Bibi Dong? If you didn’t say it, I would almost have forgotten this name. Please call me Supreme Pontiff, or Your Eminence. It’s been long since I was that foolish Bibi Dong.
— Bibi Dong

Bibi Dong was the Supreme Pontiff, the highest authority in Spirit Hall. She was also the last empress of the Spirit Empire. Near death, her recollection of her true past revealed her bitter misery and inspired Liu Erlong to do whatever it took to be Yu Xiaogang's wife, indirectly causing the revival of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She was a beautiful lady with an appearance of a 30 year old despite being more than 50. She had fair skin and almost perfect complexion with an air of noble radiance.

She dressed in black gilt-lined luxurious robes, wearing a nine tipped purple gold crown with a more than two meter long scepter in her hand, inlaid with countless precious stones.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She had a very noble presence and was ruthless, smart and calculating. She used to hold grudges on those who offended her and would take action when the appropriate situation arose. In spite of her cruel attitude and hatred for those who displease her, she was also very responsible, kind and a slight romantic. And she loved Grandmaster until the very end, though her pride kept her from forgiving him, though not enough to not have extreme possessive tendencies.

She treats Hu Liena as her precious daughter, while for a long time until before her death, despised her biological daughter Qian Renxue for being the evidence of her hate and grudge against her former Masteraster's mechanisms, Bibi Dong bitterly despised the world and her previous weak self. As a result, she was willing to follow the path of the God of Rakshasa to force her own life path.

Near death, she revealed her fragile kind self to all and apologized for her evils to find her final peace.

History[edit | edit source]

Bibi Dong at a young age as a holder of twin spirits and a formidable Spirit Master became the disciple of the Supreme Pontiff.

She then eventually met Yu Xiaogang with whom she fell deep in love with. However her heart was broken when she was forced by her teacher Qian Xunji to forget Yu Xiaogang as he was from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. She was reluctant at first, but when Yu Xiaogang's life was at stake she told him to leave and that their relationship cannot continue as she was about to be the next Supreme Pontiff. Following Yu Xiaogang's departure she was raped by her Master and forcibly impregnated. She is hated by Xiaogang, believing she abandoned him.

Following the death of the previous Supreme Pontiff, she became the youngest Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall. With her resoluteness and ruthlessness she brought Spirit Hall to new heights and became one of the most formidable Supreme Pontiffs.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[edit | edit source]

Before the beginning of the finals of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, she met with Yu Xiaogang. Her heart wavered upon seeing him after many years, but her hatred for him ran deep. When Yu Xiaogang asks how to overcome the Twin Spirit ring addition backlash, she reveals that she had sent many men to kill Tang San, which ended in failure. She vows to destroy all things he holds dear for the pain he caused by leaving her, to which Yu Xiaogang hints that his departure had something to with her master, the previous Supreme Pontiff, which forms a cloud of doubt and a crack to appear in her deep hatred towards him.

Since she is a ruthless ruler, she gives the order to Spirit Hall Academy team to seriously injure or even kill him during the Finals. In the semi-finals when Yu Xiaogang stands against her and withdraws his team refusing to give a reason, Bibi Dong protects him from the malice of others by publicly calling him out as an Elder of Spirit Hall.

Prior to Spirit Hall Academy's match against Shrek Academy, Bibi Dong summons them and gives them advice and pointers on how to disrupt Shrek Seven Devils Fusion Ability. After they are sent back, Bibi Dong reveals to Gui Mei and Yue Guan, that Yu Xiaogang is the variable that could possibly disrupt the match. When Gui Mei suggests killing him off, Bibi Dong quickly rebuffs him citing that he is a Spirit Hall Elder and that would ruin Spirit Hall's reputation if they were to randomly kill people in the Spirit City, in order to protect him.

At the finals she attentively watches the progress of the match. After Tang San's final attack using the shattered Eight Spider Lances, Dugu Bo tell her the nature of the poison, thus making her concede the match and award victory to Shrek Academy.

When the Yearning Heartbroken Red, slips out of Xiao Wu revealing her true aura, she is immediately seen through as a Spirit Beast and following the awarding of the three spirit bones she orders Gui Mei and Yue Guan to capture her and kill anyone who resists, including Yu Xiaogang. She then stops Dugu Bo, who tries to go out to help Tang San and Xiao Wu by revealing her might as a Titled Douluo. However her plan for capturing Xiao Wu was deterred by the appearance of Tang Hao.

Spirit City[edit | edit source]

Almost two years following the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, Hu Liena approached Bibi Dong, stating she wanted to train in Slaughter City in order to become a formidable existence and be able to defeat Tang San. Prior to her departure, Bibi Dong gifted her a Skull Bone and tells her not to engage with Tang San if she were to meet him, since she would be unable to defeat him. Bibi Dong then takes Hu Liena to Slaughter City. During Hu Liena's time at Slaughter City she greatly missed her and came to check on her progress three times. She then sent Gui Mei and Yue Guan to pick her up at the exit.

One year later, Bibi Dong announced that she'd selected Hu Liena to be her successor. She then ordered Yue Guan and Gui Mei to lead a squad of twenty spirit saints, Hu Liena, Xie Yue and Yan to capture Xiao Wu in Star Dou Forest. They are to bring Xiao Wu back, so that Bibi Dong could kill and absorb her ring. She finally announces that Spirit Hunting Operation has begun. It will deliver a fatal strike to those who oppose Spirit Hall, while rearranging the seven great sects that has existed for so many years.

Spirit Hall Attacks[edit | edit source]

Bibi Dong listens to the results of the Spirit Hunting Operation. She becomes extremely angry when the cardinal announces that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan was not destroyed and Spirit Hall's forces were forced to withdraw from their sneak attack. When the cardinal announces the destruction of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and the death of clan's sect master, her eyes glitter with light. She praises the two upper sect clans for living up to their reputation by showing their strength and for causing the loss of 7000 men and 9 Elders of Spirit Hall. Finally she announces that phase one of the Spirit Hunting Plan has temporarily ended, and that the infiltration plan shall begin.

On hearing Xiao Wu's sacrifice she slaps Hu Liena and punishes her for not being able to distinguish between friends and enemies. She proceeds to berate Gui Mei and Yue Guan for being out-smarted by Tang San. After they leave, she promises to take the rings of Er Ming and Da Ming.

After Heaven Dou Palace rebellion fails and Qian Renxue returns, the two of them glare at each other. Bibi Dong is weighed down with heavy complex feelings. She tells her to let bygones be bygones. When Renxue states that she will take charge of the Elder's Hall, making Bibi Dong unable to deploy Titled Douluo, she immediately becomes furious and releases her spirit power. However upon seeing blood leaking from Renxue due to the sudden pressure, she immediately retracts her power. She then tells her to go and meet with her grandfather and do what she wants. After she leaves Bibi Dong falls onto her throne, tears streaking down her face.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

That I became Supreme Pontiff is admittedly thanks to you, but, I hate you. In all my life, you are the person I hate the most. I want you to suffer, I will not only kill your apprentice, I’ll still kill Liu Erlong. No, I won't kill her, I'll torture her to make you suffer.
— Bibi Dong
The variable that worries me is Grandmaster. When I knew him many years ago, I have never seen the like of his intelligence and wisdom again. Even though his spirit is unable to cultivate to a higher level because of variation, this person’s intelligence is frightening.
— Bibi Dong
Teacher, in those days you died at the hands of the Clear Sky School's Tang Hao, it's time to avenge you. This time, nobody can stop me, Seven great sects, Clear Sky School, hmph, I will let you learn who the true master of this continent is.
— Bibi Dong

Differences in the Manhua[edit | edit source]

  • In the Manhua Bibi Dong gives Yu Xiaogang the Supreme Pontiff Writ.
  • In the Manhua Xiao Wu's mother was killed and absorbed as a Spirit Ring by Bibi Dong.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bibi Dong has a complete set (7) of spirit bones.

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