Bear Lord
Name Bear Lord
Chinese 熊君
Also Known As
Age 470.000 years
Species Dark Gold Fear Claw Bear
Vital Status Alive

Description Edit

The Bear Lord is a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear, which is often recognized as an exterminator of forests and a destroyer in the world of spirit masters. It's ranked sixth among the Ten Great Savage Beasts. It is appropriate to call him the number one bear in the history of the Douluo Continent. Di Tian is the only one in the Great Star Dou Forest who could tame the Bear Lord.

Appearance Edit

The Bear Lord is more than fifteen meters tall, and there is thick dark golden fur on his body. His arms are extremely long, as they droops along the sides of his body. Even given the size of his body, his arms are still long enough to extend below his knees. This meant that his arms are more than ten meters long, and they are also extremely thick. His shoulders are the most exaggerated, swelling up like little mountains.

The Bear Lord in human form looks like a muscular man. He is more than two meters tall, and his muscles are extremely well-developed. He can lifted his hand, and terrifying, sharp, dark golden blades extended out.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Skytear Claw Edit

The Bear Lord’s giant thousand-meter claws actually tore open the sky. Those deep and hideous gashes produced enormous vacuum forces the space and slashed open the space, consuming and destroying everything.

History Edit

Soul Land 3 Plot Edit

Awakening of the Silver Dragon King Edit

The Bear Lord was present with the other Spirit Beasts within the center of the Great Star Dou Forest when the Silver Dragon King woke up beneath their feet. At first, he thought the humans were attacking them, but Di Tian calmed him down. He was then sent flying when the Silver Dragon King released her aura. Later on, he and some other spirit beasts followed Gu Yuena out of the forest and integrated into human society.

Killing the Evil Spirit Master Edit

Dragon Clan Graveyard Edit

The Bear Lord and five other hundred thousand year spirit beasts went with Gu Yuena to the Dragon Clan Graveyard to retrieve the soul core of the Dragon God. He and the others waited by the space gate they created to get into the graveyard while Gu Yuena went to get the core.

Finding Tang Wulin Edit

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