Blue Silver Domain
Blue Silver Domain
Name Blue Silver Domain
Also Known As
Type Domain

Description Edit

It is an innate ability unique to the bloodline of Spirit Masters with the Blue Silver Emperor variant of the Blue Silver Grass. It has a certain range to which it can expand, and it produces an area of blue light which gives off a nurturing feeling. The extent to which the domain can be expanded depends on the power of the user.

Users Edit

Abilities Edit

Inspect Edit

The expanded Blue Silver Domain can inspect all life forms within its area of effect. All minute details and changes in the environment can be felt.

Neutralize Killing Aura Edit

The Blue Silver Domain has the unique capability to neutralize the killing aura of a person due to its nurturing effect.

Domination Edit

As it is at the apex of the Plant Kingdom, it has the ability to dominate other plant spirit users, rendering their spirits unable to show their full effects.

Hide Edit

  • Manhua Only

It is able to produce an area of invisibility to the user. However the user must not make any movements nor cause any spirit fluctuations, since it will cause the invisibility to fail.

Wildfire Blows Without End, Spring Wind Blows Rebirth Edit

This is the highest mystery of the Blue Silver Domain where no matter how serious the injury, the user would be able come back to life within forty nine days after his/her death.

Blue Silver Ranged Binding Edit

Tang San after obtaining Xiao Wu's Spirit Ring is able to use all his Spirit Abilities of the Blue Silver Emperor within the range of the Blue Silver Domain which encompasses an extremely large area.

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