Clear Sky Clan
Clear Sky Clan
Name Clear Sky Clan
Also Known As
Empire Heaven Dou Empire (SL, SL2)

Sun-Moon Federation (SL3) Douluo Federation (SL4)

Head Tang Xiao (SL1)

Niu Tian & Tai Tan (SL2)
Tang ? (SL3)

Clear Sky Clan was one of the three upper sect clans. It later became an ancient Great Clan renown in the Federation. This clan is notable for producing several generations of Gods, through Tang Hao's lineage.

Description Edit

Among the three upper sects of ancient Soul Land 1, Clear Sky Clan is a mysterious existence and is the strongest clan of the three upper sect clans. Their spirit is Clear Sky Hammer, said to be the greatest in burst power and the strongest tool spirit at the current time. In SL, the clan has seven Title Douluos; Tang Xiao and Tang Hao to name a few.

Because two famous ancestors of the clan, Tang Hao and Tang San, fell in love with Human turned spirit beasts, the clan advocates protecting and guiding spirit beasts (beast or human). However, the clan's influence by SL2 has fallen to be unable to prevent the decline in spirit beasts' population.

Soul Land 2: Edit

Before SL2, the ancestral princess Tang Wutong left the Divine Realm and Tang San requested Da Ming and Er Ming to become her guardians in the mortal realm as the temporary Heads of the Clear Sky Clan during her tenure. After she returned with her spouse Huo Yuhao to the Divine Realm, the two temporary Heads retired and stayed on the Douluo Continent. The ancestors 2nd Class Gods Tang Hao and Ah Yin lived in the mortal realm, the Douluo Plane, before the disappearance of the Divine Realm.

Soul Land 3: Edit

In SL3, the Clear Sky Clan's unknown ancestral prince Tang Wulin was sent to the Douluo Continent before the Divine Realm was displaced to the far side of the universe. 10,000 years ago before his arrival, ancestor Tang San secretly had his father Tang Hao become the Douluo Plane's Planar Lord and his mother Ah Yin become the Planet's Life Core in Shrek Academy to ensure his failsafe plan for the Abyssal Plane would be completed and to look out for his only son, Tang Wulin. Years later, with the international gathering of many organizations to fight a war against the Abyssal Plane creatures' invasion and their allies, the Holy Spirit Cult, the current Clear Sky Clan Head participated. At the time, Tang Wulin had the chance to see the Head. During the war, the current participating generations of the Clear Sky Clan learned of their ancestral prince's existence. They also had the chance to see their pride, their 20,000+ year ago ancestor Tang Hao use his Clear Sky Hammer to resurrect many fallen meritable humans. His Clear Sky Hammer's power even resonated with theirs to confirm Tang Heo's existence.

Soul Land 4: Edit

The clan's next God is Tang San's eldest grandson, Tang Xuanyu. He is destined to be the next Dragon God, a God King of God Kings.

Techniques Edit

  • Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer 乱披风锤法 - Later made public through Tang Sect with the arrival of Battle Armors and Mechas to aid improving blacksmiths
  • Clear Sky Nine Absolutes 昊天九绝 - Clear Sky Clan secret skills developed for the Clear Sky Hammer tool spirit
  • Great Sumeru Hammer 大须弥锤 - 1 Clear Sky clan member per generation owned divine skill

Members Edit

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