Blue Silver Grass
River Grass
Name Blue Silver Grass
Type Tool Spirit Type

Description Edit

Blue Silver Grass is a grass that grows in all places. It is a tool spirit and is considered a trash spirit by most people.

Variant Forms Edit

Blue Silver Emperor/Empress Edit

This variation of Blue Silver Grass is the apex of plants and as such it gives off an intimidating feeling to all Plant Spirit Beasts and Plant Spirits. It is extremely tenacious and overflows with rich vital energy that results in near-immortality when fully grown. It has a characteristic golden line embedded in the Blue Silver Grass. It has an innate domain called Blue Silver Domain.

Blue Silver King Edit

Blue Silver Grass Variant Edit

A variant form of Blue Silver Grass with golden veins and greater strength.

Golden Dragon King variant.

Silver Dragon King variant.

Dark Blue Silver Grass Edit

This variation is a Dark Spirit. The Blue Silver Grass is transformed into a vinelike appearance, with countless dark thorns protruding across its entire length. It drains the blood of its victims to death with a mere prick by its thorns. This blood in return is used to strengthen the user.

List of Known Users Edit

Known users of Blue Silver Grass are:

Abilities Edit

Ability Image

Name: Bind

Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 1st Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Causes the the Blue Silver Grass to become tougher and bind opponents. It also has a slight paralyzing effect.
Name: Parasite;User
Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 2nd Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Enables him to send seeds into the host body causing them to grow and cause paralysis.
Name: Spider Web Restraint;User
Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 3rd Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Purple
  • Throws a 6-7 meters spider net which is extremely durable and self constricting while causing a poisonous and corrosive effect.
Spider Web Restraint
Name: Blue Silver Prison;User
Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 4th Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Black
  • Has the ability to trap multiple opponents within a prison made of Blue Silver Grass, enabling him to use Crowd Control. Blue Silver Prison also has the variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust which can be utilized to produce multiple spikes aimed at the opponents.
Blue Silver Prison

5th Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Blue Silver Emperor Tyrant Spear
  • Previous name before ring age up: Blue Silver Overlord Spear
  • Previously produced a golden ray of light from Tang San's arm, but is now blood red mixed with thin golden magic lines.
  • Target lock.
  • Stun for a certain period of time.
  • Interrupts the opponent's spirit abilities.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Condense by the Blue Silver King
  • Age: 150,000+ years (Increases along with the maximum limit of a spirit ring's age Tang San can sustain)
  • Colour: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold

7th Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Blue Silver Avatar
  • All abilities that use Blue Silver Emperor are amplified by 100%
  • Any strand of blue silver grass can become Tang San’s true body
  • Enhancement of Blue Silver Domain
  • Enhancement of Deathgod Domain
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: God Bestowed Spirit Ring
  • Age: 150,000+ years
  • Colour: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold

8th Spirit Ring Edit

  • Blue Silver Evil Spirit Mirror Destruction: Creates a crystal that entraps multiple opponents. Can be used to crystallise water or air, or even the body and blood of an opponent. Unless the opponent is strong enough to resist, if the crystal shatters they will shatter too.
  • Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption: Absolute Stun - Emits red ripples that Physical Defenses are ineffective against, stunning opponents for 3 seconds, regardless of how strong they are, provided the ripple makes contact with the opponent's body. Can be blocked by opponent's energy type spirit abilities, but opponent's spirit power will be consumed at triple the ability’s normal rate when it comes into contact.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Evil Spirit Orca King
  • Age: 150,000+ years
  • Colour: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold

9th Spirit Ring Edit

  • Blue Silver Heaven Dragon's Soul: Summons a Blue Dragon (evolved form of Da Ming). Disintegrates anything it touches and leaves nothing behind.
  • Blue Silver Dragon Coil: Summons a Blue Dragon to wrap around the enemy and bind them completely. Breaking this restraint requires the victim to be stronger than the caster, in combination with using a spirit ability of adequate strength.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Da Ming
  • Age: 150,000+ years
  • Colour: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold
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