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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 16 February

Random Spirit Picker

A list of all Spirits on the wiki currently so you can easily copy paste into a random picker/wheeldecide thingie.

  • Abomination
  • Anaconda
  • Angel of Hope
  • Ant Emperor
  • Armored Dragon
  • Abyss Demon Dragon Shark
  • Abyss Ice Demon Dragon
  • Battle Tiger
  • Bear
  • Berserk Lightning Panther
  • Black Flame Phoenix
  • Black Goblin
  • Black Leopard
  • Black Lined Ghost Panther
  • Black Tortoise
  • Blaze Tiger
  • Blazing Fire Dragon
  • Blood Demon
  • Bloody Demon Puppet
  • Blood Devil Mad Bear
  • Blood-devouring Lion
  • Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon
  • Blue Palmed Frog
  • Braineater
  • Bright Goddess Butterfly
  • Bright Phoenix
  • Brutal Dream
  • Bone Dragon
  • Bone Dragon King
  • Cat
  • Celestial Dragon
  • Dark Emperor Dragon
  • Darkdemon Tiger
  • Darkness Crow
  • Darkness Holy Dragon
  • Dark Phoenix
  • Death Spider Emperor
  • Demonic Maggot
  • Demon Spirit Great White Shark
  • Devil Ray
  • Diamon…
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Joon-Gi Han Yakuza Joon-Gi Han Yakuza 4 February

Garena Free Fire Max

Alright everyone I'm back with another one. It has been awhile since I've talked to you guys I wanted to know if everyone's okay. We have the covid thing going on and I want to make sure you guys are safe. Today we are going to talk about Garena Free Fire Max. It is one of the best games on a phone app I have played it a lot over the summer time and I just can't get enough of it. I wonder it any of you guys played Free Fire. Huh? Well lets talk about the graphics it is beautiful and bloody. It is so realistic that I feel like I'm in the game myself. I wanted to talk about my favorite character as well his name is Hayato he is amazing he does the most coolest moves. I mean who doesn't like a samurai once in a while. He has a sad story and w…

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Joon-Gi Han Yakuza Joon-Gi Han Yakuza 4 February


Hello everyone welcome to my blog. Today were going to talk about Nezha. I have watched the trailer on the anime movie. I thought it was pretty good but sad at the same time. I didn't want my favorite character to die. I cried through the whole movie. It was horrible. But then I keep watching it over and over again. I can tell you what happened in the movie front to back. I wish they would come out with another one. I have two characters that I like form there . There names are Li Yunxiang and Ao Bing. I think there the coolest in the whole anime I still do wish that Ao Bing hadn't died because I will be happy if he didn't. I don't want to spoil anything else for you guys because I'm going to wait until you watch it . I think you guys will…

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Thomas Pphy Thomas Pphy 3 October 2021

Sky Pearl and Shuhai Clan

I'm reading Unparalled Pearl and reaching to the point where Shuhai clan and Bitian island.

The tree of Bitian island must be the ancient life tree evolved from the golden tree and Bitian island is like Sea God island on Douluo Dalu. It's definitely Tang San's manipulation. The tree ancestor or the life core could be the disciple of Tang San.

Another point of Sky Pearl is that it is in the same timeline with SL5. Tang San will be in this Sky Pearl novel and will connect the Series of Shen Lan Qiyu with SL5.

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Thomas Pphy Thomas Pphy 28 August 2021

Great Circle of Gods

Among the Gods of Great Circle of Gods, which one is your favorite?

For me, I like Sea God, not because Tang San inherited, but because of the process of Sea God Trials and the thirteen halberd techniques. The power of Sea God is also gentle, not very overwhelming like Asura God. Among the thirteen halberd techniques, I like indefinite storms and one goes without return (which I think Tang Wulin used to age his opponents).

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KhalilPhoenix KhalilPhoenix 4 July 2021



Tang Wulin, along with A Ruheng and others, went to the 17th Level of War God Temple where they met Huo Tian of the Fire Host Clan.

Huo Tian narrated what really happened to his world called the Fairy Continent in Falan Star and why some of their clan members were swept away to the Douluo Continent. He named some of the seas and clans - the Fire Host Clan of Magma Red Sea, the Demon Clan, the Beast Clan, the Sea Dragon Clan and Sea Giant Clan of Boundless Blue Sea, the Purple Gold Clan, and the Green Clan of Life Green Sea. He also mentioned about the creation of Seven Divine Pearls to confront the catastrophe. After which, he gifted the Seven Colored Lotus Flower to Tang Wulin.


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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 25 June 2021

Question regarding Xiao Wu and Bibi Dong

So in Episode 107 6:45-ish Bibi Dong shows off her Spirit Rings.

And well as it includes Yellow Spirit Rings and has 9 in total, it has to be her Death Spider Emperor Martial Spirit.

Now when her Red Spirit Ring shows up, Xiao Wu says that this is her Mother's Soul Ring. However as we now know Bibi Dong's 9th Spirit Ring on her Death Spider Emperor is a 100k old Death Spider Emperor.

So doesn't this straight up mean that Xiao Wu recognized someone else as her mother?

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Cyrilangminjie Cyrilangminjie 24 June 2021

Title douluo abilities (Fanon)

This is just a fanfic

Gui Mei - level 95

Spirit: Ghost Demon

System: Agility Attack & Control

1st Spirit ability: Shapeshift :

  • Pro: Able to Shape Shift into any object or person. Can copy opponent's spirit and abilities.
  • Con: This ability consumes spirit power 5 times faster.

2nd Spirit ability: Telekinesis:

  • Pro: Manipulate movement using his mind
  • Con: Can be disrupted by Mental Attacks such as Tang San's Purple Demon Eye, but opponents Mental Power must be equal or above Gui Mei's

3rd Spirit ability: Mind Manipulation :

  • Pro: Causes opponent to experience a very realistic hallucination. Also able to possess opponent to do the users bidding.
  • Con: Opponent must have the equal or more mental power than Gui Mei to break this ability. and a strong will to resist…
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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 21 June 2021

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoada Buffs

(I'm looking at Ning Rongrongs Spirit abilities)

Ning Rongrong/Abilities

Can someone explain to me how the stacking of these buffs works?

Like, let's look at the classical 'DPS = Damage * Attacks per Second(=APS)' or 'DPS = Damage * 1/Time for 1 Attack' example.


Also, I'm just considering her at Spirit Saint Level with the Martial Soul Real Body, so all Buffs are 80%.

So her first ability buffs strength by 80%. So is buffing strength equal to buffing damage? For example, if you hit someone with your claws or perhaps a hammer, it'd consider that an activity that relies on strength which then gets buffed. So we have 'BaseDamage * 1.8 * BaseAPS' = 1.8 * BaseDPS


Now the Second Buff is agility or speed (it is called speed in the donghua for example). So …

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KhalilPhoenix KhalilPhoenix 15 June 2021


DISCLAIMER : The information below shared for entertainment purposes only and is taken from Douluo Dalu, The Five Elements Continent of Douluo Continent, The Road to God of the Shrek Seven Monsters in Douluo Continent and Douluo Continent Scroll novels copyrighted and serialized by the authors and powered by DOULUO NOVEL NETWORK.


1st RED Spirit Ring - BIND, Datura Snake (replaced with same spirit beast of 10,000+ years cultivation base)

2nd RED Spirit Ring - PARASITE, Ghost Vine (replaced with same spirit beast of 10,000+ years cultivation base)

3rd RED Spirit Ring - SPIDER WEB RESTRAINT, Man Faced Demon Spider (replaced with same spirit beast of 10,000+ years cultivation base)

4th RED Spirit Ring - BLUE SILVER CAGE, Pit Demon Spider Emperor (rep…

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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 28 May 2021

Stance-Switching Zither



2 Stances (power attack; control & auxiliary) can switch at will though with a delay

Power Attack System Stance: Red Zither; Demonic/Murderous Aura: only has damaging abilities

Control/Auxiliary System Stance: Green Zither; Peaceful/Elegant Aura: only has non-damaging abilities

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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 28 May 2021



Causes you to spawn a set of armor, which you can control aka your knight.

Knight has a Shield and Sword/Spear

Power Attack System

You yourself are more or less defenseless on your own though. Only your knight can really defend you.

7th Ability: Fuse with the Knight. basically iron man 101

9th Ability: Create an additional Knight

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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 28 May 2021

Burning Tower


Mutation of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda

Art: Think of the now burning STGTP constantly degenerating/falling apart. And then being repaired with spirit power causing an endless loop

Also Auxiliary Type

Can only affect one User at any time (Overrides any other buffs)

Stronger Buffs than the STGTP, however adds a vitality cost to the targets spirit abilities. (Think in game-logic: Fireball costs 100 mana and now also costs 50 life)

Also the Martial Spirit is prideful, as in will NOT buff any 'weaklings'. (People with a largely lower level than yourself)

Also stricter Ring - Soul Beast requirement: anything water-based is not allowed. Fire-types are preferred

Also doesn't have Level Cap like STGTP, so I suppose more like based on NTGTP, ho…

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AvengingAngel54 AvengingAngel54 19 May 2021


What exactly is going on with that spirit ring combination? (Episode 108)

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Lyokoknight Lyokoknight 30 March 2021

Discord Server!

Hey peeps of the Soul Land wiki. I made an unofficial discord server at the beginning of the year along with some other people. Come join so we can get more activity going and keep the community active :)

You can discuss your thoughts about the series live instead of having to use the comments, share your original spirit ideas, and simulate Soul Land 4's Shrek Academy gambling system.

When we have more mods, I am planning to add some of the following:

  • Roleplay channel!
    • You will be able to use the spirit you make in another channel
  • More clan roles!
    • This will be useful for a few different things...
  • Events and prizes!
  • And more!
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Cyrilangminjie Cyrilangminjie 23 February 2021

continental soul master contest rankings (imo)

These are just my speculations on the rankings of the schools seen in the anime

  1. Shrek Academy (Finalists, Champions) (Their 7 in 1 fusion is so powerful they can utilize the common 7th soul skill of Martial Soul True Body, something which the 7 in1 fusion of Cang Hui Academy was unable to do Not to mention their martial souls are different unlike Cang Hui Academy, whose students martial souls are all gemstones, this makes the 7 in 1 fusion of Shrek Academy more impressive than. Cang Hui Academy's as it is more complex. This team has also some of the youngest soul honors, all members besides Dai Mu Bai and Oscar became Soul Honors at a younger age than Martial Soul Hall's golden generation, meaning their talents has already surpassed Martial …
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RedSkullGM RedSkullGM 21 October 2020

change the ucp

guys , this new UCP update ruined everything.🤮👎

missing pages , bugs and glitches everywhere 😑🤨

i hope they bring back the former UCP🙏

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Rayneflower Rayneflower 7 April 2020

Anyone seen the anime?

Started watching bits and pieces, and it's pretty good. Animated like Final Fantasy VII, although it's a hit or miss on certain visual aspects. The characters look good, and the fight scenes are the highlight of the show. It seems to follow the Light Novels much more closely than the Manhua.

Only serious problem is the audio. Which is trash. I try to ignore how bad everything sounds, but it isn't easy. Maybe I just have an awful host site? Anyone else have a good audio source?

Screenshots look phenomenal, but the actual motion is a little more choppy. Here's some lovely visuals for you all! What do you all think?

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Davidgumazon Davidgumazon 15 December 2018



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Hao3tong Hao3tong 7 August 2018

reading the novel

I'm am seriously freaking out who the heck is wang Qiu er? is she wang dong's alter ego to present herself as his/her twin sister??? is she a real person? who the hell is she if you figured this out please tell me I think I'm losing my mind!!!!!!!

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Sairajan Sairajan 25 April 2018

Douluo Dalu 2.5 - Yuhao 8 Rings God

does anyone know the name of the God which Yuhao turns into when he and Wutong use spirit fusion and she becomes a Purple Armour he wears and he Gains his 8th ring. i know the spirit fusion which transforms them both into a older version of Wutong is the Goddess of light but i cant figure out what the 8 ring transormation is called

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Wahon Wahon 18 March 2018

Copy/paste of my self created spirit

Spirit: Thread

Type: Tool Spirit

System: none

Backstory: It  doesn’t produce any Spiritpower. Under normal circumstances that is. One such user of this spirit was born to the master of a remote branch of the Tang Sect on an far-away island long, long forgotten by most people.
Facing the immense disappointment of his peers and family after his Awakening Ceremony, the possessor of this spirit tried to kill himself at the tender age of 6 by attempting to drown himself at the beach. When he was about to succeed, his father discovered and saved him, much to the boys‘ dismay. After having been reprimanded heavily, the boy was kept under house arrest and heavy supervision.
Ultimately, his father decided to take measures into his own hands, unable to bear t…

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Ryuusui Ryuusui 9 November 2016

Soul Land 3

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 25 April 2016

Jade Creed

He has long hair going even beyond his shoulders, his hair is a deep dark blue/greenish color, his eyes are blood red only after the awakening of his spirit. His small body grows for every rank he gains. His skin is a pale color, almost as if he was see through.

I was born sometime, somewhere... That's all that I know... My name is Jade Creed, I am the destroyer of this world, or atleast one day I will be. And this is my story and how I brought this world to it's knees.

The earliest thing that I remember is me sitting outside of the local bakery, I was sitting there in the ice cold dark night, staring into the sky which only seemed like a abyss of loneliness, but I couldn't help but feel that it was staring back at me... I never liked humans…

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Athanos Athanos 22 February 2016

Favourite Spirits and Domains

Brutal Dream
Ghost Demon
Gu Rong's spirit
Ice Scorpion Emperor
Illusionary Snake
Jade Phosphor Serpent
Red Eyed Ice Toad
Skyfrost Sword
Shadow Dragon Dagger
Shadow Phantasm Eagle
Sky Raising Spear
Soul Breaking Spear
Soul Devouring Spider Emperor
Spirit Eyes
Time Fleeing Clock (potentially)

(mainly because SYWZ--the origin of this character--portrays Necromancers so damn well)

Absolute Darkness*
Banishment Chains
Last Reaper*
Mysterious Akashic Records
Spirit of Presence

Asura Domain
Blue Silver Domain
Death Domain
Gravity Control Domain
Illusionary Domain (possible name of Illusionary Snake's Domain)
Slow Domain

Akashic Records Domain
Shadow Domain*

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 29 October 2015


This is just notes and stuff that I write down so I don´t forget them.

  • 1 Seven Heads Fire Phoenix 
  • 2 Wuling
  • 3 Spirit Beast
  • 4 Necromancer spirit
  • 5 Evil Spirit Masters info
  • 6 Dragon Gods
  • 7 Stuff

Right. Ma Hongjun Seven Heads Fire Phoenix releases this corona is his domain. Generally after Spirit Master only then achieves the Titled Douluo rank, domain that may awaken. This is Ten headed Fierce Yang Serpent Neidan takes to his biggest advantage. Is called Seven Heads Fire Phoenix. The domain displays. In institute and scope. Any non- living matter will be assimilated by the phoenix flame. Ma Hongjun can display this domain in the Spirit avatar condition. In domain scope. His oneself the hot attribute of phoenix flame will promote 50%. Only if the domain wer…

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 23 September 2015

Spirit "Power"

So from what I understand this is their strength in order.

  • 1 Power Attack System
  • 2 Support System
  • 3 Defense System
  • 4 Agility Attack System
  • 5 Control System

  1. Sea God/Clear Sky Hammer
  2. 6 Winged Angel
  3. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon
  4. White Tiger
  5. Phoenix

  1. Food God
  2. Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda
  3. Nine Heart Flowering Apple
  4. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda
  5. Wishful Disk

  1. Black Tortoise
  2. Diamond Mammoth
  3. Iron Shelled Snail
  4. Armour Plated Giant Rhinoceros

  1. Ghost Demon
  2. Black Leopard
  3. Golden Eagle
  4. Hell Civet
  5. Wind Chime Bird

  1. Blue Silver Emperor
  2. Jade Phosphor Serpent
  3. Death Spider Emperor
  4. Fox
  5. Fire Shadow
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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 15 September 2015

Spirit Rings

So there are a few questions about Spirit Rings, I really don´t know why I wrote this here instead of the comment section or whatever. But here´s the questions. 

1.Is it true that only the one that kills the spirit beast can absorb the ring?

2.Does the Spirit Ring have a expiration date? Like how long until it disappears after the beast is killed.

3.Is it true that when the spirit rings is over 50 000+ it doesn´t matter what spirit beast it is?

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 13 September 2015

Qian Xie

100% Fanon.

Contrary to his parents appearence, Qian Xie Was born with flame red hair, he has long flowing hair.

He has a straight forward personality. Hides and acts like a sheep, while secretly being a wolf. Essentially pretending to be nice while secretly being ruthless and cruel.

Qian Xie was born to the current supreme pontiff. He was raised like a king. He was taught everything he needed to know. When he reached the age of six, when the spirit awakening ceremony finally came, his father didn't even bother to show up for the ceremony, but he was glad that he could be with his mother. She started crying out of joy when they were told that he has the Seraph spirit he inherited from his father and that he was born with level 20 spirit power…

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 12 September 2015

Clear Sky Hammer

So I understand that the Clear Sky Hammer is most likely the strongest Tool Spirit, but that doesn´t make any sense in my mind. 

Since the Sword has the strongest raw attack power, wouldn´t it make sense that raw attack power would win over burst power?  Or am I going nuts.

And since in the Lightnovel the Clear Sky Hammer always look the same, the manhua made them unique to the owner. There doesn´t seem to be any real pattern to the uniqueness of the Hammers. Since the Tang San´s hammer is sort of a uniquely "divine"(ish) hammer, and his fathers looks more raw and powerful, while another Title Douluo has a sort of mace like hammer. I really can´t see a pattern, and I don´t like that. So if you´ve seen a pattern or just wanna share some thoug…

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 5 September 2015

Dai Leo

This 100% fanon.

He has green hair, green eyes and a very muscular body.

Dai Leo is a very domineering person towards enemies, but has shown to be a loyal "dog/pet", when in the presence of his clan master. It seems like he preffers taking orders, than giving them. But he only accepts commands from people he likes.

Dai Leo was born into the Evil Eyed White Tiger Clan. He was born with the White Tiger and Thunder Lion. His dad taught him himself from the moment he found out he had 2 spirits. And after 2 years of training, Dai Leo had reached lvl 19, and was sent off to a place called Shrek Academy. Dai Leo made many friends and befriended most if not all of the teachers. 

When Dai Leo reached rank 50 he was only 22 years old. He was the younges…

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 3 September 2015

Bibi Dong

Bibi Dong is my favorite character, and since I haven´t read the entire light novel, I can´t say much about her spirits, but from what I´ve seen and heard they seem pretty OP, especially since they are Twin spirits.

She´s pretty, smart, kind (before), ruthless, and powerful. What´s not to like about her. Plus she´s the main villain, so that´s something. I don´t particularly like spiders, or actually. They make me sh*t myself. But if I had the "Twin Spider Emperors", sh*t. I´d be the strongest motherf*cker in spirit hall. I´d preffer to be in the hidden Elder palace than be the supreme pontiff. I´d also want the Eight Spider Lances, not that it matters what I want.

What sort of "system" are her spirits?? Control, Power?

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 31 August 2015

Title Douluos

I made this page just for fun, like everything else I do.

  • Title Douluos 21
  • Tool spirit Title Douluos 10+
  • Beast Spirit Title Douluos 4+
  • Unknown type Title Douluos 7+

There´s a 1:3 ratio in Title Douluos type spirit. 1 in 3 Title Douluos is a beast spirit type. These are all my "theories" and facts that I found. I´m only counting the Title Douluos in the manhua. And I´m also only counting the one´s we are 100% sure about their spirit types.

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 31 August 2015

Spirit Set

I was bored and thought "let´s make some cool spirit power sets". Or rather the spirits that I´d want.

  • 1 Favorite Spirits
  • 2 What I´d want
    • 2.1 1 Set.
    • 2.2 2 Set.
    • 2.3 3 Set.
    • 2.4 4 Set.
    • 2.5 5 Set.
    • 2.6 6 Set.
    • 2.7 7 Set.

  • Food God
  • Sword
  • Clear Sky Hammer
  • Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda
  • Flame Lord
  • Fox
  • Fire Dragon
  • Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon
  • Jade Phosphor Serpent
  • Diamond Mammoth

IF I existed in the Soul Land Universe, these are the different sets I´d want. My favorite is set 3.

  •  Sword
  •  Sausage

  •  Clear Sky Hammer
  •  Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda

  •  Sword
  •  Clear Sky Hammer

  •  Clear Sky Hammer
  • Sausage

  •  Sword
  •  Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda

  • Sword
  • Clear Sky Hammer
  • Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda

  •  Sword
  •  Clear Sky Hammer
  •  Sausage

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 30 August 2015

Jonathan Fairstorm

This character is 100% fanon, i simply created it because I thought it would be fun.

He has fiery red long hair, draped over his shoulders and back. Even his eyes are deep red. He has been called devilishly handsome on multiple occasions. He is highly similiar to Yan, in appearences. 

He has a extrovert and optimistic personality, he tends to curse a lot. He has also shown to be highly adaptable. He has one personality around Hu liena and one around everybody else. He has shown to easily blush around Hu Liena, and is also a little shy.

Jonathan was born from 2 parents a female from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and a male from the Clear Sky Clan. These 2 had been captive in a cage together for close to 7 years. This was all planned by sp…

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GodOfNerds GodOfNerds 25 August 2015

Who´s the strongest?

It has already been answered.

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TwentyfifthBaam TwentyfifthBaam 27 July 2015

Soul Land

A lot of things are needed but we first should create pages for spirit masters and every spirit ranks and add lots of things to the spirits page which are the most important please let me know if tou are willing to help because I am a complete newbie in editing wikias.

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Crue woe Crue woe 19 July 2015

Doulou Dalu

Having read all of the current doulou dalu mahua am now seeing great differences from the ln.

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Hussey274 Hussey274 14 June 2015


The translations and updates of this wikia will be according to the Light Novel translated by Bagelson as the Light Novel is the original story.

Any update of difference from the Light Novel, that is present in the Manhua, should be added under the Manhua heading under each page. If there is no such heading, create one and add.

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Hussey274 Hussey274 14 June 2015

Templates on Soul Land Wikia

Folowing are the templates used in Soul Land


  • Character Infobox - For Character info
  • Infobox Spirit - For Spirit info
  • Infobox Spirit Beast - For Spirit Beast info
  • Infobox Place - For location info
  • Infobox Other - For other info


  • Tabs (Contains link to Gallery, Abilties & Relationships)
  • Tabs G (Contains link to Gallery)
  • Tabs GA (Contains link to Gallery, Abilties)
  • Tabs GR (Contains link to Gallery & Relationships)
  • Tabs AR (Contains link to Abilties & Relationships)
  • Tabs A (Contains link to Abilties)
  • Tabs R (Contains link Relationships)

Boxes in Characters, Spirit Beast pages. 

  • Picture Box
  • Picture Box Blue

Boxes in Spirits, Places, Clans pages. 

  • Mini Box


  • Quotes


  • InfoboxPlace


For Characters, Spirit Beasts and Spirit Tools Main page…

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Miraclegrass Miraclegrass 5 June 2015


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Aziz91 Aziz91 26 November 2014

new to the novel

I only read to v3 and I see some spoilers?

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