Coiling Dragon Staff
Name Coiling Dragon Staff
Type Tool Spirit Type

Description Edit

It's a Tool Spirit. Upon closer examination, could be told that it is a long stick that emanates light patterns. There are dragon patterns on it.

When the Spirit awakened in a spirit master of Qiangu Clan, the spirit master would certainly be filled with inherent spirit power.

The spirit master would be accompanied by a dragon soul during a battle when his or her cultivation base was elevated to three-ringed and above. At Title Douluo-rank, the spirit master could even draw in a real dragon to assist in the battle.

History Edit

According to the legends, the Spirit of Qiangu Clan’s first ancestor was originally just an ordinary staff. However, the first ancestor discovered a giant dragon in deep sleep. The awakened giant dragon was about to devour the first ancestor but it felt that it was about to die of old age soon so it entered into a contract with the Qiangu Clan. It transformed into a dragon soul that was infused into the Spirit of Qiangu Clan’s first ancestor and extended its life with the inheritance of this Spirit.

Dragon Edit

The giant dragon attached to the Coiling Dragon Staff was the Break Evil Dragon which belonged to a special Dragon Clan. In fact, the dragon was not under the control of the Dragon God but was considered foreign within the Dragon Clan. It was born and bred in heaven, formed from the condensation of heaven and earth’s vital energy. Although it was part of the Dragon Clan, it was not considered a purebred of the Dragon Clan either. In any case, it was equipped with the ability to break evil.

The Break Evil Dragon would unleash its unyielding spirit regardless of how powerful its enemy was. It was capable of enabling the master of the Coiling Dragon Staff to express abilities beyond himself. The unyielding consciousness of the Unyielding Staff Technique and even the method to damage and control law had all been created after the Qiangu Clan’s powerhouses studied the Break Evil Dragon on the Coiling Dragon Staff for many generations.

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