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Comprehension means to understand or become aware about a particular or broad aspect regarding something like a weapon or element.

Elements' Heart[1][]

The element's heart was only significant to elemental-type soul masters. If they wanted to gain true power, then they had to understand the heart of the element they controlled.

An element's heart was its essence and as long as one grasped it, not only could one draw upon the power within themselves, they could also tap into the elemental power found in the atmosphere. It was an ability that allowed one’s strength to reach beyond their soul power.

The strong and the weak were separated by whether one had comprehended the element's heart. Naturally, if one called upon power beyond one’s control, it could possibly devour one instead. And it was for this reason that spiritual power was absolutely crucial to elemental-type soul masters. The better control one had, the less likely one would be devoured by one’s own element.

Ultimate Element[]

Ultimate element is achieved when the purest form of an element reaches the pinnacle. It is able to not only suppress weaker forms of the same element, but also overpower and take control of it. Normal weaknesses do not apply to these elements, and are nullified in the face of the Ultimate Element, unless it is of the same tier.

One with the Heavens[]

Laws of Heaven and Earth (Heavenly/Planer Laws)[]

Every plane or planet is govern by a set of Planer Laws. Title Douluo start to understand the planer laws in order to make further progress in their cultivation and have a chance to reach the Limit Douluo Rank. Limit Douluos have the ability to use the planer laws to their advantage in a limited way.

Universal Laws[]


Intent is made from one's understanding of their weapon's dao. It is like a spirit masters' comprehension or understanding regarding their weapon like thinking the weapon as an extension of yourself and not a separate entity. By merging their conscienceness, entirely new skills similar to soul skills can easily be replicated without the need of a soul ring.

This is not limited to only people with tool spirit either. Though it is more difficult at times, cultivating intent is also possible with any weapon.(including one's own fists)

Weapon intent is a form of energy similar to spiritual intent, and can be injected into targets to apply various effects. It can also be used to enhance the characteristics of one's weapon, in a meta-physical manner. (I.e. swords will become sharper, hammers will become heavier)

Intent can be divided into four stages:

[Weapon Name] Consciousness[]

[Weapon Name] Soul[]

[Weapon Name] Spirit[]

[Weapon Name] God[]