I agree with you about the Seraph and don't really care about it since that's not what I'm talking about. What I'm trying to say is about battle efficiency. In a battle there are many factors that could affect the victory and a Burst of Power is one of the major factors that could change the outcome of the battle. Burst of Power is only one of it, there are still other things that may affect the result of the battle. Yes Clear Sky Hammer is a very strong Spirit but if someone said that its the fastest Spirit in the world, then I would be the first to disagree. It's because it's specialty doesn't lie in speed. Demon Emperor Spirit may not have the Extreme Burst of Power that Clear Sky Hammer has or the insane Spirit Force that Seraph wields but it excels in all aspects or factors which affects the results of combat. Things such as Speed, Power, Agility and many other attributes is something which Demon Emperor Spirit Possess. Though I don't dare say that it has reach the peak in all of it but it's already very close. It's well balance in combat. It's like how Tang San use Blue Silver Emperor to win against a Spirit Emperor(6-Rings) Clear Sky Hammer Spirit Master despite being a Spirit King(5-Rings). It's all about battle efficiency. Blue Silver Emperor is the same quality with Clear Sky Hammer and still able to win is because a Control System Spirit Master is very strong in 1 v 1 battle. It's the same concept. Clear Sky Hammer is strong in combat but even stronger in Burst of Power. Demon Emperor Spirit is strong in Attack but even stronger in a battle because of its stats. Demon Emperor Spirit specializes in battle and due to its specialty in killing and battling whereas Clear Sky Hammer also specializes in battle due to the fact that it has the greatest Burst of Power. If were talking about a life or death battle then Demon Emperor Spirit would win due to its specialty. If I were to say it then Demon Emperor Spirit should be classified as Killing & Battle Attack Type Spirit. XD

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