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Mjolnir Edit:

4th Ring Spirit Ability: Prison of Lightning - Maximum Diamter is 50 Meters. The size can be controlled to make it smaller to consume less Spirit Power.

6th Ring Spirit Ability: Divine Thunder Cannon - A Spirit Ability similar to Yuan En's(DD3 Titanic Giant Ape Spirit Master) Air Cannon or Tang San's Evolved Blue Silver Cannon(Evolved from Blue Silver Overlord Spear after becoming 100 000 Year Old Spirit Ring) but instead it gathers on the hammer and releases it along with Lightning Elements.

7th Ring Spirit Ability: Mjolnir Avatar

8th Ring Spirit Ability: Lightning Flash - The Spirit Master channels massive amounts of Lightning within is body and Spirit then with an Extreme Speed, attacks the Opponent.

For a better understanding:


9th Ring Spirit Ability: Wrath of the Heavenly Thunder Dragon - The Spirit Master uses both the power of Lightning of the Heavens and his own Lightning Element to generate an Extreme Spirit Ability. This Attack manifest's in the form of a Golden Saint Dragon.

For a better understanding:


Divine Lightning Domain - Amplifies all Lightning Attributed Abilities in this Domain.


  • The links above have similar attacks but uses hammer and the color of lightning is Gold after evolving to Mjolnir.
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