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{{Infobox Other|Name = Battle Armor|Type = Equipment|Chinese = 斗铠}}
{{Infobox Other|Name = Battle Armor|Type = Equipment|Chinese = 斗铠|Image = Battle Armor.JPG}}
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Battle Armor
Battle Armor
Name Battle Armor
Chinese 斗铠
Also Known As
Type Equipment


Just like mechas, battle armors had their own rankings. However, this particular ranking system was strange.

At its core, a suit of battle armor was similar to a super mecha. This was because both were forged personally by a soul master and acted as an extension of and became a major component of the user’s strength. A battle armor master would be twenty soul ranks stronger than any soul master of the same soul power rank. If a soul master had five rings and equipped a one-word battle armor, his strength would be equivalent to that of a seven-ringed soul master.A two-word battle armor master could match a soul master with eight rings, and so forth.[1]

Using the blueprint of a Human-shape Soul Guidance which was a legacy left by Huo Yuhao, soul masters perfected it, so Mecha technology was born. At the same time, soul masters invented techniques to create Battle Armor, kind of mecha but it can merge with oneself.

The common thing between Mecha and Battle Armor is both must be created by forging metals. Battle Armor will improve physical power, spiritual power, defense, and the effect of soul skills of a soul master to a higher level, but depend on characteristics of metals and compatibility with essence spirit.

All Battle Armour Masters are Mecha Craftsmen or Blacksmiths. The first battle armor prototypes exist because of the discovery of spirit refining.[2]

Battle armors are like a circuit carved into the user’s martial soul that granted the martial soul its own set of armor and sublimating it.

Battle armor masters held a supreme position throughout the entire continent. Even government officials would withdraw from any disputes involving one of them. In the end, they would be forced to call in another battle armor master aligned with the government to settle the problem. Indeed, only a battle armor master could face another battle armor master.

On the Douluo Continent, they were the most regal of existences.

The reason Shrek Academy still held onto so much power and influence was precisely because it possessed the strongest battle armor master force!

In SL3, there were only four levels for battle armor. With the evolution of the Douluo Plane/Planet, the level increased to six.

When Tang Wulin upgraded his battle armor using seven different types of metal, it gain sentience and became a divine tool, so it can be said that using seven or more types of metal for battle armor can turn it into a divine tool.


Battle Armor was divided into 6 levels. With each increase in level, another word would be added to the battle armor’s name. To use higher level battle armor, soul masters must enhance their spiritual power.

  • One-word Battle Armor:
    • The best quality of complete battle armor must be made using thousand refined metals.
    • Required 5 soul rings minimum to use the entire armor.
    • It can also be made using spirit refined metal but is very uncommon.
      • SL3 - Outer court students must have one-word battle armor, under the age of 20, and pass a test to enter the inner court. They can graduate when they have one-word battle armor and over the age of 20.
      • SL4 - Second-year outer court students must have one-word battle armor by the end of their year and pass the final exam before becoming third-year students.
  • Two-word Battle Armor:
    • Every piece was made using spirit refined metal.
    • All battle armor on this stage can merge completely with the user.
    • The metal composing a suit of battle armor existed as an extension of one’s body; as such, it was like another part of their martial soul, and all-powerful battle armors shared this trait.[3]
    • Acquired Wings. Required 6 soul rings minimum to use.
      • SL3 - Outer court students who are under the age of 30 that have two-word battle armor can enter the inner court.
      • SL4 - The Shrek fifth-year outer court students should have a two-word battle armor
      • SL4 - Shrek makes a rule for outer court students that they must at least have 2WBA and reach 6-7 soul rings if they want to enter the inner court because the inner courtyard is located in Eternal Sky City, on top of Eternal Tree. To live there, a soul master's power must reach Titled Douluo rank.
  • Three-word Battle Armor:
    • Every piece was made of soul refined metal.
    • The battle armor is considered as a living being - a companion to the soul master.
    • It is considered as the sublimation of a person, allowing a soul master to possess the power of a domain
    • Required 7 soul rings minimum to use.
      • At this stage, it is said that the battle armor is akin to a soul master's second life because it is made out of soul-refined metal.
      • SL3 - Most Titled Douluo have Three-word Battle Armour
      • SL4 - All Shrek Inner Court students are at this level
  • Four-word Battle Armor:
    • Every piece was made of heavenly refined metal (forging metals invite tribulation lightning, the standard refinement metals for 4WBA must invite 1-7 colors lightning).
      • Top heavenly refinement has 7 colors lightning
    • Out-of-void Armor Condensation and the solidification of the domain are the main characteristics.
    • The armor can evolve and use their owner's techniques on its own.
    • The four-word battle armor was obviously the most integral part of any four-word battle armor master. It was like the most important organ in one’s body.
    • When the four-word battle armor had taken form, a soul master would even need to sacrifice 1/3 of the blood flowing in his body to awaken it because it was akin to a form of life.
    • The formation of any set of four-word battle armor was a life and death experience for a battle armor master. If he could break through the calamity then he could successfully create four-word battle armor, but if he failed, he could possibly lose his life.
    • Required 9 rings minimum to use.
  • Five-word Battle Armor [4]:
    • Requires divine spiritual power, minimum rank to use 5WBA is Quasi-god Limit Douluo.
    • Most God-level Douluo have 5WBA.
    • Must be made with at least four different types of heavenly refined alloys.
  • Six-word Battle Armor [5]:
    • Required divine spiritual power and soul power, minimum rank to use 6WBA is God-rank Douluo.
    • Must be made with at least six different types of heavenly refined alloys.
    • As of chapter 954, only seven sets were ever made.

There are 2 ways to evolve 4WBA :

  1. If 4WBA is an ordinary class, there are 2 doors :
    1. Soul master needs massive heavenly refined metals and fuses the metals to BA.
      • This way truly consume massive money and resources.
      • Due to restriction from Federation to collect rare metals, soul master with ordinary 4WBA be doom cannot evolve BA to a higher level in a short time.
    2. Soul master must have powerful bloodline and reach Quasi-god Limit Douluo.
      • Every time soul master cultivates, the bloodline will absorb the energy of heaven and earth and give some part to nourish BA.
  2. if 4WBA is a divine class, the soul master just needs to cultivate in a place with abundant life energy to strengthen its energy's quantity. The reason is the BA has its own intelligence and life essence to cultivate on their own.

Battle Armour Pieces

  • Belt (include cuirass and lower part): It acts as the core for a battle armor since it is the closest to the abdomen, where Spirit Masters condense their spirit power. Powerful Spirit Masters will guide their spirit power into the belt then disperse it throughout the battle armor, which will give them the best results.
  • Helmet: It enhances the soul master's defense from any physical attacks aiming at the head and from spiritual and soul attacks.
  • Shoulders:
  • Chest/Back:
  • Arms/Elbows:
  • Hands:
  • Legs:
  • Feet:
  • Wings: They are usually equipped when the battle armor reaches the second word. The wings allow the soul master to fly faster


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