Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan
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Name Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan
Also Known As
Founder Revived by the couple Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was one of the three upper sect clans. After Soul Land 1, the clan was revived and became an ancient Great Clan that continues to exist 20,000+ years later.

Description Edit

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan is one of the three upper sect clans. Their spirit is the beast spirit Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon which enables them to transform into a dragon. The clan was annihilated by Spirit Hall resulting in the death of the clan master and over one thousand eight hundred disciples. Only a small number of sect disciples outside the clan survived. After the attacks, the clan was looted and nearly everything was stolen.

Through Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong, with Shrek Academy and Tang Sect support, the clan was revived after the fall of Spirit Hall.

Instead of becoming internationally renown, the revived clan followed the path of cultivating quality with all its members in secret, each following their own path to the world outside the clan while many members are enlist in all aspects and levels of Federation's society. The clan becomes renown within the upper levels of the Federation and other organization for its quality of spirit masters. Because of Yu Xiaogang, the clan also has a long continued friendship with Shrek Academy and Tang Sect for over 30,000 years. Some clan members enroll into Shrek or work for Tang Sect with fairness to experience society more and improve. They also follow his philosophy of treasuring spirit beasts lives, only killing a spirit beast if it harms the ecosystem or it is the target one seeks, never unnecessarily kill spirit beasts for amusement.

Many of Yu Xiaogang's descendants are inspired by his heroic story of cultivating Tang San and the original Shrek Monsters into true Gods: no waste spirits, only waste spirit masters - no matter how talented, hardwork is the way to cultivate into a top powerhouse.

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