Blacksmith Association
Blacksmith Association3
Name Blacksmith Association
Also Known As
Empire Sun-Moon Federation
City Eastsea City

Description Edit

The Blacksmith’s Association is easily recognizable with it's grey colored building and height of thirty floors along with, at the very top, a design of a hammer. With this design, there isn’t even a need to engrave the association’s name onto a plate.

Blacksmith’s Association isn’t as rich as the Mecha Craftsman’s Association, it is still a necessary existence. A first-rate blacksmith’s status in society is exceedingly high. In fact, their status is comparable to that of Mecha Craftsman Grandmasters. In order to make a first-rate mecha, first-rate materials are naturally needed.  As such, first-rate blacksmiths are needed to process first-rate materials. All the new members will be granted a Spirit Communicator.

Ranks Edit

Blacksmiths can go to the Association to do the ranking test. Blacksmiths are divided into nine ranks.

1st Rank (Master): Edit

Blacksmiths aren't able to directly accept tasks.Instead, a higher rank blacksmith had to accept the task and assign some of the work to them.the test consist in choose one of 15 kinds of metal to purify. The examiner will grade examinee based on the metal he choose and the degree of purification. If his score surpasses 60, then he’ll earn the title of a rank 1 blacksmith.

2nd Rank (Master): Edit

Blacksmiths are able to directly accept tasks.The requirements to be a second rank blacksmith is to forge a medium-sized component and to have the ability to Hundred Refine rare metals.

A blacksmith could only collect tasks within their rank or ones of lower ranks. They were unable to collect tasks that required rank higher than theirs.

3rd Rank (Grandmaster): Edit

Blacksmiths become elites in the social class and can enter in the higher levels of an auction. The requirements to be a third rank blacksmith is to be able to do the Thousand Refinement.

4th Rank (Grandmaster): Edit

Blacksmiths will be granted with one storage ring with a space of ten cubic meters. The requirements to be a fourth rank blacksmith is able to do the Thousand Refinement two different types of metal in a row and they has to be forged into specific forms in order to pass, they has to be second grade metals.

5th Rank (Master Craftsmen) Edit

The requirements to be a fifth rank blacksmith is to be able to forge a Spirit Refinement component.

6th Rank (Master Craftsmen) Edit

7th Rank (Saint Craftsmen) Edit

8th Rank (Saint Craftsmen) Edit

9th Rank (Divine Craftsmen) Edit

Floors Edit

The Eastsea's Blacksmith Association is divided into 30 levels:

2st Floor:

  • The Task Acceptance Hall

3rd Floor:

  • Testing rooms.

4th Floor and 5th Floor:

  • Where the forged products are sold.

15th Floor:

  • Grandmaster Cen’s office.

30th Floor:

  • President Mu Chen’s office.

Other Members Edit