Blue Silver King
Blue Silver King
Name Blue Silver King
Also Known As
Age 85,000+ years
Species Blue Silver Grass
Vital Status Alive

Appearance Edit

Blue Silver King appears as a thick trunk of vines of blue color with a human shaped face at its center.

Description Edit

Blue Silver King is of the plant species Blue Silver Grass. Having cultivated for tens of thousand years he has become a formidable existence in the Plant Kingdom. He also possesses great intelligence and knows the language of humans. As he is rooted to the ground, he immobile.

Plot Edit

Sensing Tang San's spirit, Blue Silver King beckons him to come meet him. Following Tang San's arrival Blue Silver King is very excited and reveals that Tang San possesses the blood of the Blue Silver Empress. Then he helps Tang San to undergo a secondary awakening which changes his spirit from Blue Silver Grass to Blue Silver Emperor. He also helps him to condense his 5th Spirit Ring using Tang San's body with an age of 25,000 years, which will evolve along with him.

Differences in the Manhua Edit

Blue Silver Crown
  • In the Manhua, the Blue Silver King is portrayed as a mischievous little girl.
  • She takes Tang San to the Blue Silver Palace, in order to bestow him the crown of Tang San's mother.
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