Spirit: Demonic Apple of Eve

Type: Variant Food System Tool Spirit

Lore: According to legends, the very first woman God created, Eve, was tempted by the Devil and ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The Apple, this very fruit which Eve ate resulted in all of Man to lose their life of Immortality and simply become a mere Sinful Mortal.

Spirit Abilities:

1st Spirit Ability(Yellow Spirit Ring) - 9 Colored Woeful Poison Apple

Effects and Description:

  • An Apple which contains 9 Different kinds of Poison. This need to be fed to the target in order for the Effect to appear.
  • When eaten, this will cause Weakening, Poisoning, and other foreign illness which may harm the person who ate it.
  • The 9 poisons individually are not very dangerous and only have the effect Above-Average poisons however, when the 9 Poisons are fused together into one deadly poison, it becomes hard to deal with and the original effects will strengthen.

2nd Spirit Ability(Yellow Spirit Ring) - Blood and Spirit Devouring Apple

Effects and Description:

  • When eaten, the Blood will be suck out of the target and will weaken the Vitality and Health of the target.
  • When eaten, the Spirit Power will be consumed and any Spirit Abilities used will be weakened.

3rd Spirit Ability(Purple Spirit Ring) - Soul Wrenching Apple

Effects and Description:

  • When eaten, the Soul or Mental Strength of the target will weaken and they will suffer the continous pain that originates from their Soul. The feeling of the pain is like thousands of Ants biting on your inner organs and soul.
  • Can cause anyone who ate it with the same level of Cultivation or lower than the Spirit Master to be Dazed for 4-5 Seconds.

4th Spirit Ability(Purple Spirit Ring) - Brutal Apple

Effects and Description:

  • Grants a Berserk State to anyone who eats it which results in an Explosive rise in all Attributes which last's 5 Minutes.
  • Cause Weakening and Body Ache as Backlash after the Effect is over.

5th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Iron Apple

Effects and Description:

  • Causes anyone who eats it to Hardened their Skin and Muscles where it is even Comparable or even Harder than normal Profound Steel/Iron.

6th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Demon's Apple

Effects and Description:

  • Anyone who eats its will temporarily grow scales which is Similar to a Demon. This will grant a 100% increase in all Physical Attributes and 120% rise of Spirit Power.
  • Will give the Ability of "Bleed"  as well as the ability to imbue Slaughter Intent(Similar to Death God Domain but weaker) to anyone who eats it. Bleed is an Ability in which every wounds the opponent received by the Attacker will cause intensive bleeding leading to massive lost of Blood.
  • Will let anyone who eat it enter a Battle Focus State. This is a Combat State where the Spirit Master can focus on Battle without any distractions and use the most logical and effective way to gain victory. This can greatly increase the Battle Efficiency of a Spirit Master.

7th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Sinner's Apple

Effects and Description:

  • Doubles all the effects of all Spirit Abilities.
  • Every Spirit Ability only consumes half of the total Spirit Powers it consumes normally.

8th Spirit Ability(Black Spirit Ring) - Life Corroding Apple

Effects and Description:

  • Anyone who eats it will lose their Life Force. The Life Force lost by those who ate the fruit will be given to the Spirit Master who casted the Ability which will automatically replenish the consume Spirit Power and may also assist in Cultivation.

9th Spirit Ability(Red Spirit Ring) - Forbidden Apple of the Sinner

Effects and Description:

  • It has 3 ways to use in which the 1st way is to permanently reduce the Cultivation of those who ate it and a loss of Vitality and Life Force. The Cultivation reduction can be gained again if the Spirit Master Cultivated again.
  • The 2nd way is that anyone who eats it will die. The Caster of this Spirit Ability will also die as a backlash of the Ability.
  • The 3rd way is the transformation of the eater to a Devil. They will have an instant explosive increase in Cultivation permanently and all their Attributes will also be enhanced. The rise in Cultivation is permanent however it will destroy their foundation which will make any future advancements in Cultivation harder.

Spirit Bones:

  • Skull Spirit Bone - Increases the Mental Strength of the Spirit Master.
  • Vampire's Fangs(External Spirit Bone) - Will grant the Spirit Master a Devouring Ability in which the Spirit Master may devour the Life Force, Spirit Power, Mental Strength and Blood Essence of the target in which they could use the Devoured Energy to replenish their consumed Spirit Power. The remaining Energies may also assist the Cultivation of the Spirit Master.

Self Created Spirit Ability: 

Devil Apple - Combines 4th, 5th, 6th Spirit Abilities and the External Spirit Bone of the Spirit Master to grant an extraordinary combat capability.


  • This Food System Spirit is a Variation which is why its Effects are more damaging to the Opponent compared to the usual Support Abilities which normal Food Type Spirits possess.
  • The first 3 Spirit Abilities are an unorthodox way of Attacking which the Apple must be fed to the opponent. Nevertheless they are still a terrifying Spirit Ability. This also goes for 8th and 9th Spirit Abilities.
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