Spirit: embodiment of shui   Type: Beast type   System: control system

Embodiment of shui: The beast spirit Embodiment of shui is exactly what it says it is, the complete physical manifestation of all things water

The Embodiment of shui is a supreme water attribute spirit   Initial Skill:
 • A crown made of solid water with ice crystals embedded in it appears on their head

• The spirit has absolute water (ice too?)

• Innate domain 

• Free Control over 10 cubic metres of water after awakening their spirit e.g. Can build statues, create waves, shields, blasts and animals made of water (animals aren't sentient just water shaped like them)

• Can only control water that is within 100 metres - distance grows every 10 levels by 10 metres

• Hands turn into claws made of ice with gauntlets also with ice boots

• Every 10 spirit levels they can control 20 more cubic metres of water

• User emits a chilling aura


1st Ring Name:   Ability:

• Ability to change temperature of water being controlled

• Can increase the temperature if water that is being controlled to scolding temperatures

• Can decrease the temperature of water to -58 degrees Celsius


• Can only decrease the temperature to a point where it just turns into ice

• The temperature of water steadily decreases depending on the amount of water controlled

• Can only raise the temperature of the water to the point where it just evaporates

• The Waters temperature isn't suddenly increased it takes time depending on the amount of water being controlled 

  2nd Ring Name:   Ability:

• Giant rain clouds form and rain falls at an alarming speed

• The rain can be used as mini water bullets in a small or wide spread area

  Limitations: • Cannot be used in closed spaces or indoors

• The more rain clouds that are made the more spirit power is used

  3rd Ring Name:   Ability: • The user places their hands/feet on a surface and spread a sheet of frost/ice in any direction the user wishes

• Can create ice spikes from the sheet of frost/ice

• can freeze an enemy to the ground with the ice


• Anyone can see the sheet of frost/ice

• If the target is strong enough they can break free of the ice

• Takes more spirit power to speed up the distance moved

4th Ring Name:   Ability: • Allows the user to turn the water being controlled gelatinous and slimy

• Water becomes extremely sticky and elastic too 
   Limitations: • The elasticity has a limit

  5th Ring Name:   Ability: • User can submerge into water and teleport to another body of water

• The water being used to teleport doesnt have to be deep Eg can use a puddle to teleport

• Can bring people with them but will cost more spirit power

  Limitations: • 
water that the user wants to teleport with has to be wider than 4 feet

• The place the user wants to teleport to has to be within 50 meters

• User can teleport with water they have produced

• 2 second delay when teleporting  

6th Ring Name:   Ability: • 
while using 6th spirit ring any water that is being controlled will glow a soft white

• anythings surface that comes into contact with the water will freeze and start to also freeze anything under the ice

• If you arent protected by spirit power of spirit abilities the ice will start the 'creep' around the body from where the water striked

• because the ice is so cold it feels like the area effected is burning and will cause extreme pain   Limitations: • Strong spirit power and defensive spirit abilites can protect against the freezing effects

• Strong fire attribute can stop the 'buning effect but not the freezing  

7th Ring Name: Embodiment of Shui spirit avatar   Ability: • Hair turns Snow White, eyes turn deep sea blue, skin has a blue tinge to it

• Gauntlets and boots become almost see through and are freeing cold to the touch with the users body constantly rippling like water when moving

• Users chilling aura is upgraded to a point where if anything is too close to them it will start to freeze

• all range of spirit abilities increased by 50%

• Speed of controlled water increased by 50%

• Cost of spirit abilities lowered by 50% 
   Limitations: • 
Can't swim or use ' ' as the chilling aura freees any nearby water that the spirit master isnt controlling   

8th Ring Name:   Ability: • User creates a thick mist that clouds anyone's vision but the users

• User will know if anything or anyone enters the mist

• User dissipates into the mist becoming part of it becoming undetectable

• Physical attacks can't hurt the user

• Harden the mist into blades of ice to attack 
   Limitations: • Also blinds allies

• Can't speak when using  

9th Ring Name:     Ability: • 
Flash freeze

Anyone who's spirit power is lower than the users will be frozen solid

anything within the radius of the user has chosen will flash freeze

• will freeze active spirit abilties in the area   Limitations: • 
can only be blocked by large amounts of pure spirit power or powerful energy defences

Self Made Spirit Ability Name: hej 1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th

 • Using 8th spirit to make mist then 2nd to make it start to rain but also use 1st at the same time to heat the rain to scalding temperatures and then use 6th spirit ability to attack and freeze opponents with the 8th abilities ice blades 
   Limitations: • If the enemy's mental detection is strong enough they will know if the 6th spirit ability attack is coming and can evade it

Spirit Bones     Name:

Spine spirit bone Ability: • increased flexibilty and agility by 20%

• Allows the user to turn their body into water while being able to use any spirit abilities on them self e.g. Can heat their body to extreme temperatures or become elastic and slime like

• User becomes invisible in bodies of water or in rain and when invisible undetectable by mental power unless their spirit power is 10 ranks or higher 

• In this form physical attacks are reduced by 50%
   Limitations: • maintaining the liquid form for a considerable amount of time drains spirit power

• has no second ability as first is so powerful

Name:   Sternum spirit bone Ability: • Increased defence by 30%

• Creates a crystal clear shield of water that can not be seen unless the light shines on it

• Shield is spherical in shape surrounding the user by 6 feet

• While it can defend from attacks head on it's main ability is to curl the attacks around the sphere and direct them somewhere else

• absorbs 10% of the spirit power of attacks that come into contact with the shield into defence

Limitations: • 
It can't curl attacks that are larger than the sheild

• It can't completely change the direction of the attack Eg an arrow of light has been fired at the shield it can direct the arrow upwards, downwards or to the sides by 80 degrees from the sphere and not directly back at the attacker

• The shields weak point is below it • its defense does not go underground so attacks from below will get in  


Name: Shui's supremacy   Ability: • Water in any form (moisture, ice, snow and water) inside the domain can be turned into the users spirit power or spirit power for someone they are in contact with 

• Any attacks with an ice or water attribute are boosted by 80%
 • Repression of water attribute spirits unless they are of the same quality or higher- Eg Sea god spirit

• Users Speed and agility are boosted by 90%

• When using domain the user can control water in all its forms 
   Limitations: • Water that was created with the users spirit abilities cannot be turned into spirit power
 • controlling ice, steam and snow will cost spirit power

Back again! Here's my supreme water attribute spirit Please tell me anything that is wrong with it so I can try balance it out ^-^

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