Bu Le
Bu Le
Name Bu Le
Chinese 不乐
Also Known As
Species Human
Age >40
Gender Male
Height 1.60m
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Disabled
Spirit Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers
Spirit Rank Spirit King
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 1 White

1 Yellow
3 Purple

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Border Patrol
Affiliation Heaven Dou Empire
Light Novel Debut Chapter 43
Manhua Debut Chapter 42

Appearance Edit

He is a forty something middle aged man. He has dark skin and is one meter sixty tall. On his face is a satisfied lascivious smile, right hand wrapped in gauze, wearing large pants with several holes, on his feet a pair of large sandals.

Personality Edit

He is a pervert, who is extremely vulgar and preys on the innocent and has a fetish for younger girls.

Plot Edit

Fatty's Revenge Edit

He beats up Ma Hongjun because of a prostitute. Ma Hongjun arrives with his friends to take revenge. Xiao Wu goes up to him and pretends to be a lost little girl looking for a candy store. He leads her to a dark alley to rape her and then Xiao Wu unleashes upon the unsuspecting Bu Le, thoroughly beating him up, not letting him have a chance to reciprocate. He ends up with many broken bones. After Xiao Wu is finished, Ma Hongjun goes back to roast his cock. It is then removed by his friend. He vows to take revenge one day for leaving him invalid.

Heaven Dou Empire Border Edit

Having obtained a position at the Heaven Dou Empire, he uses his ability along with his 2 friends to extort rich people crossing the border. They stop a carriage carrying Tai Tan, Tang San, Ma Hongjun, Tai Long and several other members of the One Strength Clan and tries to extort them not knowing about their true powers. Ma Hongjun having recognized Bu Le, reveals himself as the little fatty who made him an invalid, which causes Bu Le to have a fit of rage and throw himself at Ma Hongjun in order to attack him and make him an invalid.

Having attacked Ma Hongjun in a fit of rage, he is at first unable to recognize his strength to be far exceeding his own. He soon comes to understand that Ma Hongjun far exceeds him. He is rather surprised as Ma Hongjun does not end him and leaves him alive. Wanting to take at least one shot at fatty, he proceeds to act as a transvestite interested in Ma Hongjun, exhibiting vulgar motions thus making Ma Hongjun sick.

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