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The Body Sect is a sect whose members have to possess a Body Spirit. They seek out anyone with a Body Spirit, bring them into the sect, and undergone the Second Awakening of their Spirit. They are neither good nor evil, they do whatever they please and are extremely ruthless.

In Soul Land 3, not many people know the existence of the Body Sect. It has lost much of its glory.

Body Sect had always used one’s body as a weapon, so any part of one’s body could be used as one.[1]


In Douluo Dalu II, 2.000 years ago they lost against Shrek Academy. Body Sect, Shrek Academy and Ming De Hall can be considered the top 3 forces. The Body Sect had eleven Titled Douluo, but three are now dead, Another four are critically injured. They can’t join the war for now. More than a third of the Body Sect’s disciples are dead as well in the early part of the war with the Sun and Moon empire.

Innate Secret Technique[]

1st Level: Body Forging[]

Body Forging involved tearing apart a person’s body completely before putting back the body parts using the finest method. The process usually required countless elixirs to support the body and extreme willpower to endure the excruciating physical pain.[2] Its profound meaning defined the process as using the mighty forces between heaven and earth to penetrate, cleanse, and remold one’s body.

Body Forging was divided into four levels: Body Penetration, Marrow Cleansing, Remolding, and the Golden Body. When these four levels were completed, one could proceed to the Body Sect’s third martial soul awakening. Out of these four levels, Body Penetration was the most painful. Using the soul energy to penetrate one’s body was equal to tearing apart one’s body completely before putting them back together. The latter three levels were painful as well, but at least, it could be endured, unlike the first level.

The first level requires condensing the blood essence core.

2nd Level: []

3rd Level:[]