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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span style="color:rgb(255,255,255);font-family:Arial;font-size:14.6667px;font-weight:400;white-space:pre-wrap;line-height:1.38;">DD3 is due to be released in 2016, as I read it I will summarize each chapter as much as I can and post it.</span></p>

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Note: Gods aside from Tang San, Yuhao and Wutong are never referred to by their names, only their title. For example, the name "Oscar" never comes up in DD2.5, only "Iron Chef".

For 120 chapters, this summary is a bit more long-winded that I planned, but hopefully it actually gives a feeling for everything that happens instead of just a 10 line summary. - Rumstein

DD2.5 Timeline

-Poseidon (Tang San), God of Destruction, Goddess of Life and 2 others (God of Goodness and God of Evil?) are discussing expanding the God Realm, with no resolution. Tang San, God of Destruction and Goddess of Life should be the 3 Enforcers, and the Gods of Goodness and Evil are the 2 God Kings.

-God of Destruction is dissatisfied with Poseidon being given trusteeship over the spirit world by the 2 God Kings, noting that he also brought a large number of people to the spirit world (Which he also wants to do).

-Xiao Wu is pregnant with a boy.

-Having children in the God realm is a very difficult thing (low fertility rates!), Xiao Wu and Tang San’s case makes the God of Destruction a bit jealous. It seems that the God of Destruction was unable to give a child to the Goddess of Life (his wife), though she seems to have accepted it somewhat, they have plenty of time and it will happen eventually.

-Xiao Wu’s pregnancy is 2 months in, she is still spoilt and jealous that Tang San will give the child more attention than her. They agree the child’s name will be Tang Wuling.

-God of Destruction is one of the oldest gods, he has a desire to increase the power of the gods, but is not a bad person. His wife has been very good to Tang San and Xiao Wu.

-Tang San is only resisting the expansion of the God realm because of his premonition, which should happen between 10-30 years from now. He fears diluting the power of the gods and being unable to counter it.

-Xiao Wu has always slept a lot in the spirit world.

-God of Destruction has 7 gods allied with him, and tells them to start the plan.

-Tang San visits the God of Destruction, and tells him that if his premonition doesn’t come true in 1 year, they can expand the spirit realm. God of Destruction agrees, but believes that Poseidon will change his mind, so continues with his plan.

-6 months pass, Xiao Wu is now 8 months pregnant.

-Iron Chef God (Oscar) and 9 Colour God (Rongrong) are together, Oscar goes to cook some food, and Rongrong notes that even though everyday is a nice day, it’s so boring in the spirit world, and she wants to go play. No wonder other gods pass off their tablets and find successors.

-God of Gluttony approaches Oscar and Rongrong, after some talk (Rongrong calls him ugly), he opens his mouth and eats Oscar and Rongrong whole together with the food Oscar cooked.

-Phoenix God (Ma Hongjun) is lying near a river of lava, and is approached by the Goddess of Lust. She uses her power to fill him with lust, reawakening his Evil Fire.

-Ma Hongjun uses Phoenix Rebirth to purge the Evil Fire, his heart unable to be controlled by lust due to his love for his wife (Bai Chenxiang). While on Douluo, Hongjun was not strong enough to succeed the Vulcan God, and only able to succeed the Phoenix God, a lower level god. Due to this, he did not have the right to bring his wife to the spirit realm. If he knew this, he would not have entered the spirit realm at all.

-The God of Wrath arrives and imprisons Ma Hongjun.

-Dai Yuhao is chopping firewood when Tang Wutong jumps out, she’s hungry and wants Yuhao to cook for her.

-Yuhao is still a bit traumatized by the seal Tang San had placed on Wutong in the human realm (it would hit him hard whenever he was in too close physical contact) They are a bit jealous that Xiao Wu is about to have a second child, while they haven’t even had their first!

-They are living in the same area as Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, as well as Dai Hao and Yuhao’s mum (Don’t know the name… Whatever reads as Cloud).

-Dai Mubai is the God of War, and Zhu Zhuqing is the God of Speed, both 2nd level gods.

-Tang Wutong is Butterfly God (2nd level), and Yuhao is the God of Mood or Emotions (1st level). As a first level god, he had the right to bring a few people to the spirit realm (His Father Dai Hao and his mother). Though Yuhao is a 1st level god, his status is lower among them. Dai Hao and his mother have no power, as they are not gods at all.

-4 gods turn up to Yuhao etc. There are only 18 level 1 gods.

-Level 1 gods only show 7 rings when they unleash their powers, rather than the 9 that humans on Douluo are capable of.

-The 4 gods that appeared in front of Yuhao are Greed, Sloth, Envy and Pride (Seeing the theme here?).

-The 4 of the Original Sins gods mention that they are here to “take care of” those related to Poseidon.

-When in the human world, Yuhao and Wutong were unable to use Ho Winter force to fuse their spirit power past rank 95, as it would surpass the limits of the human realm (though they could still use spirit fusion). Since they are both gods now, they can use it again.

-Tang San is uneasy, he feels the premonition coming closer, but he doesn’t know what it is. Since none of the other gods can feel it, they don’t pay much attention to it.

-God of Destruction appears, showing his power and demanding Poseidon hand over the spirit world core.

-God of Destruction doesn’t believe the premonition, instead believing that Poseidon is preventing the expansion because it will weaken his power and rule over the gods.

-Poseidon declares he would hand over the core if the other 3 in the council (Life, Evil, Goodness) also request it. Knowing that won’t happen, and doing this without informing Goddess of Life, God of Destruction attacks.

-God of War manages to injure God of Pride (but is quickly healed), resulting in Pride getting angry and unleashing a heavy hit. God of Sloth warns him that he’s not allowed to kill another god.

-God of War and Speed use their spirit fusion - 6 Winged Nether White Tiger, with the total power upgrading to a 1st level god (7 rings).

-Yuhao and Wutong use Nothingness Mantra fusion to stun the 4 Original Sin gods, followed by Goddess of Light fusion in order to break open the barrier erected by the enemies. Finally, they use Golden Road fusion to fully break the barrier, escaping. Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Hao and Cloud are captured by the enemies, with Yuhao and Wutong having no choice but to escape alone for now.

-God of Destruction and Poseidon are fighting, each are defending the others attacks. Poseidon’s power consumption should be lower at this point.

-Another god has captured Xiao Wu, and she being only a 2nd level god is unable to resist.

-In order to prevent her being hurt, Poseidon surrenders, and the God of Destruction injects his power, sealing San’s power and taking the key to the spirit world core, before returning Xiao Wu to San and imprisoning them both.

-Yuhao and Wutong escaped, but they realised they don’t have the power alone to stop the God of Destruction, nor the familiarity with the spirit world. Wutong tries to contact Tang San, and discovers that his power has been sealed, and both of her parents captured.

-God of Lust finds that she is a little bit affected by Ma Hongjun after seeing his despair for his wife. She is ordered to be a guard for the prisoners.

-Yuhao and Wutong have hidden in a forest, and discover that there are some spirit beasts in the spirit world.

-Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Dragon was the strongest being in Douluo. Through this strength, it managed to become a god without inheriting any tablets from existing gods - It created it’s own position as god.

-The spirit world council at the time attempted to restrain the Dragon God, as it was far too powerful, leading it to rebel and wage a war on the spirit world with all beasts that had also become gods. Prior to this, spirit beasts were capable of inheriting tablets and becoming gods, through similar but different methods to humans.

-During this war, the spirit world council (Evil, Goodness, Destruction, Life and Asura Gods) managed to defeat the spirit beasts, but lost 4 of the 1st level Gods in the process.

-The Dragon God was ultimately defeated, and heavily wounded. Using the last of it’s power, it split into the Gold and Silver Dragons, with the Gold inheriting it’s immense physical strength, toughness and speed, and the Silver inheriting it’s immense spiritual strength and control of the elements.

-The release of energy when the Dragon God split created enormous devastation throughout the spirit world, destroying a large portion of it and killing almost half of the existing gods.

-Ultimately, the Gold Dragon was defeated and sealed by the spirit council, and the Silver Dragon fled, disappearing through time and space out of the spirit world.

-Since then, spirit beasts were not permitted to inherit the position of gods, no matter how powerful, resulting in even Beast God Ditian Days and Daydream Ice Silkworm being unable to become gods, even at 800,000 and 1,000,000 years old respectively.

-The Dragon Lance used by Wutong and previously Wang Chu Er, was crafted from the Gold Dragon’s rib, and is immensely powerful, even in a sealed state.

-Using stealth, the two of them travel through the spirit beast forest.

-As the approach the centre, where they feel Tang San is being held, they are attacked by a strange suction from the earth.

-This is coming from an earth Quagmire spirit beast, normally gentle but is affected by the God of Destruction’s power and being used as a guard. Yuhao purifies it with his Eye of Destiny, and upon talking to it finds that the God of Destruction has affected most beasts in the forest with his power.

-Further in, they encounter a Thunder Dragon. Yuhao draws out Snow Emperor Xuenv and Ice Emperor Scorpion Hyotei in order to freeze it and move on quickly before it alerts other beasts.

-There is no god of ice, only water, however Yuhao’s ice abilities are god level anyway.

-They break through a window protected by surging lightning to enter the castle where Tang San and Xiao Wu are being held.

-After Yuhao greets Tang San, Xiao Wu rebukes San for the harsh treatment he had always given Yuhao, but Tang San says it just built character and discipline.

-Even after all this, Tang San doesn’t hate the God of Destruction, and tells Yuhao he can’t break the seal on him yet or the God of Destruction will know.

-Tang San gives his Desert Universe Hood (The Poseidon Trident Core) which in DD1 was capable of full invisibility and stealth (more than just Yuhao’s simulation) and sends them on their way.

-Together with the hood, Yuhao finds that Tang San also gave him his enforcer badge, which came from Asura God and contains a lot of killing intent, and should protect them from being found by the God of Destruction.

-When Tang San defeated Qian Xue Ren and Bibi Dong in DD1, their respective gods had already left the spirit world so there can no longer be Rakshasa or Angel God successors. In addition, the Asura God left, granting his inheritance to Tang together with his Poseidon powers. He couldn’t wield both, so the Asura power is restricted to his fusion with Xiao Wu.

-Tang doesn’t use the Asura power, because it is too overbearing. Turns out, the Asura God sword is the one that cut the Dragon God open, forcing it to split into Silver and Gold.

-As the Asura god selected Tang San, then Tang selected Yuhao and Wutong is his daughter, they are eligible to use the Asura god power.

-The God of Destruction wants to expand the spirit world, as this would also increase the amount of earth elemental force available. Through doing this, gods are able to rise in rank, and new gods are also able to be created. Currently there is not enough power to sustain the spirit world when this happens, which is why the Dragon God was restrained (His power on ascending to godhood disrupted the power in the spirit realm and led to some destruction).

-The two of them come across the ex-God of Emotions (Read), who discusses the deal made between himself and Tang to allow Yuhao to become the God of Emotions (Tang wanted Yuhao to become Poseidon). Reveals that it was because he stole Yuhao from under Tang, Tang ended up abusing Yuhao far more than necessary.

-Yuhao passes a message to the ex-God, before they head to the Goddess of Life, who they reason must not agree with the God of Destruction, or Xiao Wu would not need to have been held hostage.

-Wutong mentions that even if Yuhao has to do something bad like the God of Destruction, she will stick with him.

-God of Destruction begins to expand the spirit world. Using the stored elemental force, it grows, able to cover more planes and absorb more elemental force in turn.

-Since it needs to take time to absorb more elemental force, the spirit world will be weakened for a while.

-Tang San notices that it is being expanded far faster than he thought, the earth elemental force is going to be weakened too much. He is worried about whether his decisions here might have been wrong.

Chapter 37 is missing from - 38 seems to pick up anyway.

-Goddess of Life resides in the forest of life, while God of Destruction has his own castle in a field of destructive lightning. Each of the council have their own residence, even if they are couples.

-Goddess of Life (Wutong calls her Green Aunty) takes them to her house and has them drink water of life.

-Wutong was taken care of by the God of Destruction (Purple Uncle) and Goddess of Life when she was a kid, treated really well. Sadly, Destruction and Creation are destined to be unable to have children as complete opposites (Perhaps why there aren’t many children in the spirit world - most couples are formed of opposites to each other).

-Goddess of Life will not help against her husband, but nor will she help her husband here.

-Yuhao mentions something quietly to the Goddess of Life, changing her mind in order to prevent her husband making a big mistake (likely to do with Tang’s premonition).

-Before they leave, Goddess of Life uses her forest to perform a divination. She did the same before the Dragon Rebellion, and saw the resulting deaths.

-The forest turned blood red during the divination, and a number of trees died, indicated a horrible future. A good future would be golden.

-She reveals that the palace Tang San and Xiao Wu are currently imprisoned is actually forbidden to gods, it was a prison to hold the rebelling spirit beasts.

-In the distance, there is a burst of flame, so the 3 go and investigate. It’s the Vulcan God and Read together with 6 more 1st level gods, having encountered a spirit beast under the influence of Destruction.

-These 6 other gods together with Vulcan make up the 7 elemental Gods, they all admire Tang San, even though he is young, he has shown calm and correct judgments. They also all are familiar with Wutong, calling her the little witch (like Rongrong’s original she-devil title). As a child, she pulled on Vulcan’s beard so much that it eventually fell out.

-In the meantime, Life purifies the beast that had attacked them.

-Read used to be a chef in the human world, and the reason Tang San wanted him to stay in the spirit world was because of his friendships and allies among the other gods to combat the ominous future.

-As the get closer to the castle, Destruction appears together with the 7 Original Sins and many more 2nd and 3rd level gods.

-After some discussion, he apologizes to Wutong, and promises to let her parents out safely when he is finished expanding the spirit world.

-The Thunder God mentions that if Destruction’s plan goes wrong, he will be a worse villain than even the Dragon God, before Destruction tries to kill him with a lightning strike which is blocked by Life.

-Life and Destruction begin fighting, as do Original Sins and Elements, in order to stall Destruction and allow Yuhao and Wutong to rescue Tang.

-What Yuhao mentioned to Life was that Destruction used the taboo powers of the forbidden area to seal Tang. By using the taboo power to seal Tang, it will drain his god power permanently, eventually removing his divine power and severely unbalancing the world.

-She won’t fight Destruction, but promises him that if he leaves her here and goes to the battlefield below, she will self destruct.

-Wutong and Yuhao are unable to sense Tang San and Xiao Wu’s aura, and using the trident mark on her forehead Wutong tries to communicate with Tang San. All she finds are severe fluctuations indicating that something is happening.

-Unable to break into the castle, the two decide to finish the battle outside first, and use their fusion.

-Wutong stimulates the blood of Poseidon that flows within her in order to temporarily increase her level. In their fusion, Yuhao’s rings increase to 8, moving him beyond 1st level god and to supreme god level. Different from the other fusions, Wutong seems to become a purple suit of armour with dragon wings, worn by Yuhao and increasing his power immensely. Yuhao is then also able to freely control all the spirit fusion abilities.

-In response, the many lower tier gods begin chanting and channeling their power into the 7 Original Sins.

-Life warns Destruction that this might destroy the spirit realm itself, before telling him that his goal of expansion seems to be driven too much by his lust for power, and she doesn’t believe he can win.

-She also warns him that he pushed the expansion too far, and the spirit world strength is too thin now. She thought he would push it gradually, expanding bit by bit and regenerating power, but if the cataclysm Tang foresaw happens now, he might just cause the destruction of the spirit world.

-If the 7 elemental gods used an array like the Original Sins, there would be a hole ripped in the spirit world.

-Yuhao uses Gold Road and heads to escape with the elemental gods and Read, but is chased down by Greed.

-In order to block Greed, Yuhao unleashes his power of anger.

-In the meantime, the elemental gods channel their power focused on Read, and into one of his elemental knives.

-Yuhao’s fighting strength is above all other gods (except Tang San), as he was the most recent to become a god, and those who are promoted from human lives have to live a life of getting stronger, usually through fighting. The original gods have no real fighting experience.

-Read is wielding the knife, and uses it to attack Greed. The power consumption is so strong it turns Read’s hair grey from its normal gold.

-As Greed is about to be struck, even Destruction feels this blow would kill himself. The other 6 Original Sins rush in and place their palms on Greed’s back and focus their power, unleashing an enormous divine storm that severely injures everyone around, splitting Yuhao’s fusion and knocking Wutong unconscious

-Life and Destruction descend, Life restores the vitality of everyone affected, restoring Read’s hair.

-As Yuhao’s allies all turn to leave, having lost, Yuhao turns and challenges Destruction.

-He begins to ignite his divine force, planning to use his Hao Dong Ruin - his strongest power, fueled by his emotions and longing for Wang Donger, which he was unable to use since reuniting with Wutong.

-All 7 of his soul beasts emerge, Xuenv, Hyotei, Star Anise, Daydream, White, Leah, Evil Eye Emperor.

-Even if Yuhao died as a god, they would still survive.

-Each of them actually releases a divine aura, shocking everyone around.

-Yuhao’s Ho Winter Palm splits apart Destruction’s attack.

-The 7 Beast God’s powers are infused into Yuhao’s Ho Winter Sword which then strikes Destruction with. It inflicts no damage, but infuses him with the emotions.

-This impact forces Destruction to recall the time he first met Life, and the start of the relationship.

-Yuhao opens the eye of destiny, and uses Fate of War and Fate of Trial fused to his Hao Dong Palm - Life after life, stripping all defenses together with the attack. The aura of this attack inspires fear in every other god around, including Life.

-Destruction, after hearing Life call him “little green” again, smiles and absorbs the attack with his body, dispersing it end extinguishing the fire burning Yuhao’s divine power

-Wutong wakes up, and a large power comes from the castle. Xiao Wu and Tang San’s child has been born.

-Xiao Wu remembers her family, she was the 5th born of a soft boned rabbit family, and her dad was too lazy to come up with a different name.

-While they were weak, they were good at avoiding enemies, so they managed to live a long time. Her dad, approaching 100,000 years, decided to go to the core of the forest, but was never seen again.

-This is when she met Da Ming and Er Ming. Their parents had been killed, and they were rescued (by Xiao Wu’s mother?), becoming brothers and promising to protect Xiao Wu.

-Eventually, they had to return to the core, as they were too big for the outside.

-Humans went past Xiao Wu and her mother. She was told they are despicable, only killing beasts for their own power. After the humans went to the core, only one returned, heavily injured.

-Xiao Wu helps the woman get better, feeding her healing grasses. In return, the woman teaches her to speak human language, and Xiao Wu realises not all humans are bad, and the world seems fun. Once she leaves, Xiao Wu’s mother takes on her appearance (100,000 year beasts can appear as a human).

-Da Ming and Er Ming return, but Xiao Wu is annoyed, they are boring compared to the human, and it took them so long to come back and see her. They eventually go back to the core.

-After Xiao Wu reached 100,000 years, her mother left to find the father. When she didn’t return, Xiao Wu went to the core to search for them. Er Ming and Da Ming rescue her from a spirit beast, and tell her that her mother died.

-Da Ming and Er Ming took care of her, but she never had a real family or home, and longed to instead visit the human world.

-She wakes up and sees Tang San, and her tears from memories turn to smiles.

-She sees her son and says he’s as ugly as San, nothing like a little rabbit.

-With Wuling born, Tang San breaks the seal on him (he allowed it until now), and leaves the castle.

-San knew Destruction wouldn’t wait the year, and planned to let him blow off some steam, but Destruction was too decisive with his manouvers.

-San accepted the seal to protect Xiao Wu and Wuling

-Points out that Destructions reason has eroded by his power seeking.

-San used Wuling’s newborn energy to break the seal.

-San points out that if the spirit world breaks from the crisis due to the expansion weakening it, the 2nd and 3rd level gods will be the first to suffer.

-The Shrek 7 Devils are broken out of the castle by San, and join at his side, with Wuling in Xiao Wu’s arms.

-Life kisses Wuling’s forehead, gifting him with vitality, which even Wutong didn’t get (this was apologising for everything). Through his life, his vitality and regeneration will be enormous.

-Tang San, together with Yuhao, Wutong and the Shrek 7 Devils, form a team to fight Destruction and the Original Sins, while Read holds Wuling.

-With Tang and Xiao Wu’s fusion, Xiao Wu uses Poseidon power and Tang uses Asura power.

-Asura is the strongest god in the spirit world.

-Rongrong uses her 9 glazed tile pagoda to increase the strength of everyone, pushing them far beyond the limits. Mubai and Zhuqing use nether white tiger fusion.

-Tang brings out the Asura sword, empowered by Rongrong, and slices the air, creating a bottomless ravine in the ground and turning the sky red.

-Destruction blocks the attack with a full power shield, resisting it, but the shield is shattered.

-Tang attacks a second time with the Asura sword, penetrating the defense through another layer.

-Oscar eats a mirror sausage with Tang’s blood, and uses the Asura sword, limited to only 60%, but it’s still Asura sword. The Original Sins are forced to go all out to block.

-Ma Hongjun leaps up and attacks. As he contacts the sins, Xiao Wu and Yuhao with the Butterfly God armour come out from behind him and trap the enemies.

-Destruction still refuses to give up, even though Oscar’s attack actually injured him a bit. He is sure that Tang’s consumption is enormous.

-Yuhao uses Nothingness Mantra to attack all the Original Sins at once. While they are stunned, Xiao Wu and Nether White TIger attack.

-The enemies all thought Yuhao was almost out of power after that Nothingness Mantra, however a round red eye appears behind him, followed by Xuenv appearing and using Snow Emperor Palm on Greed, followed by Spirit Shock on all enemies. This red eye was from the Evil Eye Tyrant 9th ring.

-Gluttony, Envy and Pride attack Yuhao, but his body where they attack is just an illusion and disappears.

-Envy charges at Xiao Wu, but she uses Poseidon’s powers to counter. Envy then uses an attack to inspire envy in Xiao Wu, but all it does is stun her for a second. As Envy closes in to attack, Ma Hongjun roars and leaps at her.

-Envy betrays Destruction, and defeats Lust and Gluttony quickly.

-Destruction unleashes his field - armageddon, turning the sky dark with lightning flashing.

-Yuhao proceeds to unleash more power, stunning everyone. He unleashes his ultimate ice, while Oscar uses Mirror Sausage again and uses the Asura sword, though it’s a fake this time.

-Yuhao draws out his Ghost Carving knife, which inspires fear into the hearts of the remaining Original Sins.

-The reason Yuhao had so much power left, was of course Oscar’s sausages.

-At the same time, Tang uses Asura sword to break through the armageddon, and actually manages to damage the destruction mace.

Chapter 89 also empty?

-Tang etc. are victorious. The ghost carving knife is in Destruction’s forehead and is pushed out by Life, it was thrown by Yuhao using Tang Sect techniques. Yuhao was being taught by Tang ever since he got to the spirit world.

-Yuhao is now seen to be the strongest god under the level of supreme god (Life, Destruction, Poseidon, Evil & Goodness).

-Envy joined Tang because Tang had saved Envy and his family from destruction in his world, and even offered to grant Asura inheritance to Envy, which he declined.

-Read explains how he stole Yuhao part way through Tang’s inheritance, and how Tang wants to give up his tablets and travel.

-Envy also trusts Tang’s judgment and thinks Destruction expanding the world so quick with a potential catastrophe coming is too risky.

-Destruction destroyed the core, meaning the expansion cannot be reversed to improve stability of the spirit world (this guy is an idiot).

-As Destruction and Life leave, the sky turns grey, and Life remembers her divination.

-Everyone is shaking, including Life and Tang. This is the disaster Tang foresaw.

-In the distance, Yuhao sees a grey vortex in the sky.

-Tang uses the spirit world core to communicate with all the gods, and commands them to join him in facing whatever the disaster is.

-The grey vortex is a temporal turbulence.

-Life is to take the seed of the spirit world, and try to recreate the world after it is destroyed by the temporal turbulence.

-Xiao Wu passes Wuling to Wutong, and tells them to stay safe, Tang and Xiao Wu are going to “go down with the ship”.

-Destruction retreats to his castle, and ignites his divine power together with the orb containing his essence, releasing the power outwards.

-Life does the same, and when their powers combine, it forms creation.

-The original God of Creation created the spirit world, and then divided his power into Evil, Goodness, Life, Destruction, and Asura (killing… [what the?]).

-They aim to use the power of creation to re-compress the spirit world, increasing its defense against the temporal turbulence.

-As the temporal turbulence closes in on the spirit world, the defense to it increases and resists it. With the compression complete, the cores of Destruction and Life arrive to Tang San to care for until they can resurrect.

-The remaining gods channel their energies to erect a shield to defend against the temporal turbulence.

-The defense causes vibrations across the entire spirit world, and the forbidden castle where Tang was imprisoned begins to collapse. A golden light shines from the castle as the seal breaks and the Gold Dragon King awakens.

-Tang detects the Gold Dragon King thrashing around, and realizes that the spirit world is in even more danger. He passes his Asura core to Yuhao, and has Yuhao take over his role while Tang fights the dragon.

-Gold Dragon King recognizes the Asura power that Tang is using, though the form has changed.

-As Tang has already consumed a lot of power, he can only fight at about 50% effectiveness. Gold Dragon King is knocking him about. Gold Dragon King had also absorbed a ridiculous amount of divine power while sealed, making him stronger than he had been before the seal.

-Gold Dragon knew about the temporal disturbance, since far earlier than Tang. He may have been influencing Destruction to bring about the calamity and free himself.

-He wants the spirit world to be destroyed, preventing there from being any beings to challenge him. His plan is to then find the Silver Dragon and become whole again.

-The dragon pushes Tang to the committee where they are defending against the temporal turbulence, before being blocked by Tang, Goodness and Evil using their artifact weapons.

-Dragon did not expect this, and tries to run. While he inherited the original dragon’s physical prowess, he lacks in wisdom.

-Seeing that escape is impossible, Dragon charges at the committee, intending to break their defense and let the temporal turbulence destroy the world.

-In order to stop it, the three supreme gods use their full power and stab it with their swords.

-Dragon ejects a golden orb, his soul nucleus (which for most beasts was sealed after the war) and spits it at the committee, planning to force it to detonate.

-This golden orb, hits Wuling, and is absorbed into his body. The Dragon had intended for it to detonate, killing their son and making Tang lose himself to despair.

-God of Goodness and Evil tell Tang to take care of his son for now, while they hold steady against the temporal turbulence.

-The nucleus cannot be removed from Wuling.

-Yuhao discovers that divine power from the spirit world is constantly agitating the nucleus, causing it to damage Wuling’s body.

-The only way to save his life was to send him to Douluo and place a seal on his nucleus, allowing it to gradually weaken as he grows and absorbs the nucleus’ power.

-Tang consumed almost all of his power to place a seal on his son, and Life’s core infuses Wuling with vitality.

-Wutong hands the golden dragonlance to Tang and he fuses it with Wuling, creating a golden diamond above his wrist.

-Wuling is sent to Douluo by Yuhao, as the temporal turbulence is stripped to it’s core by Good and Evil, revealing a pure core to everyone’s dismay.

-The temporal disturbance is too strong, and the spirit world along with all the gods is devoured into it’s core.

-On Douluo, Emerald Swan Bridgette approaches Beast God Ditian Days.

-1,000 years passed since Pass the Pagoda was formed by Yuhao to avert the destruction of spirit beasts, but they are still going extinct. Even with the truce, humans grow too quick, and need their rings to progress, while beasts take too long to reach that level.

-Silver Dragon wakes up in the middle of Star Great Forest, angry that humans are causing beasts to go extinct.

-Spirit Guides have advanced too far, and beasts cannot compete.

-Silver Dragon declares that they have to learn about the humans, in order to defeat them and conquer the world for the beasts.

-A couple stumble upon Wuling, freezing in the open, and take him home.

Notes: God of Goodness and Evil are from Bacchus

DD3 is due to be released in 2016, as I read it I will summarize each chapter as much as I can and post it.

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