Black Jade Divine Bamboo
Name Black Jade Divine Bamboo
Chinese 墨玉神竹
Also Known As Little Black
Type Immortal Herb

Spirit Beast

Description Edit

It has been cultivating for a hundred and sixty thousand years. I’m perfectly compatible with plant type Spirits. The Spirit will be vastly strengthened and enhanced upon absorbing it. It will increase the firmness of the soft side.

Human Form Edit

It looks like a man with a dark complexion and a handsome face. His entire body radiated a translucent, glossy light as he stood at the back without uttering a word. His eyes shimmered as brightly as the stars.

History Edit

In Soul Land III, there was a Black Jade Divine Bamboo in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well of 160.000 years. It came with Tang Wulin.

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