Should I lower the strength of the 4th Ring? 20% - 30% If it's still a bit  OP, just lower the stats the swords since I don't really want to reduce the number of swords. As for the External Spirit Bone. In DD2, after Yuhao killed Evil Eyed Tyrant Emperor, he received some thing similar to External Spirit Bone but it was an Eye. Can that count as an External Spirit Bone. If it does, here are the effects:

External Spirit Bone:

Third Eye:

1. Sees the details of anything within a hundred meter diameter of the user. Similar to Yuhao's Mental Detection.

2.Mental Attactk. Not really strong.

3.Mental Defense on the user(Passive).

4. Complements with the Skull Bone giving an increase for its effects.

Oh yeah about the 1st Spirit Ability can I add some more effects since its a little simple

1st Spirit Ability(Yellow) = Vertical Strike - A simple vertical slash containing 2 times the peak strength of the user. 50% Stun for 2-3 Seconds. The stun effects depend on how effective the attack was on your opponents, so it can ranged from 1 to 3 second stun. If its too OP, you can change it to 30% Stun.


>Top Class Attack Power Type Tool Spirits.

>Spirit is radiating a suppression effect on  all lower quality Tool Spirits.  This effect is ineffective against those Spirits with the same quality as Clear Sky Hammer.

>No elements in the end after all.

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