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Clear Sky Clan was one of the three upper sect clans. It later became an ancient Great Clan renown in the Federation. The clan has deep ties with Tang Sect and Shrek Academy after Tang San's rise to a God. This clan is secretly notable for producing several generations of Gods, through Tang Hao's lineage. Its strongest generational powerhouse and representative is usually named the Clear Sky Douluo.


Among the three upper sects of ancient Soul Land 1, Clear Sky Clan is a mysterious existence and is the strongest clan of the three upper sect clans. Their key martial soul is Clear Sky Hammer, said to be the greatest in burst power and the strongest tool spirit at the current time. Through Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen's efforts before and during his reign as the Clear Sky Clan's genius top generational powerhouse Clan Master, the Clear Sky Clan became known as the strongest clan.

In Soul Land 1, the clan has over seven Titled Douluos (average to quasi-demigod); Tang Xiao and Tang Hao to name a few.

Before Tang Hao's banishment around the time of Tang San's birth, the Clear Sky Clan had four notable subordinate clans: Strength, Defense, Speed and Breaking clans. With the creation of Tang Sect, the Clear Sky Clan had an independent intermediary with the outside world.

Because two famous ancestors of the clan, Tang Hao and Tang San, fell in love with then married Human turned spirit beasts, the Clear Sky Clan advocates the practice of protecting and guiding spirit beasts (beast or human). However, the clan's influence and powerhouse influence by SL2 has fallen to the level of being unable to prevent the decline in spirit beasts' worldwide population.

Soul Land 2[]

Before SL2, the ancestral princess Tang Wutong left the Divine Realm and Tang San requested Da Ming (Niu Tian) and Er Ming (Tai Tan) to become her guardians in the mortal realm as the temporary co-Heads of the Clear Sky Clan during her tenure. The co-clan heads also begin the re-cultivation as Humans and act as the representatives of Tang San in the mortal realm. During her stay, Tang Wutong was the Clan's Young Mistress.

 In Shrek Academy’s collection of information regarding sects, the Clear Sky Sect was ranked at the forefront, along with the Body Sect. It was clear that they were a powerful sect.

According to the archives’ introduction, the Clear Sky Sect had been around even before Shrek Academy. It was an ancient sect that had existed for at least ten thousand years, with a history even longer than the Body Sect. Ten thousand years ago, the Clear Sky Sect was touted as the number-one tool soul sect, and even the reputable Seven Treasures Glazed Sect was inferior to them.

However, Shrek Academy’s archives also recorded that the Clear Sky Sect had gradually disappeared about a thousand years ago. It was said that people from the sect were no longer seen on the Continent, and were thought to be gradually approaching extinction. However, not only was the Clear Sky Sect still around, but they also possessed this miraculous castle deep in the clouds.

After Wutong returned with her spouse Huo Yuhao to the Divine Realm, the two temporary Heads retired and stayed on the Douluo Continent. The ancestors 2nd Class Gods Tang Hao and Ah Yin lived in the mortal realm, the Douluo Plane, before the disappearance of the Divine Realm.

Soul Land 3[]

In SL3, the Clear Sky Clan's unknown ancestral prince Tang Wulin was sent to the Douluo Continent before the Divine Realm was displaced to the far side of the universe. 10,000 years ago before his arrival, ancestor Tang San secretly had his father Tang Hao become the Douluo Plane's Planar Lord and his mother Ah Yin become the Planet's Life Core in Shrek Academy to ensure his fail-safe plan for the Abyssal Plane would be completed and to look out for his only son, Tang Wulin. Years later, with the international gathering of many organizations to fight a war against the Abyssal Plane creatures' invasion and their allies, the Holy Spirit Cult, the current Clear Sky Clan Head participated. At the time, Tang Wulin had the chance to see the Head.

At Tang Sect, one can exchange contribution points for the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique that improved one's forging. Supposedly, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique was developed by a great clan from an era long gone. It was the clan of the Tang Sect’s revered founder, Tang San—the Clear Sky Clan. As time progressed, the Clear Sky Clan faded into oblivion, leaving behind the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique as its sole legacy. The technique could be used both in battle and for blacksmithing.

Since 20,000 years ago, the Clear Sky Clan with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan have become the oldest trio and deepest inheritance clans on Douluo Planet. However, they faced the problem of not being able to produce any Limit Douluo-ranked (Rank 99) powerhouse which resulted in the gradual decline of the clan.

During the war against the Abyssal Plane, the current participating generations of the Clear Sky Clan learned of their ancestral prince's existence. They also had the chance to see their pride, their 20,000+ year ago ancestor true God Tang Hao use his Clear Sky Hammer to resurrect many fallen meritable humans. His Clear Sky Hammer's power even resonated with theirs to confirm Tang Hao's existence.

Soul Land 4[]

The clan's next God is Tang San's eldest grandson, Tang Xuanyu. He is destined to be the next Dragon God, a God King of God Kings.

Location - Soul Land[]

Tang San initially received a sheepskin map detailing the location of the clan's hidden lands from his father, given by his aunt.

The distance from Heaven Dou Empire’s capital wasn’t far, roughly three hundred li east of Heaven Dou City. Behind him was a ring of mountains, and in front of Tang San was a small village not much different from the Holy Spirit Village he once left as a child.

Smoke rose in spirals from chimneys all over the village, it would soon be time for lunch. At the entrance to the village, a few children were playing, and in the fields to the sides, a number of people were putting their tools in order, preparing to return to the village to eat.

Spreading the sheepskin map in his hands, Tang San looked it over carefully. He could be sure that he hadn’t found the wrong place. Just here, illustrated by the map, the Clear Sky Clan was unexpectedly this little unremarkable mountain village in front of him.

All kinds of thoughts spinning in his mind, Tang San had already walked up to the mountain village entrance. Just as he thought to step inside, several middle aged villagers just returned from farming blocked his way. The speaker was a thick and strong built middle aged man.

Rather than saying that this little mountain village was the Clear Sky Clan, it would be more apt to call it the Clear Sky Clan'soutpost. Even if the Clear Sky Clan had fallen, it still wasn’t to this extent. The ones living in the mountain village were all the subordinate collateral relatives of the Clear Sky Clan, and the sect’s true strength wasn’t here.

However, these collateral relative sentries were still fairly cautious. Tang San and three grey clothed men met.

Rock Mountain Wall Seal Step Climb[]

The party of four had very soon left the back of the village. In front was a mountain peak. The mountain wasn’t high, but extremely precipitous. The entire mountain wall was almost perpendicular to the ground, and moreover extremely smooth. There were no plants, it was actually a rock mountain.

The leading grey clothed person didn’t show the slightest intent of slowing down. Already seeing the mountain in front, he stepped off from the ground, soaring up, leaping directly up at the mountain wall. No matter how you put it this mountain wall was at least five hundred meters high, did he plan to directly climb this smooth rock wall? Clearly, it was impossible for that leading grey clothed man to climb it directly. As he ascended to a place about twenty meters or so, the tips of his toes poked the mountain wall, and he ascended once again. As it turned out, this smooth as a mirror rock wall had depressions every ten meters or so that could be used for bracing. It seemed that this seal of the Clear Sky School really was thorough. This precipitous rock wall in front of him wasn’t something Spirit Masters below the rank 40 were able to climb.

Even with sufficient strength, one would still need the courage to act. Even more, if someone launched attacks from the top of the mountain, even sixty or seventieth ranked powers might not be able to ascend. This was absolutely a defense on the level of a heavenly moat.

The other two grey clothed men equally soared up. They weren’t as aggressive as the leader who leapt twenty meters with each purchase, and ascended the standard ten meters each time, swiftly soaring up to chase after. All along following behind these two grey clothed men, Tang San also exerted himself every ten meters, swiftly climbing up.

Very soon, the leading grey clothed man had already reached the mountaintop. Turning his head to look down the mountain and seeing Tang San following in the rear. After waiting for the three to all reach the top, he set off once again. Through the entire process, he didn’t say one word to Tang San. 

On top of the mountain, the view ahead suddenly opened up to a wide panorama. On the other side of the rock mountain the view was no longer so monotonous, as far as the eye could see were instead several mountains covered in large amounts of green vegetation. Four people, one in front and three behind, moved into the mountains.

The majority of the peaks were all extremely precipitous, and moreover the valleys between the mountains were filled with mountain streams. In order to enter the mountain, if one had to go climbing up and down, it would not doubt be extremely exhausting. If defenses were installed on each peak, then it would be like passing through one heavenly moat after another. Even if the attackers outnumbered the defenders ten to one, they still might not be able to force their way inside. This terrain was really too vicious.

Without continuing on very long, they had reached the end of the mountain top they stood on. At five hundred meters high, there was already curls of cloud and mist. Shocking Tang San was that the grey clothed man furthest ahead actually leapt up, leaping directly towards the deep mountain stream ahead, instantly disappearing unseen into the clouds. Of the two grey clothed men walking in front of Tang San, one turned his head and gave Tang San a smile, reaching out and pointing ahead below his feet, then leapt towards the mountain stream.

Chained Chasms Defense Path - Iron Cable Bridge[]

Originally, at the end of the peak there was actually an iron cable as thick as an arm, extending in a straight line into the distance. Undoubtedly, it should be connected to another mountain. Floating in the clouds and mist, it was very well concealed. Without watching carefully, it would be very difficult to discover.

Even though the iron cable swayed in the air, as long as one had a certain level of strength and could keep one’s balance, one could naturally walk it. This part could also be easily accomplished by rank 30+ Spirit Masters. If enemies invaded, when they couldn’t be completely held off at the first pass one could retreat to the second mountain via the iron cable, then afterwards cutting the cable behind oneself. Like this, not only would one gain a buffer of time, one could also continue resisting the enemy from the cover of the second mountain. This kind of plan could be called ingenious. Leaping up, Tang San's feet moved lightly, and he landed on the iron cable. The cable inclined upwards as it went, clearly the mountain it connected to was higher than the previous one. Tang San relied on his spirit power to slide forward as if stuck to the iron cable.

The two peaks were very far apart, close to kilometer. As they advanced and gradually entered the middle section of the iron cable, under the influence of the mountains, the iron cable beneath their feet also began to move more and more violently, swinging back and forth almost ten meters from side to side. The next part of the road was like an endless repetition, only the chasms between the mountains became deeper and deeper. As they successively passed four mountain peaks connected by iron cables, the condition of the cable had already begun to change. Along with the cold and humidity, the iron cable spanning from the fourth to the fifth mountain was covered by a layer of ice, slippery and gripless, making the difficulty of advancing increase substantially.

This time, the dark clothed man in the lead didn’t hurry to rush ahead, but rather halted, pulling out a harness from his chest, connecting one side to his waist and the other to the iron cable. The other two grey clothed men also did the same. With the harness tied properly, the three grey clothed men’s gazes were somewhat nervous. Clearly, this part of the road wasn’t so easy to travel. The leading grey clothed man gave a long whistle and leapt up. This time he clearly restrained the height he leapt to and the distance he advanced. Toes touching the iron cable, he leapt up once again, each leap bringing him roughly ten meters. Only when he had moved fifty meters did the second grey clothed man move out, copying his manner to find purchase on the iron cable. Their harnesses slid along the iron cable without influencing their movements, while still providing a measure of safety.

Tang San was still last. He of course wouldn’t be nervous, and also didn’t copy the skipping of the three people ahead. He understood that the three grey clothed men chose to do so to reduce the contact with the iron cable as much as possible. After all, it was impossible for the icey areas to all be the same, and any change could cause them to lose balance. The height of the fourth peak already surpassed two kilometers. If falling from here, as long as one couldn’t fly, even Titled Douluo would find it difficult to survive. The final stretch also seemed especially long. Very soon, the four had all disappeared in the clouds.

An enormous monstrous bird (Killer in the Clouds) was flying through the mist on one side, and its route forward would pass directly through the iron cable. A bird capable of flying at an altitude of two kilometers was naturally frightfully strong, and the iron cables had also become very brittle after being frozen. If they collided, the result would be obvious.

That monstrous headless bird’s giant body also heavily collided with the iron cable. Faced with the enormous force, the close to a kilometer long iron cable snapped with an ear-piercing rupturing sound. With Tang San's help, the falling two men were connected. Under the impetus of the iron cable, the three were simultaneously flung towards the mountain wall. The Blue Silver Grass on both sides tightened, pulling close the distance between Tang San and the iron cable and the two grey clothed men below. And now that grey clothed man on the edge also reacted.

Exulting, he gripped the iron cable with both hands, swiftly pulling in the trio. The arm strength of this grey clothed man already on solid ground was extremely frightening. Even just half of a kilometer long iron cable was still astonishingly heavy, and there were still three people on top of that. But in his hands it was all like nothing, and the iron cable swiftly brought the trio up.

Tang Long looked over the broken iron cable, and said unhappily: “This worn out thing should have been changed. Today really was unlucky, we actually ran into a bird. We can only blame my carelessness, if I paid a bit of attention and discovered it a bit ahead of time, there wouldn’t have been such a careless mistake. I’ll definitely be scolded back at the sect.”

This fifth peak was also the final one to enter the Clear Sky School. The secluded sect was located on this mountain.

The iron cable bridge Tang San pointed to should be the iron cable bridge connecting to the sect’s final peak, also the one that had broken just before.

This iron cable bridge was not only suspended at high altitude, but moreover covered with a layer of cold frost due to the temperature and humidity. It was not only hard to use force on it, but very difficult to even stand firm.

Even though there were no pavilions and kiosks, there was still a castle-like building (Clear Sky Castle). It was entirely grey, appearing as if part of the mountain. It occupied practically the entire mountaintop. The enormous stone building was just like a fort. The main gate was five meters tall, and even though it couldn’t compare to Spirit City, this stony edifice was extremely stocky. Above the gate, three words were boldly carved into the rock, with a grandness that could oppose the surrounding mountains —— Clear Sky School. Before the gate, two equally grey clothed youths hastily bowed in salute as they saw the four approaching, but one of them still blocked Tang San’s path, rules of direct disciples' credentials —— Clear Sky Hammer.

Past the gate, the first thing inside was a spacious courtyard, followed by a tall stone building (Clear Sky Castle). This is the front courtyard, used when the sect master gathers everyone. The rear courtyard is even bigger, that’s our training area. The sect emphasizes actual combat, and each month the third and fourth generation children will conduct real combat drills under the elders’ supervision. That sets the strength ranking, with the top being the generational chief.

The Clear Sky School's buildings didn’t give the slightest impression of lavishness, but neither were they plain. their overall greatest characteristic was the word massive.

Clear Sky Castle 昊天堡 & Rooms Soul Land I[]

Tang Yu turned around and left, while Tang Long and Tang Tian brought Tang San into the Clear Sky Clan's main building. Entering the main building, also that castle-like place, passing through wide hallways, they ascended to the second floor via stairs inside. On the way they saw a lot of Clear Sky Clan disciples, all dressed in grey clothing. The brothers brought Tang San to a halt before an arched door, the sect master's room, in the innermost part of the second floor.

This room was more than a hundred square meters, the interior decorated very simply, a wide stone table, bookcases covering both walls, as well as two long sofas. That was a two ton table carved from the most solid granite. Breaking it wasn’t difficult, but noiselessly turning it into dust was. Tang Long was sent by Tang Xiao to the back mountain and make a table. There was a window behind the table.

The ones living in the Clear Sky Castle were the sect’s second generation as well as the first generation elders. The third and fourth generation all lived in stone houses behind the castle.

The rooms arranged for Tang San were very simple. A very small room for receiving visitors, only around seven or eight square meters, a ten square meter bedroom, as well as a very small bathroom with all the amenities to live. This was the standard provided for the Clear Sky Clan's third generation children.

Just as he stepped out the door, a damp mist hit him head on. The mountaintop was extremely humid, and the fog was even denser in early morning. If it was an ordinary person’s eyesight, he could only have seen five meters or so. The air was somewhat cold, and in just a moment outside, Tang San’s clothes were damp, leaving him no choice but to return to his room.

Tang Long didn’t leave even after breakfast was done, all along waiting until the sun hung high enough to break up the mist, then led Tang San outside, directly to the Clear Sky Clan's front courtyard (昊天宗。前院).

Soul Land - Part 2: Tang Hao returns to the Clan[]

The Clear Sky School was located three hundred li east of Heaven Dou City. At a distance, Tang San’s family of four could already see chimney smoke rising from that dilapidated little village in the mountains.

Not so long ago, the Clear Sky School was still the world’s number one sect, now it was reduced to this, so much that it even used this broken down mountain village as it’s outer gate.

While speaking, they had already arrived at the village gate. A few of the village men in front immediately saw them. Even though Tang San had come here before, the people in the village were only the outer disciples of the Clear Sky School. There weren’t a lot of people that had met him. Seeing four people arriving, someone immediately stepped up to bar them. There would always be sect disciples stationed in this little village outpost.

Passing through the village, they reached a steep rock wall. Tang Yu called out to Tang San, then leapt up, using depressions every ten meters as leverage, going towards the top.

The fortress like stone buildings once again appeared in front of Tang San.

Drawing Room Hall 客厅[]

The drawing room hall was very large, enough for fifty people to talk business at the same time. Right now, Tang San’s thoughts couldn’t help being immersed in the grudges between his father and the sect.

The first four elders directly walked up to the top four seats in the hall and sat down.

Tang San not only left the room, in a few leaps he had already left the sect, arriving at the flat open space before the main gate.

By now, the sound of the violent collision as well as Tang San shaking the ground had already alarmed the entire sect, and large numbers of Clear Sky School disciples were rushing out from the sect, standing behind the elders and looking astonished at Tang San holding the polearm horizontally on the mountaintop.

The Clear Sky School, the back mountain. 昊天宗,后山。[]

Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, and Tang San stood furthest ahead. The five elders, Ah Yin and Xiao Wu stood behind.

In front of them was a lonely stone brick tomb. Even if Tang San had previously been resentful of his grandfather, when he now saw this lonely tomb he couldn’t help feeling sad. He seemed to sense his grandfather’s helplessness and sadness before he died.

Official Business Hall 议事大厅[]

In the Clear Sky School’s official business hall, sect master Tang Xiao and the five elders quietly waited for them. They had already been waiting here for the whole three days. As Tang Hao, Tang San arrived at the hall accompanied by their wives, they all stood.

Tang Xiao personally stepped forward to help Tang Hao sit down, and Tang San sat in the seat of honor among the five elders, next to Tang Xiao. With the Clear Sky Warrant, his position as chief grand elder was exceedingly high in the Clear Sky School.

On the table next to Tang Xiao lay two boxes. One of them Tang San could see was the one he once delivered to the Clear Sky School, with his father’s two spirit bones. When he returned to the head of the table, he picked up the other much larger box. This time, he stepped over to Tang San and handed the wooden box to him, this box contained Lou Gao's final works.

Location - Soul Land II[]

Tang Wutong (male) guided Huo Yuhao to the hidden location of the Clear Sky Clan. It is located in a very tall mountain range a distance away from Heaven Dou City.

An enormous mountain appeared in the distance. This peak was majestic, and the mountain’s topography seemed steep and perilous. From a distance, the mountain appeared to have three sides that stretched upward vertically, as if they had been carved by a knife. Only one side was relatively flatter, but that was only relative to the other three sides. Normal people would have a very difficult time climbing this mountain. Only the relatively gentler slope had layers of vegetation growing along its surface.

The surrounding mountains meandered around this steeply sloped peak. However, even the tallest of the surrounding mountains only reached halfway up this kingly summit. An ocean of clouds drifted above the range of mountains, but an onlooker could only see the part of this peak that was below the sea of clouds; one would have to rise above the clouds to see what was above.

They unleashed their soul power into their flying-type soul tools and surged straight towards the steepest peak in the mountains. The distance was truly hard to gauge; it seemed from a distance that they were quite near, but it took them fifteen minutes just to reach it. Huo Yuhao could feel the immense pressure from the towering peak becoming stronger as they got closer. Its majesty and how tall it was made it seem like a sky pillar connecting the heavens to the earth.

Even this place was probably two thousand meters above sea level, and he still had no idea how high this peak actually was above the ocean of clouds.

There is an external defense mechanism the Clear Sky Sect’s mountain-guarding formation, a cloud fog that disrupts and nullifies visual and spiritual perception (even Huo Yuhao's Eye of Destiny) ---one misstep and you’ll plummet from the mountain. In fact, only the clouds around the main peak have this special effect. However, a special bird-type soul beast known as the Killer in the Clouds inhabits these clouds. Many of them are ten thousand year soul beasts, and they travel in groups. As such, it’s not that easy to fly across. The road to the top of the Clear Sky Peak was precipitous. People had to use their hands and legs in order to reach the top.

The path in front of them finally cleared up, and the surrounding clouds that had constantly hovered over their heads were now beneath their feet. Standing atop a sea of clouds brought about a completely new feeling, and a strange light continuously sparkled in Huo Yuhao’s eyes. He then looked up, only to find himself looking at a castle.

Indeed, roughly three hundred meters above his head stood a majestic castle. It was nestled atop the mountain summit’s, high above the ocean of clouds. The greyish castle felt ancient, and gave of a feeling of standing on top of the world. Huo Yuhao couldn’t fathom how a castle such as this had been constructed amongst the rolling clouds and on a peak as steep as this. The tremendous castle on the mountaintop could only be described as a miracle. Soul tools had been developed to a point where they could change an entire nation, but constructing a castle such as this one on a such a steep mountain was nearly impossible.

Several hundred meters wasn’t much to them, so it didn’t take long before they reached the summit Clear Sky Peak 昊天峰 and stood before the mystical castle. The mountain winds were stronger and sharper on the mountaintop, and carried a dense amount of moisture. However, no matter how powerful the winds were, the castle stood proudly atop the summit with ease. The castle’s gate was shaped like an arch, and had three words embedded on it: Clear Sky Castle 昊天堡.

Clear Sky Peak. Peak of the mountain. Soul Land II[]

It couldn’t be felt in Clear Sky Castle, but the moist, chilly wind was immediately obvious once someone stepped outside. Clear Sky Castle was constructed from some unknown material that warded away the chill and the damp, both of which were evident and uncomfortable after leaving the comfort of those walls. Conservative estimates put the Clear Sky Peak at three thousand meters high! The top of Clear Sky Peak was made of extremely hard granite.

Clear Sky Castle 昊天堡 Soul Land II[]

There weren’t many extravagant decorations or ornaments inside the castle. Everything was mainly black or grey in color, with occasional traces of green. There were two flights of stairs on each side, and leading to higher levels. The castle’s structure wasn’t complicated, having only three levels, but every level covered a great deal of space.

The people from the sect reside in the Clear Sky Castle. The second level is for hosting guests, and is also where the sect’s elders stay. The Co-Heads and Wutong stay on the third level. 

Guest Room: The room couldn’t be considered big or spacious. The bed frame, tables, chairs, and even the wardrobes were made of stone. The furniture was extremely simple. There was no bedsheet or blanket. The room was about twenty square meters, and had only one window. The window frame was shaped in an arch, and there was a layer of crystal-like glass covering it. The rolling clouds outside that fell into the eyes made one feel like he or she was in a sage paradise. 

The room had its own bathroom the Ice Jade Chamber, with a water basin filled with clear water. Huo Yuhao reached out to scoop out some water to wash his face, but he got a shock when placed his hands in the water. 

The water was freezing. Even with his Ultimate Ice, he still shivered from the cold, and a lot of the water spilled out of his hands. It’s so cold! What kind of water is this? Huo Yuhao hesitated, but splashed the clear water on his face anyway. A clean coldness that seemed to reach into his bones instantly coursed through his entire body, and his entire being was energized and invigorated.

The water that just used to wash the face is a kind of spring water should be a Frozen Spring. It is born from absorbing the cold between heaven and earth, so even though it’s water, its coldness can rival the Manifold Mysterious Ice in the core regions of the Extreme North. However, it contains much more energy of heaven and earth—it must have felt invigorated when one washed the face just now. However, this isn’t a luxury that anyone can have—if someone else did not have Ice, he or she would’ve been frozen solid from a single touch. The chill from this bed made of Frigid Jade essence was more akin to a delicacy made from the origin energy of heaven and earth—except this delicious food’s temperature was a little on the low side.

The stone bed beneath should be made from the jade essence of a piece of Frigid Jade, and that is rarely seen even in the core regions of the Extreme North. With this bed made of Frigid Jade essence, no ice-type force would rebel, and it can calm the fires in your heart. You will never run the risk of going mad.

Forbidden Ground: A secret area located near Tang Wutong's Clear Sky Clan's house that houses a source soul rings.

Location - Soul Land III[]

The clan location is still in the same hidden place as SL2, however, only the current unnamed clan head and several clansmen appeared as part of the war, with no appearance of the location's current form.


  • Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer 乱披风锤法 - The Clear Sky Clan's signature secret technique used with hammer combat and blacksmithing.
    • Later, it was made public through Tang Sect with the arrival of Battle Armors and Mechas to aid improving blacksmiths' harmonizing forging methods. It can be publicly obtained through exchanging contribution points at Tang Sect or learned from a current possessor.
  • Spirit Power Sealing Trick: This spirit power suppressing trick was one of Clear Sky Clan's methods, most suitable to use in the forty to fifty rank range. Such a method of erupting after suppressing could only be used once in a lifetime. It prevents the target from expressing spirit power, but allows the target to continue cultivating with normally absorbing spirit power from outside the body. During the sealing duration, the target can experience the perspective of using only one's physical body and spiritual power to train and live, a true potential of a mortal in the Spirit Masters' world.
  • Clear Sky Nine Absolutes 昊天九绝 - A set of Clear Sky Clan secret skills developed for the Clear Sky Hammer tool spirit
  • Great Sumeru Hammer 大须弥锤 - A 1 Clear Sky clan member per generation owned divine skill that required a tough physique to handle the rebound force. The known users are:
    1. Tang Chen
    2. Tang Hao
    3. Tang San
  • Deathgod Domain - An external domain attempted to be attained by several clan geniuses from Slaughter City outside the Clear Sky Clan to permanently improve their combat momentum. With the destruction of Slaughter City by Tang San's poison, it is unknown if this Domain is still available on the Douluo Continent. The known Clear Sky Clan users are:
    1. Tang Chen - Evolved to Asura Domain
    2. Tang Hao
    3. Tang San - Evolved to Asura Domain


The hierarchy is determined by generational status, with the current Clan Head and his or her generation as the second generation, and the predecessor's and successor's generations ordered based on that. To stand out in the Clear Sky Clan, here, strength is the authority to speak, therefore unyielding. In Soul Land I, there are about four generations of the directly related sect disciples, adding up to over two hundred people. The third generation in SL1 includes Tang San and Tang Long with others, also this generation boast the largest number of people, not far short of a hundred. 

  • Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen (Former Head, Former Clear Sky Douluo, Asura Demigod)
  • Father Tang of Tang Xiao, Tang Hao and Tang Yuehua (Former Head)
  • Howling Sky Douluo Tang Xiao (Head in SL1) - Once loved plant spirit beast Ah Yin
  • Tang Yuehua
  • Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao (Former Top Clan member, Tang Chen's inheritor, 2nd Class God in SL2, Douluo Planar Lord in SL2.5) - Married to plant spirit beast Ah Yin
  • Thousand Hands Asura Douluo Tang San (Former Top Clan member, Tang Sect Founder, Leader of 1st Shrek Monsters, God King - Asura God and Sea God post-SL1) - Married to rabbit spirit beast Xiao Wu
  • Second Elder
  • Fierce Sun Douluo Seventh Elder
  • Tang Long
  • Tang Tian
  • Tang Yu
  • Tang Hu
  • Tang Tiantian
  • Niu Tian (Former Co-Head during SL2)
  • Tai Tan (Former Co-Head during SL2)
  • Dragon Butterfly Douluo Tang Wutong (Clan Young Mistress during SL2, after as 2nd Class God Butterfly Goddess) - Married to spirit beast protector Huo Yuhao
  • Elder Tang (Grand Elder during SL2)
  • Tang ? (Middle-aged 40+ year old man, Head in SL3)
  • Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin (Sea God Pavilion Master, Tang Sect's Sect Master, Captain of Shrek Seven Monsters, Child of Nature and the Sea God, Planar Lord's Chosen) - Lover to the Divine Beast Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena
  • Tang Xuanyu (Next Dragon God) - Lover to the Demon Spirit Great White Shark Princess Bai Xiuxiu
  • Huo Zhanji
  • Tang Xiuling (Inner Court in SL4)

Common Clan Member Appearances & Power + Food[]

Soul Land[]

The door opened, and a few grey clothed men appeared in the doorway. The man in the lead had wide shoulders and a broad back, his nose straight and jaw square, short hair like steel needles, seeming to be around thirty or so, bulging muscles hidden under his long grey jacket, he was like a lion ready to spring, brimming with a vigorous forceful feeling.

These three grey clothed men were very strong, especially this thirty year old big man. Seeming to be around thirty, his spirit power was still above Tang San’s, and should already have broken through the rank 60. Breaking through the rank 60 at this age, he should be considered fairly outstanding in the young generation of the Clear Sky School. And the other two whose ages seemed about the same as him should have strength somewhere between rank 50+ to 60+.

Even if the Clear Sky Clan had sealed its gates, he could tell how formidable the sect’s true strength was by these three directly related disciples.

Only directly related sect disciples can enter Clear Sky Castle and grounds. The sect’s subordinates and outer sect disciples are all in that village outside. Indeed, judging by the appearance of the village one could tell there were just a few hundred people. The subordinates of the Clear Sky Clan were already so few, it clearly showed how difficult the sect’s situation was now.

In Clear Sky Castle, on the way they saw a lot of Clear Sky Clan disciples, all dressed in grey clothing. The ones living in the Clear Sky Castle were the sect’s second generation as well as the first generation elders. The third and fourth generation all lived in stone houses behind the castle.


When the two youths guarding the great gate saw Tang San, they couldn’t help showing shock. They had both seen Tang San, and back then Tang San had exhibited his power to the Clear Sky Sect, defeating the forty percent spirit power seventh elder, leaving these youths with a deep impression. Even though Tang Long and Tang Hu were always the leaders of the third generation, among these third and fourth generation disciples, Tang San was always known as the number one of the third generation.

Even though this place was quiet, it was also lonely. Even though the Clear Sky Clan had cultivated a group of powerful young spirit masters over more than twenty years, they had suppressed their hot blood.

Transporting Supplies from Outside[]

This is a special training method of the sect. Every sect disciple over sixteen will participate in moving supplies via the iron cables. Of course, ordinarily the safeguards used aren’t just like what we use today. Then there’s a kind of safety rope, so even if the iron cable breaks, it can at least guarantee your safety mostly.

Guest Foods[]

The meal for dinner delivered by Tang Tiantian was very simple, one dish of beef, four steamed rolls (馒头), one stir fried cabbage (炒青菜), as well as a big bowl of egg soup (蛋汤).

For breakfast, Tang Long also didn’t stand on ceremony, placing the food boxes (食盒) on the table and opening them. Inside was a tray of steamed buns (馒头), a pot of hot congee (热粥), as well as a few eggs (鸡蛋) and salted vegetables (咸菜).

Soul Land II[]

After another moment, gray figures emerged soundlessly from within the clouds, and they formed a circle around Huo Yuhao at a distance when Wang Dong signaled to them. Every one of them looked high-spirited, and were between twenty-five to thirty-five years old. All of their eyes sparkled, and over twenty of them quickly formed a strict and orderly formation.

The grey-cloaked individuals finally spoke, their voices were organized and uniform. Nobody asked any questions, and it was obvious that they were extremely respectful toward Wang Dong. They leapt into the sky and vanished among the clouds. Huo Yuhao was astonished by their speed and realized that they were all probably at least Soul Kings (Rank 50+). Their movements were elegant, and their figures were agile, which meant that they probably had relatively high cultivation levels. Furthermore, they hadn’t flown using formless soul power, which was essentially the trademark of a soul engineer.

In the castle Huo Yuhao saw several clansmen. People clad in grey cloaks occasionally walked past them as they walked through the castle. Huo Yuhao could tell from their auras and their soul power fluctuations that the grey-cloaked individuals that he had encountered earlier were at the lowest level. Several grey-cloaked individuals possessed power that was unimaginably great; they were at least Soul Sages (Rank 70+). The Clear Sky Sect truly has many hidden greats and mighty beings! However, how can they live in such a steep and perilous mountain range?

At least ten middle-aged or elderly men (Elders) were with them in the hallway on the second floor.

Outside the peak, there were suddenly seven disciples in the Clear Sky Sect’s uniform, one who was middle-aged man around thirty years old. This burly middle-aged man from the Clear Sky Sect glared, and a strong aura was released from his body. Two yellow, three purple and three black soul rings rose from his body. The other six soul masters also released their soul rings. They were all five-ringed Soul Kings, and they all held a pitch-black hammer in their hands. The burly man shouted and lifted his Clear Sky Hammer. His first and third soul rings shone brightly. His Clear Sky Hammer rapidly increased in size as he lifted it up, and instantly turned into a huge hammer more than ten meters in length. The cross-section of the hammer’s head was already more than two meters in diameter.

Guest Foods[]

The food in Clear Sky Castle was much simpler than Huo Yuhao had expected. There weren’t any delicacies or particularly valuable food items. There was only an aromatic and tasty bowl of mushroom soup which left a deep impression in Huo Yuhao’s mind. Wang Dong said that the mushrooms had been boiled in chicken soup, after which they were ground up and mixed with the soup. He also said that they drank this soup every day. The co-heads drink wine.

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Training[]

Resolute, unwavering, persevering. All the excellent intrinsic qualities Clear Sky Clan's directly related disciples could possess could be found on him by Part 2.

Part 1 - Common Hammer Form, Nine By Nine, Eighty-One Swings, the Tempering Strength Path[]

Part 2 - Create Many Hammers, Man & Hammer as One with 81 Swings no matter the Size, the Unyielding Resolute Path[]

Part 3 - Daily Acts of the Clear Sky Hammer's Power, Constant Strength to Newer Heights, the true Clear Sky Disciple's Path[]


  • In the Anime, the Clan's defenses are called a Sky Barrier by Tang San
    • The original Tang Sect also has the sky barrier.
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