Spirit: Lightning Sky Tyrant Hammer, Mjolinir(Evolution)

Description: The variation of Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Later on, after reaching Rank 70(7-Rings), the Spirit will evolve to Mjolnir. This evolution is similar to how Bei Bei evolved his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon to Golden Saint Dragon and how Xu Sanshi was supposed to evolve his Mystic Deep Water Turtle to Black Tortoise when he was supposed to reach Rank 70. This Spirit has an astonishing Burst of Power(Not as strong as a Clear Sky Hammer) and a very strong Attack Capabilities. It also has control over the Element of Lightning.


Lightning Sky Tyrant Hammer - A Black Hammer similar to Clear Sky Hammer but it has Sapphire-Colored markings on it.

Mjolnir - Golden Hammer similar to Clear Sky Hammer. Black is the secondary color along with a tinge of deep blue in minor parts of the Hammer.

Spirit Abilities:

>1st Spirit Ability(Yellow Spirit Ring) - Stun Hammer

Effects and Description: Sapphire-colored Lightning circles around the head of the hammer when this Spirit Ability is about to be used. A strong direct Attack containing Lightning Element is unleashed when this Spirit Ability is used. Due to the Lightning Element that this Spirit Ability used, a Stunning/Paralysing Effect that last 3 Seconds occurs on the opponent because of its Electric Abilities.

>2nd Spirit Ability(Yellow Spirit Ring) - Thunder Blast

Effects and Description: A beam of Lightning with a terrifying might and power is unleashed when this Spirit Ability is used.

>3rd Spirit Ability(Purple Spirit Ring) - Divine Thunder's Fury

Effects and Description: An Amplification Effect Ability. The Thunder and Lightning Element Abilities are increased by 100%, Strength & Power Attributes are increased by 70% and all other Attributes are increased by 50%.

>4th Spirit Ability(Purple Spirit Ring) - Prison of Lightning

Effects and Description: A Control Type Spirit Ability. The Spirit Master produces more Lightning Elements from his Spirit and forms a cage made out of Lightning with a diameter of 40 Meters. The range will increase along the cultivation of the Spirit Master. This Prison of Lightning can both Trap or Isolate against opponents. When the Spirit Master is within the cage of Lightning, the Control over Lightning increases and the Spirit Master can also borrow some Lightning from the cage(The durability of "Prison of Lightning" will weaken depending on how much Lightning was used.) to Amplify and further Strengthen any Lightning Attribute Attacks that the Spirit Master used. An Opponent with the same level of cultivation will take some time to break free from the Spirit Ability and while on the process of breaking through the cage, he/she will ecounter the Electrocuting Effect of Lightning from the cage. This Spirit Ability can last as long as the Spirit Power of the Spirit Master can hold on or when he/she wants to end it. It can also be destroyed if an Opponent with sufficient power wants to destroy it.

>5th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Lightning Field

Effects and Description: A AOE Spirit Ability. The Spirit Master Slams the "Lightning Sky Tyrant Hammer" Spirit to the ground and it unleashes a wave of Lightning in the surrounding area. It deals considerable damage to any opponent within the AOE.

>6th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Tyrannical Lightning's Advent

Effects and Description: The Spirit Master channels incredible amounts of Lighting within his "Hammer" Spirit and release an Attack with a very strong Burst of Power as well as massive amounts of Lightning. This Spirit Ability has enough Attack Power to threaten those who are several levels higher in cultivation.

>7th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Mjolnir Avatar + Divine Lightning Domain

Effects and Description: After reaching Spirit Saint, the Spirit Master successfully evolves the Spirit into Mjolnir. The quality of it's Lightning Element is only just a step away from becoming Absolute Element. Along with the Spirit Avatar that the 7th Spirit Ring grants, it also gave the Spirit Master a Domain Ability. When the Domain is in Effect, the Lightning Elements become an Absolute Lightning Element. The Lightning Abilities are also increased in this Domain. Lastly, the Spirit Master can become "one with the Lightning" which means the Spirit Master can become like a Lightning Entity when the Ability is used. This Domain only covers several tens of meters. It has a high consumption.

>8th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Rings) - Nine Heavenly Thunder Dragons Descends

Effects and Description: When this Spirit Ability is used, the Attack of the Spirit Master manifest's into 9 Dragons Phantoms which looks similar to Golden Saint Dragon. The 9 Dragons contain terrifying Power and massive amounts of tyrannical Lightning. It possess terrifying destructive powers so it deals great damage to the opponent when this Attack crashes upon them.

>9th Spirit Ability(Red Spirit Ring) - Wrath of the Nine Heavens

Effects and Description: The Spirit Master uses or borrows the power of Lighting from the Heavens to temporarily control them and fuse it to his Attack along with his own Lightning Element to further Amplify it. This Attack contains a very strong Absolute Lightning and Burst of Power. This is a very destructive Spirit Ability. The Attack can be AOE or a Single Target Attack depending on how the Spirit Master uses it.

Spirit Bones and Abilities:

1. Right Leg Spirit Bone: Lightning Shadow Phantom Steps

Effects: It grants the Spirit Master a movement Spirit Ability which increases his/her speed and battle efficiecy. This Movement Spirit Ability leaves several after images.

2. Right Arm Spirit Bone: Tyrant Lightning Arm

Effects: Amplifies the Lightning Abilities of the Spirit Master by 80% and Strength & Power Attributes by 100%.

Self Created Spirit Ability: Empyrean Dance of the Divine Lightning Diety

Effects: Combines 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 9th Spirit Ability along with both Spirit Bones. The way it looks is similar to Tang San's [Created Spirit Ability, Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance].


  • After the Spirit Evolves from Lightning Sky Tyrant Hammer to Mjolnir, the Burst of Power is already comparable to true Clear Sky Hammer.
  • The Lightning Sky Tyrant Hammer evolves to Mjolnir after reaching Rank 70 which is similar to when Bei Bei's Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit evolved into Golden Saint Dragon Spirit after reaching Spirit Saint/Sage(7-Rings).
  • While the Spirit Master is a Spirit Saint/Sage(7-Rings), the Domain temporarily enhances the Lightning into Absolute Lightning but after the Spirit Master reaches Title Douluo(9-Rings), the Lightning Element he/she possesses will become Absolute Lightning permanently without the need of Domain. The Domain will only further enhance the quality of Lightning and it's other effects.
  • After the Spirit evolves into Mjolnir, the original Deep-Blue Sapphire Colored Lightning will become a Golden Colored lightning which was why the Dragon Phantoms in the 8th Spirit Ability looks similar to Golden Saint Dragon instead of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon.
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