Cluster Soul Chasing Ball
Name Cluster Soul Chasing Ball
Also Known As
Type Hidden Weapon

Description Edit

Cluster Soul Chasing Ball comes in pairs. They are pitch black iron balls not very large in size.

It’s a very potent hidden weapons. Once it suffers enough external pressure its power will appear immediately. These are used two together. They have to be used with a swift throwing technique. The higher the spirit power, the more powerful it is.

What is called ‘cluster’, indicates the burst attack after the iron balls have ruptured. A purple fog is released after impact which is extremely poisonous. It has a potent anesthetic effect, and as long as someone inhales a little bit, ordinary people will sleep for ten days. Even powerful Spirit Masters who thoughtlessly get affected will be forced to slow down. And after the two Cluster Soul Chasing Balls collide, they will immediately emit the filaments within. They are several hundred Bone Piercing Needle.

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