Blood God Army
Name Blood God Army
Chinese 血神军团
Also Known As
Empire Sun-Moon Federation
Area Endless Mountains
Head Blood One

Zhang Huanyun

Description Edit

The army is located on a snow field on a mountain peak, at least six kilometers high. Rows of barracks covered the field densely on a rather large scale. There were sentries at the perimeter, but there was no watchtower.The barracks occupied an area of at least one square kilometer[1]. In order to qualify for the army, a person must be a four-ringed Soul Ancestor and get to the Blood God Army base without using soul power or their martial soul from the bottom of the mountains.

This army was not even listed among the Federation's military. They were something unique, and they were the most powerful army. They guarded a secret boundary on the continent that was known by only a select few.

Those who were qualified to enlist here were true elites in every sense of the word. Similarly, those who had the qualifications to recommend soldiers to this place only came from a few places.

Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Battle God Hall, the Spirit Pagoda, and some ancient and well-established soul master clans.

There were no weaklings here because the meek could not possibly survive here. The duration of military service here was also much longer than other armies, as the recruits had to serve for at least five years. In any case, most of the recruits who came here stayed on for more than a decade at a time.

Less than half of the Blood God Army soldiers served for a full ten years before leaving this place because they could not endure the service mentally. A long-term battle in the high altitude and freezing temperatures of the snowy mountains was extremely trying on a soldier's strength and will.

The Blood God Army seemed to have its own specialized system for maintaining the secrecy of its identity. No matter where one came from, every rule and regulation here had to be followed upon entering the Blood God Army.

History Edit

The army was created by by the four organizations (Shrek Academy, War God Temple, Spirit Transferring Pagoda, and Tang Sect) of Douluo Continent, six thousand, three hundred years ago, to defend the abyssal tunnel against the abyssal creatures' invasion of Douluo Planet.

Army Edit

Even though the Blood God Army was referred to as an army, its forces were only divided into two divisions. There are five regiments within each division and could be regarded as authorized independent divisions[2]. The actual number of soldiers in the entire Blood God Army, combat personnel and logistics personnel included, was twenty-five thousand. By defeat Abyssal creatures and doing odd jobs, officers are able to earn military gallantry or merit points, which is used for everything on the base, including promotion. 

Blood Division Edit

One of the divisions was the Blood Division. Their name meant that they would draw blood and fight until the very end, never retreating even if it meant throwing away their lives. The main responsibility of the Blood Division was to engage the abyssal creatures in direct combat.

  • Xu Weitao was the Blood Division's commander.
  • Long Tianwu was the Blood Division's deputy regimental commander.
  • Zhang Huanyun is the Army General of the Blood (and God?) Division.

Iron Blood Battalion (Close Combat Battalion) Edit

Although they were only one-word battle armor masters, their combat strengths were not to be taken lightly. There were no soul masters with cultivation bases under four rings in the entire 1st Melee Battalion. There were also a hundred mechas in the 1st Melee Battalion. The lowest level model to be found were the purple mechas. There were even five black mechas. If it had been another army, this would not be the lineup of a mere battalion. Instead, it would be an outstanding mecha unit! They could very well be a regiment by themselves, but over here, they were only a battalion.

  • Ma Shan is the commander of the battalion
  • Jiang Wuyue is the leader with three hundred men including a hundred one-word battle armor masters in the 1st Melee Battalion.

God Division Edit

The other division was the God Division, which comprised specialist units. It included the mecha combat unit, a unit that specialized in operating heavy arms and defenses, and various soldiers who served auxiliary purposes during combat.

The Secret Service Edit

The Secret Service is under the God Division's jurisdiction, but it is not included within the division's five regiments. It was directly under the command post and cooperated with the army's research laboratory. They mainly carried out missions that could not be done by the combat unit. Relatively speaking, they were at a higher risk. Hence, those who were able to join the Secret Service were definitely the best of the best.

Their duty is to gather intelligence. They'll enter the place closest to the spatial tunnel and might even go onto the abyss's plane to obtain more information about the abyssal creatures and their living conditions. If they discover a new species and bring back samples of it, it's a very important achievement.

They can enter the abyssal tunnel to scout and fight at any time.

Blood God Battalion Edit

The Battalion consists of the Blood Gods and other personnel. The Blood Gods are ranked on strength. Their headquarters is underground below the Blood God Army's command post. They are not part of the two divisions.

Blood Gods Edit

  1. Blood One - Cao Dezhi (Leader, Second Army General beside Zhang Huanyun) (Tang Sect)
  2. Blood Two - ? (War God Temple)
  3. Blood Three - Yun Lan (Shrek Academy)
  4. Blood Four - ? (Spirit Pagoda)
  5. Blood Five - ? (Shrek Academy)
  6. Blood Six - ? (Tang Sect)
  7. Blood Seven - ? (Spirit Pagoda)
  8. Blood Eight - ? (War God Temple)
  9. Blood Nine - Tang Wulin (Shrek Academy)
  10. Former Blood Nine- ? (War God Temple)

Facilities Edit

Barracks Edit

A soldier's room is not very well-furnished. It is ten square meters with a very simple washroom.

Mess Hall Edit

Combat Room Edit

Mecha Combat Room Edit

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Blood God Bracelet Edit

A very convenient device. It could store the soldier's personal information and record the number of merit points earned directly after killing an abyssal creature, so it was fair. Within the Blood God Army, all transactions were made via this Blood God Bracelet.

The Blood God Bracelet could even be connected to one's body's own conditions. If a soldier was injured or sick, the bracelet would inform the headquarters immediately so that treatment or help would be sent.

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