Blacksmith Association
Name Blacksmith Association
Also Known As
Empire Star Luo Empire
City Gengxin City
Head Si Long

Description Edit

Blacksmith Association, also referred to as the Smith's Association, is an organisation entirely made up of Smiths who dedicate their lives to production of masterpieces with metals and other substances. Most of the members of the Blacksmith Association do not have noteworthy fighting capabilities despite having higher Spirit Rank, because they dedicate their abilities to improve their craft.

Levels Edit

Smiths are also divided into different levels according to their abilities. From highest to lowest rank:

  1. Divine Craftsman
  2. Smith Scholar
  3. Grandmaster Smith
  4. Master Smith
  5. Advanced Smith
  6. Intermediary Smith
  7. Junior Smith

Members Edit

Floors Edit

The Blacksmith Association is divided into 5 levels.

1st Floor

  • Display of goods by Smiths.
  • Buying and selling of metals.

2nd Floor

  • Trading of rare and precious goods.

3rd Floor

  • Blacksmith registration district.
  • Evaluates the level of a Smith.

4th Floor

  • VIP area.
  • Auction area.

5th Floor

  • Blacksmith Association's work area.
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