Appearance[edit | edit source]

Crystal Bear is a giant bear over three meters tall and covered in light brown fur. This bear has a pair of large claws and glistening yellow eyes.

Description[edit | edit source]

Even in ancient times it would be exceedingly rare. It is a mutated from the same species as the Fear Claw Bear. Only, its mutation made it far weaker than the Fear Claw Bear. Although it is weaker than the Fear Claw Bear, the Crystal Bear possess a special ability. Every single one of its attacks will cause its opponent’s body to crystallize by a fraction, stacking until its opponent eventually shatters from its subsequent attack.

The Crystal Bear’s skin is as hard as copper and its bones are as hard as iron.

Only with strong soul power and a quick removal of the crystallized areas will one be able to avoid massive losses from a Crystal Bear. The Crystal Bear also has a weakness; it lacks ranged combat abilities and the neck is its weakness.

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