Concentrated Spirit Cannon
Name Concentrated Spirit Cannon
Also Known As
Type Spirit Guidance Device

Description Edit

Concentrated Spirit Cannon is the strongest Spirit Guidance Device available to low-ranking spirit engineers. After focusing their spirit power into a formation array for a short period of time, a spirit engineer can release a powerful attack. Unlike the Spirit Light Ray, the Concentrated Soul Cannon has a siphoning effect. In other words, it will expedite the absorption of a spirit master’s spirit power. Thus, though it is powerful, its spirit power consumption is just as large. A single shot from the Concentrated Soul Cannon will drain a spirit master by a third of his spirit power at the very least.

The Concentrated Soul Cannon has a single disadvantage, which lay in the fact that it has a short attack range. It can only lock onto an opponent within a ten meter range. If they are any further away, both its strength and accuracy will progressively deteriorate.

It fires a white, palm-sized ball of light from the chest.

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