How about this...

  • 1st Spirit Ability Effect: Increases by 1.5-2 Times temporarily.
  • 2nd Spirit Ability Effect: Stun Attack that last's 2-3 Seconds with full power.
  • 5th Spirit Ability Effect: Similar Attack to Dark Golden Fearful Clawed Bear's Fearful Claw Attack. Instead its a Dragon Claw, not a Bear Claw.
  • 8th Spirit Ability Effect: Wide AOE Attack with moderate damage. The power of the damage can be increased if you used the Devour Ability.
  • 9th Spirit Ability Effect: The Azure Dragon External Beast Spirit conjures a Golden Dragon Phantom(Chinese Dragon Appearance) thrice it's size made out of massive amounts of energy that will be launched towards the opponent bringing with it a terrifying destructive powers.

Also did I really say Divine? Other than 9th Spirit Ability having a Divine with it's title and calling it a Chinese Divine Beast, I don't really think I put in anything like "Because of it's Divine Might or Divine Aura, it could easily kill other beast". Though the suppression aura may make it look OP, it's ineffective against the likes of those Gold Dragon King, Di Tian and other high level Dragon Type Spirit Beast.

Lastly, I'm starting to admire the Godly Admin Abilities you possess XD Being able to edit my post XD

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