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While Tang San and Qian Ren Xue are fighting in the air, the ground forces attack Jia Ling Pass.

The charge is led by Shrek Seven Devils with spirit avatar released, headed by Mubai and Oscar. With the effect of Oscar's Golden Spanish Fly and Rongrong's spirit, their power surpasses belief, with Ma Hongjun's phoenix meteor instantly shattering a Spirit Hall Titled Douluo's defense before charging at the Crocodile Douluo. 3 Titled Douluo and a large number of Spirit Douluo attack Mubai at the head, before he and Zhuqing use Nether White Tiger before sweeping away the defense. Crocodile Douluo attacks Hongjun, injuring him but also suffering from Hongjun's all out phoenix meteor before being smashed into the wall by the Nether White Tiger, seriously injured.

Xiao Wu is amidst the Spirit Douluo, teleporting around, tossing them in the air, and breaking their necks quickly, before throwing a Buddha's Fury Tang Lotus into the group, before turning and firing the Peacock Plume at a group of three Spirit Hall Worshippers. Before they recover, she teleports behind them and attacks. At this point, 2 Worshippers have died, Tang Hao is fighting 3 Titled Douluo, Tang Xiao fighting the last Worshipper, Sword and Bone Douluo fighting 4 Titled Douluo, and Oscar together with Xiaogang, Liu Erlong and Flender's fusion destroying the remaining Spirit Douluo.

The remaining army fill the moat with sandbags allowing the Strength and Defense clans of Tang Sect to cross. While the Defense clan protects with enormous shields, the Strength clan wield massive battering rams, destroying the gate. Spirit Hall spirit masters move to defend the gate, but are cut down by Zhuge God Crossbows, before deploying archers on the walls.

Mubai and Zhuqing's fusion finally ends, and two Worshippers leap to destroy them during the weakness period. Rongrong's buffs to Oscar, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun end, and she activates her 9th spirit ring to Mubai and Zhuqing, blocking all attacks on them. This spirit ring grants the same effect as Xiao Wu's invincible golden body, usable 10x per day. Mubai and Zhuqing use this moment to their advantage, unleashing their strongest attacks on the Worshippers, severely injuring them. Still weak, Mubai and Zhuqing were unable to kill either of them, and instead of chasing eat Oscar's 9th skill, Diamond Sausage, restoring 50% of physical power, spiritual power and soul force, but increased to 100% due to the Golden Spanish Fly.

Mubai and Zhuqing charge to the wall, and as the worshippers move to block them Tang Hao attacks. Nether White Tiger is unleashed on the walls, destroying many spirit masters under 70th rank and causing all those under 40 to faint instantly while at the same time destroying a section of the wall. Unnoticed, Dugu Bo is on the outside of the wall quietly. In the previous fights he was surpressed, however now noone is paying attention to him, allowing him to play out his full effect. His poisons flow out across the wall, turning the granite stones to a dark green all with an evil smile on his face.

Ma Hongjun notices Dugu Bo, and warns Mubai in Nether White Tiger form to withdraw. Spirit Hall is raining down arrows and giant crossbow bolts, before Crocodile Douluo notices Dugu Bo. The dark green poison on the walls spreads, and a mist begins to rise from it. As this mist touches anything, it is contaminated, spreading it further. Screams rise from Jia Ling Pass as the army withdraws to protect itself from the poison.

Qian Ren Xue is completely suppressed by Tang San in the sky. After she attacks, San's trident severely injures her wings. Biting her tongue and spitting blood onto her sword, Ren Xue yells for Spirit Hall to retreat and fires an enormous ball of fire at San before falling out of the sky. San deflects this, while Ren Xue crashes into the wall below. Crocodile Douluo blows himself up in order to prevent the Tang Hao and the others from getting to her, before the Spirit Hall Titled Douluo carry Qian Ren Xue away.

Tang San in the air, instead of finishing off Qian Ren Xue, creates a rain cloud over Jia Ling Pass. washing Dugu Bo's poison into the moat. He draws all the toxin and water into the air, condensing it and evaporating the water before igniting the remaining toxin. Saved, the remaining Spirit Hall soldiers in the fort surrender. Tang San moves to chase Qian Ren Xue, however he can't find a trace of her or the Titled Douluo.

Back in the tent, Tang Hao, remembers how bad of a Dad he was to San, and the two hug. Tang San declares Xiaogang is basically his second dad, and calls him so. Xiaogang is so happy after such a horrible life, that he has a heart attack before being saved by Tang San injecting his blood into him.

Three days later, Spirit Hall moves to attack once again, led by Bibi Dong as the Rakshasa God, as well as Qian Ren Xue, with Hu Lena in charge of the army.

Tang San confronts the two, finding that Bibi Dong is too strong. He shatters his 10 spirit rings including the God Ring, in order to attack Qian Ren Xue. causing her to fall into a coma. Bibi Dong, seeing this, attacks Tang San with her Sickle, piercing San through the chest. Bone and Sword Douluo charge at Bibi Dong in order to get San back, but both are killed by her, and Tang Hao attacks her, shattering all his spirit rings and causing her to pause. The sacrifice of Sword and Bone plus Tang Hao's attack gives Tang San enough time to fire his Purple Demon Eye blast with all his remaining strength, giving Bibi Dong a massive hit to her brain. With blood pouring out of her eyes, nose and ears, she catches San, tears out his heart and crushes it before retreating, With Hu Lena in tears.

Recovering Tang San's body, everyone is in tears. Everyone remaining rally under the anger, ready to sacrifice their lives to avenge San, before Oscar and Rongrong discover that their 2nd ability of their 9th spirit ring, as a 100,000 year ring, has a second ability, but only works when they fuse. This ability is the light of resurrection, can revive anyone with a mostly intact body within 1 hour, but they lose all soul force for 1 month. Their fusion is in fact a 100% affinity, with the gods they are succeeding also a couple in the spirit world. This skill summoned the illusory forms of Oscar and Rongong's gods into their bodies, reviving the body and forcing out the Rakshasa God contamination.

Throughout, Xiao Wu's Asura God domain leaked out, unable to be controlled. The entire camp, praying for Tang San's survival, see this red light and kneel in prayer. At Neptune Island, the 7 Titled Douluo feel the crisis, and together with Little White and the rest of the beasts of the sea, pray, sending spirit power towards Neptune Island and forming an enormous golden light.

Oscar and Rongrong fall into a coma, all power spent, but Tang San hasn't revived. Their power was intended for humans after all, even though it reached the realm of god. Slowly, Tang San's body is revived through the prayers of everyone around and the army, but his spirit is lost, and unable to wake up. The ball of light at Neptune Island forms into the shape of Tang San, and revives his spirit, waking him up.

Tang San declares he will win as soon as he recovers his soul force, everyone leaves him to recover. Tang Hao confronts San, knowing that he is lying. San knocks his father unconscious and puts him in a separate space that will let him out after 2 days.

Tang San then combs Xiao Wu's hair, while Bibi Dong and Qian Xue Ren realize that Tang San is alive again. Confronting them, his power has grown even higher. Bibi Dong creates a clone with her power, fighting independently, but just as powerful. Tang San attacks both Bibi Dong and her copy with Guanyin's Tears, instantly destroying the clone but Qian Xue Ren saves Bibi Dong.

Both oppressing Tang San, as Qian Xue Ren is about to strike the fatal blow, Xiao Wu jumps into his arms with the aim of dying at the same time. As her sword penetrated Xiao Wu's back, Xiao Wu lit up dark red as her body fused with Tang San.

Realizing that the Asura sword didn't choose Xiao Wu as its successor, just as its Scabbard, the fusion of the two causing his Clear Sky Hammer to temporarily ascend to Asura God, allowing him to switch spirits and gods at the same time.

Using the Asura God form, Tang San's power suppresses Bibi Dong, as the Asura God is one of the top level gods, an enforcer, as well as being the Rakshasa God's natural enemy. He uses Asura Trial to imprison Bibi Dong, with red lightning crackling through her body. Qian Xue Ren attacks, and he switches to Poseidon to defend. Qian Xue Ren consumes the entirety of her power, causing the tablets of the Angel God to shatter and lose her inheritance, but Tang San still blocks it with his trident. Falling out of the sky, Qian Xue Ren waits for death, but opens her eyes to find Bibi Dong impaled on the Asura Shadowbane Sword.

Before she dies, she wants to see Yu Xiaogang one last time, he is brought over by Liu Erlong. She tells them that she destroyed the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan because they rejected and humiliated Xiaogang. She tells everyone that the previous Pope was her teacher. He confronted her about Xiaogang, and told her that she could never be with him, she could never leave Spirit Hall. When she responded she didn't care, he beat her unconscious and raped her. When she woke up, he told her that now she could never be free, and if she did anything he would kill Xiaogang. She couldn't even die, if she did, the Pope would kill Xiaogang in rage.

Bibi Dong realizes that she shouldn't hate Qian Xue Ren, even though she is reminded of what happened. She tells Liu Erlong to take care of him, even if it means her to rape him, and tells Tang San not to hurt Hu Lena and Qian Xue Ren as they are no threat now before she finally dies.

Tang San declares to Xu Beng 4 things. To destroy Spirit Hall, but not hurt civilians or soldiers that surrender. Not to declare war with Star Luo for 10 years. That Tang San is no longer involved in the country, as he is a God and should not interfere in human matters. Finally, that the Tang Army Corps are disbanded, and all Zhuge God Crossbows are to be returned to the Tang Sect. In response, Xu Beng made Tang promise that he can be the master of ceremonies at his wedding, before being told he has to do the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils as well.

In the spirit realm, Poseidon and Asura are arguing. Turns out, Asura manipulated things to make Tang San able to use his power, as well as convincing the Food and 9 Colour Gods to go to the human world and revive Tang San, but was still completely within the rules, and he would never break them as an enforcer.

Back in Holy Spirit Village, Old Jack is changing the village sign and name with a glorious new sign, because their village had no longer just turned out a Spirit Saint, but a God.

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