective)
  3. (SL4) 五字斗铠 Five-word Battle Armor [4]: [ 1 2 3 4 5 - ]
    • Requires divine-tier spiritual power, minimum rank to use is Quasi-god Limit Douluo.
    • Most God-level Douluo have a 5-word battle armor
    • Must be made with at least four different types of heavenly refined alloys.
    • This "made" is by nurturing the 4-word with divine spiritual power and soul power, for it is alive, therefore, can "eat" and self-cultivate.
    • At this level, the battle armor can self-regenerate if not completely destroyed while nourished by divine power and spiritual mark
      • A God-rank Douluo with this level can barely (almost fatal) resist a fist from a Super God Douluo
  4. (SL4) 六字斗铠 Six-word Battle Armor [5]: [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ]
    • Requires divine-tier spiritual power and soul power, minimum rank to use is God-rank Douluo.
    • Must be made with at least six different types of heavenly refined alloys.
    • This "made" is by luck, nurturing and feeding the 5-word battle armor.
    • As of SL4 Book 16 Chapter 954, only seven sets were ever made since the upgrade of Planet Douluo Life Core 10,000 years ago.

四字斗铠 Four-word Battle Armor Evolving Trivia:[edit | edit source]

There are 2 ways to evolve 4WBA based on if it is Ordinary or Divine class:

  1. Ordinary class, there are 2 paths :
    1. Soul master needs massive heavenly refined metals and fuses the metals to the 4WBA.
      • This way truly consume massive money and resources.
      • Due to restriction from Federation to collect rare metals, soul master with ordinary 4WBA be doom cannot evolve BA to a higher level in a short time.
    2. Soul master must have powerful bloodline and reach Quasi-god Limit Douluo.
      • Every time soul master cultivates, the bloodline will absorb the energy of heaven and earth and give some part to nourish the 4WBA.
  2. Divine class:
    1. The soul master only needs to cultivate in an abundant life energy area to strengthen the BA energy's quantity. The reason is the Divine class BA has its own intelligence and life essence to self-cultivate.

Battle Armor Creation[edit | edit source]

The process of the battle armor requires all three types of mecha craftsmen and an adequate blacksmith from 1-word to 4-word battle armor levels. Per level, the monetary and resouces cost of making the battle armor increases for most battle armor masters. However, the more materials fused with the battle armor, the more difficult to elevate the level because the next level's materials are higher in demand quality to make.

  1. One-word:
    1. Requires 3rd-4th rank craftsmen of all four professions to construct each battle armor piece to make a complete set, the higher the rank the higher percentage to make a high grade battle armor
    2. The designer makes blueprints for first to third word levels, the blacksmith forges at least thousand refined metal or alloy, the manufacturer cuts out the battle armor piece's shape, and engraves the soul circuit like a soul tool engineer and the mechanic checks in between the previous three craftsmen and wearer to make sure no mistakes made.
    3. If the metal used is with spirit, the blacksmith can harmonize refine (fuse forge) the later spirit refined materials into the one-word battle armor to create one's two-word btalle without wasting materials and money to make the armor again at two-word. However, the blacksmith must be skill to not ruin the one-word battle armor's original soul circuits.
    4. Each piece is given the target wearer's body part's blood to allow the battle armor to conform to the wearer.
  2. Two-word:
    1. Requires 5th-6th rank craftsmen of all four professions to reconstruct each battle armor piece to make a complete set, the higher the rank the higher percentage to make a high grade battle armor
    2. The designer makes blueprints for second to third word levels (if need to make a two-word from scratch), the blacksmith forges at least spirit refined metal or alloy, the manufacturer cuts out the battle armor piece's shape (if not elevating battle armor's level) and engraves the soul circuit like a soul tool engineer, and the mechanic checks in between the previous three craftsmen and wearer to make sure no mistakes made.
    3. The blacksmith forges the spirit refined metal or alloys into a two-word battle armor.
    4. However, if the original one-word battle armor has spirit from forging, the blacksmith just needs to fuse forge (harmonize refinement) the spirit refined alloys into the one-word battle armor.
    5. Each piece is given the target wearer's body part's blood to allow the battle armor to conform to the wearer.
    6. Two-word battle armor was considered a turning point and threshold for ‘true’ battle armor because such armor could fuse with the user and become an extension of their body. During the fusion, every detail mattered,.and the slightest mistake could ruin everything.
    7. During the creation of a set of two-word battle armor, none of those involved could be more than one soul ring level apart. The gap in ages no more than three years. This way, everyone’s blood essence and aura were similar to one another, enabling the end user of the battle armor to fully fuse with it.
    8. At this level, all four craftsmen must assist in developing the wings into the soul circuit formation with the new battle armor, especially the blacksmith's skill is tested. The blacksmith can also improve the two-word with alloys by fuse forging (harmonize refinement).
  3. Three-word:
    1. Requires 7th-8th rank craftsmen of all four professions to reconstruct each battle armor piece to make a complete set, the higher the rank the higher percentage to make a high grade battle armor
    2. The designer provides blueprints for three-word, the blacksmith forges at least soul refined metal or alloy, the manufacturer engraves the soul circuit like a soul tool engineer, and the mechanic checks in between the previous three craftsmen and wearer to make sure no mistakes made.
    3. At this level, the blacksmith must be skilled in fuse forging (harmonize refinement) to add more properties and adaptability to the battle armor and to add soul refined metals or alloys to it.
    4. Each piece is given the target wearer's body part's blood to allow the battle armor to conform to the wearer.
  4. Four-word:
    1. Requires 9th rank craftsmen of the three mecha craftsmen and a very skilled blacksmith to reconstruct each battle armor piece to make a complete set, especially the blacksmith must be a master in harmonize refinement (fuse forging). If the blacksmith is a divine craftsman, the process is better and the resulting battle armor is top grade as a mortal rank four-word battle armor.
    2. Mortal rank path: The designer makes blueprints for four-word (the most difficult level), the blacksmith fuses in heavenly refined metal or alloy, the manufacturer engraves the complex soul circuit like a soul tool engineer, and the mechanic checks in between the previous three craftsmen and wearer to make sure no mistakes made.
    3. Divine rank path: see Four-word battle armor section.
    4. For mortal rank four-word battle armor, each piece is given the target wearer's body part's blood to allow the battle armor to conform to the wearer. The soul circuit is applied as usual. Such rank four-word battle armor is seen as a commoner by divine tool ranks.
    5. For divine tool rank four-word battle armor, there is no need for blood, only the divine craftsman of Tang Wulin's level can make it for himself or herself because the forging process using divine rank methods embeds oneself into the heavenly refined metal or alloy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tang Wulin is the only known owner and creator of a 4-word divine tool battle armor. It is a divine tool armor that does not need mecha manufacturers to engrave soul circuits to be completed, just by heavenly refining seven-fused alloy while purified by his 7-colored Lotus Flame. His Divine Craftsman ability exceeds the limits of mortals and with a God-rank flame for purification alongside his God King body, Tang Wulin heavenly refined his 4-word battle armor's alloys, however, they reached the level of a divine tool with consciousness that disdained soul circuit engravement out of pride as a divine tool.
  • Some clans, noted in Soul Land III, that follow a specific inherited martial soul have records of a standard-general battle armor design per level to aid the clan's direct inheritors.
  • In Soul Land III, most of the important supporting characters, such Sima Jinchi or A Ruheng, do not have information stating their battle armor names. The author seemingly seeks to display the Shrek Seven Monsters' or temporary dramatic plot characters' battle armors. Still the same in Soul Land IV, not all 33 Sky Wings' battle armors' names are revealed, only in SL4 Book 27 Ch. 1611's rushed job of providing the Main Character Xuanyu a whole new 6-word battle armor is shown.

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