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Bei Bei
Beibei 5
Name Bei Bei
Chinese 贝贝
Also Known As Thunderbolt Beibei

Mu Bei Bei

Species Human
Age 20
Gender Male
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Mu En (Great-great-grandfather)

Yu Xiaogang (Ancestor)
Liu Erlong (Ancestor)

Spirit Golden Saint Dragon
Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor - Rank 68+
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
2 Black

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student (4th Year)
Affiliation Shrek Academy

Tang Sect
Shrek Seven Devils

Light Novel Debut Chapter 01
Manhua Debut Chapter 01


His stature is tall, slender and straight. He has deep blue short hair radiating a jewel-like glow under the illumination of the sun. Even though he does not look too old, he gives off a refined feeling, his handsome face wearing a trace of a lazy but gentle smile.

Spirit Transformation Edit

Following Spirit Transformation a dazzling blue light shines from Beibei’s forehead spreading out in a flash,starting from his forehead, descending over his whole body. One after another, blue purple colored violent lightning bursts out like little snakes, revolving around his body.

His right arm swells up, completely bursting up the sleeve and turning it into ashes, his arm’s length increasing by more than one third of a meter, the entire arm becoming extremely bulky, fully covered in blue-purple scales. His hand changes into claws, covered in the same scales, every joint in his hand become extremely thick. The blue-purple snake-like lightning that was spiraling around his whole body, continuously concentrate and scatter at the same time around his whole arm.

Personality Edit

He is a very calm and collected person, which he claims that it was because of his good upbringing. He is very mindful of others and courteous. He is also a very calculating and intelligent person. However, when he transfoms, he becomes fiercely determined to defeat his enemy.

History Edit

Beibei after meeting with Tang Ya fell in love with her and joined Tang Sect. Although he had the necessary strength to join the next level, he stayed because of Tang Ya.

Plot Edit

Star Dou Forest Edit

Beibei follows Tang Ya and meets up with Huo Yuhao. Unlike Tang Ya he is polite and courteous. He is keenly impressed by Huo Yuhao and wants to accept him to the Tang Sect as well.

After Huo Yuhao departs, he and Tang Ya follow after him, after a while to provide assistance and recruit him to Tang Sect.

Following Huo Yuhao's induction into the Tang Sect, he teaches him about various techniques used in the Tang Sect, while on their way to the Star Dou Forest. After they encounter a Datura Snake suitable for Tang Ya, he battles it. With Huo Yuhao's support which astonishes Beibei, he manages to subdue it.

While Tang Ya absorbs the Ring, he instructs Huo Yuhao and also helps to clear his meridians. He imparts a lot of knowledge to Huo Yuhao while making their way back to the Shrek City to enter the Shrek Academy.

Shrek Academy Edit

After arriving at the academy he departs from Yuhao. When he meets with Yuhao again, he tells him not to be stingy about eating and hands him some money to eat good food. Then he goes to advance to year 4 along with Tang Ya.

He and Tang Ya arrive at Yuhao's fish stall as he is attacked by Xu Sanshi. He immediately pounces on Xu Sanshi, causing a challenge for a battle to occur between them. At the Spirit Battle Arena resting area he successfully makes Xu Sanshi part with a Mystic Water Pill for removing the Dragon Beard Needle implanted by Tang Ya. Then they make another bet for the outcome of the battle with the wager being another Mystic Water Pill. Soon after the battle starts Beibei wins by cheating with the help of Yuhao. After having acquired the Mystic Water Pill, he feeds it to Yuhao who had fainted from power overdraft and entrusts him to Wang Dong.

He meets Yuhao and Wang Dong together with Tang Ya and he give Yuhao an info about the examination and at the same time he cheers them up.