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Chen Xinjie
Chen Xinjie
Name Chen Xinjie
Chinese 陈新杰 Chén Xīnjié
Also Known As Boundless Sea Douluo

Vast Sea Douluo
Hawk Faction Leader
Sea God Douluo (True Titled Douluo Name)
Old Chen (Shrek Academy)

Species Human
Age 200+

Youthful 20's (revival)

Gender Male
Hair Color Silver

Black (Revival)

Eye Color Blue-Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Long Yeyue (Former/Current Lover)

Blood Two (Young Brother)
Blood Nine (Nephew)
Chen Zeyu (Son)
Unknown (Dead Child)
Sea God Clan members

Disciple War Gods (Until Chen Xinjie's retirement)
Spirit Boundless Sea (Sea God)
Spirit Rank Limit Douluo (极限斗罗) - Rank 99 (Quasi God /准神 ) (Current)

God - Rank 100 (Raw)

Spiritual Realm Divine Origin Realm
Spirit Rings
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation War God Temple Master (Former)

Military General (Former)
4-word Battle Armour Master
Spirit Master
Supreme Commander of Sea God Fleet-Army
Grounds Sweeper

Affiliation War God Temple

Shrek Academy
Sea God Navy
Sea God Clan

Light Novel Debut Chapter 1224
Manhua Debut
Chen Xinjie was known as the Boundless Sea Douluo and a Limit Douluo. He was also the Master of the War God Temple who secretly cultivated those who would clean the Federation of its corruption. He is a descendant of the Sea God Clan and the current Clan Leader Sea God Douluo during Soul Land III.

Appearance Edit

An old man with a prominent nose, deep-set eyes, a stern expression and the three stars of a general on his shoulders was seated upon the main seat. His aura was as deep as the abyss and it felt like he was too profound to be fathomable. The oppressive atmosphere in the command post was mostly coming from him.

War God Edit

 The person was dressed in an extremely simple patterned robe. His attire looked to be from the generation when soul devices had not been invented. His silver hair was combed neatly which revealed his high ideals. His hands were clasped behind his back, and he had a rather perplexed expression on his face.

Old Chen Edit

It was an old man with a head full of gray hair. He would come to the sports field at the first glimmer of dawn every day. He brought along a huge broom and would sweep the sports field in front of the academy’s main building. He swept from dawn until the sun was high in the sky before he had completed the sweeping duty. It was the same every day. He was dressed in plain attire as well. It was always the simplest of robes.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Chen Xinjie and Long Yeyue were once lovers, but through dual misunderstandings and their stubborn prides, both separated. Each married and further traveled on their career paths, but still not forgetting each other.

Plot Edit

Meeting Tang Wulin (Spy?) Edit

After All These Years and a Promise Edit

Encounter In the Boundless Sea Edit

Long Yeyue's Confession Edit

War God Temple's True Backhand Edit

Old Chen of Shrek Academy (1) Edit

Chen Xinjie told Tang Wulin before that he had a duty to protect Shrek because Shrek gave him a place to live. However, he would never take part in Shrek’s external operations and that was his bottom-line.

Holy Spirit Cult and Abyssal Plane Invasion - Holy War Edit

Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie Edit

Old Chen of Shrek Academy (2) Edit

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena Finale Edit

Epilogue Edit

Months after Tang Wulin's suicidal choice, Chen Xinjie and several quasigod Douluos broke through to Rank 100.

Trivia Edit

  • Once Tang Wulin uses his Sea God bloodline, the predecessor Sea God's direct descendant Chen Xinjie even at a higher cultivation rank cannot overide his control over the seas.
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