Bloody Baboon
Bloody Baboon
Name Bloody Baboon
Also Known As
Age 10.000 years
Species Monkey Species
Vital Status

Description Edit

Bloody Baboons have powerful physical strength, and Bloodlust is their innate skill. Bloodlust allows them to immediately boost their offensive and defensive capabilities. Their heads are their vital point.

Bloody Baboons were soul beasts that were extremely hard to deal with. They moved in packs, even as their individual fighting strength was also relatively formidable. They were known as beings who had bronze skin and steel bones. They had strong defensive capabilities, and they had immense strength powerful enough to strangle a tiger to death with their bare hands. They were highly resistant to soul power of any element, and their black fur, which was as tough as metal, was their best defensive trait. What was even more frightening was their innate skill, Bloodlust: once it was used, their defensive and offensive capabilities would be boosted exponentially, while they would lose the ability to feel pain and would no longer fear death.

Bloody Baboons were naturally cruel and fierce, and they were also very intelligent.

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