>1st Spirit Ability Effect: 1.5-2 Times its normal speed? If its too OP, then still lower the stats.

>2nd Spirit Ability Effect: Let's just change it to a Stun Attack which last's 2-3 Seconds with only full power.

>5th Spirit Ability Effect: It's actually an Attack Similar to Dark Golden Fearful Clawed Bear's Claw Attack. The External Spirit Bone Ability of Yuhao and Tang Wulin.

>8th Spirit Ability Effect: I originally wanted it to be made out of pure energy force with no elements containing but if you want to add elements then maybe Wind or Lightning since it was inherited from Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon or Sky Blue Bull Phython?

>9th Spirit Ability: I think you misunderstood how this is used. This is a single used attack. It's like throwing a spear on your opponent but in this case, It's throwing a Golden Dragon phantom on your opponent. The Golden Dragon Phantom that the External Spirit Beast conjured is just the manifestation or shape that the attack took. It's not creating an ally or a clone that could fight along side you that possesses 5 times your strength. It's just an attack containing 5 times the peak of what you could normally muster. It's similar to the Golden Iron Triangle's Spirit Fusion Golden Saint Dragon's final ability, True Golden Dragon. It a one shot move.

  • Yeah let's just change the color of the Spirit Ring to optimal.

As for Grandmaster's quote... Hahaha I'll remember to keep it in mind. XD

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