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- But towards all of this, Wu Zhangkong ignored them. Under this extremely low temperature's influence, his whole body also started to become icy blue colour, his hair turning white. On the surface of his battle armour, on the left chest area, many lines appeared, looking closely and you could figure that that is a face of a woman. This was what Wu Zhangkong personally engraved on his battle armour. At this moment, his icy cold eyes became gentle, his face carrying a gentle smile, even within this icy snow world, the moment he smiled, the originally handsome Wu Zhangkong became even more suave.....The Passionate Douluo Zang Xin could clearly sense the emotions of Wu Zhangkong, Wu Zhangkong did not break through, it could be accurately said that he gave all his emotions in his Sky Frost Sword. A figure suddenly appeared in front of him, she is wearing the green coloured Shrek Academy's uniform, a long hair tied up in a ponytail style, very beautiful and refreshing, a gentle smile on her face, her pair of big eyes making her seemed even more elfin. She look at Wu Zhangkong, biting her red lips, seemingly dissatisfied. But at the next moment, she smiled and open her arms, then, threw herself into his arms, both hugging tightly. At this moment, Wu Zhangkong's entire person had became foolish. And the box also suddenly became solid ice, turning into a hard icy world. This moment, the entire box frozen. The Sky Frost Sword becoming snow, fusing with this icy snow world. Wu Zhangkong opened his arms, hugging tightly the person in front of him. And the moment they hug, that female turned into a lifelike cold statue.

- Transformation Emperor who transformed into the figure of the Hope Emperor also became an ice statue, his face frozen with terrifying fear. He didn't know humans also have this kind of ability. This was a peak expert who used his entire life as a price to create such a touching picture. Until the final moment, Wu Zhangkong's eyes only had love and caring. In that icy snow world, his eyes are no longer icy cold, also without any pain or sadness, only filled with love. At this moment, Sky Ice Long Bing Wu Zhangkong forever halted in this box. Tang Wulin who tried his hardest to control his emotions, broke down, his tears flowing. From the very first time he met Wu Zhangkong, Wu Zhangkong had always been his idol, Wu Zhangkong is the one who taught him how to cultivate, bringing him forward into becoming stronger, entering Shrek Academy... It could be said, Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong's relationship isn't that merely of a teacher and student one, in Tang Wulin's heart, Wu Zhangkong is his teacher, also an elder brother, and even a bit like his father. This was his first time seeing Wu Zhangkong's gentle and caring look. At that moment, everything froze. But he could clearly feel, at that exact moment, Wu Zhangkong is feeling happiness. In the past, Wu Zhangkong suffered too much stress, especially his heart's deepest stress. He kept his silence and sealed himself up. Tang Wulin could still clearly remember, the time when Wu Zhangkong brought him to the tomb site, looking at the grave and emitting a deep sense of heart loss. This time, he finally knew the reason of his teacher's pain. Until now, he didn't knew what had happened to his Teacher Wu, but, as of this moment, he could clearly feel that, Wu Zhangkong has finally extricated himself.

- The box cracked, the icy statues fell before being caught by the Body Douluo Ah Ruheng, who then passed it to Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin could still feel Wu Zhangkong's emotions and the reason why living is unbearable for Wu Zhangkong. Both of their hearts are wide, only capable of loving one person. Tang Wulin brought the ice statue to his companions, this ice statue was formed by a 4-word battle armour master using his life and love. This will become a never melting ice statue, it must forever be kept in Shrek Academy. [#future to look foward to]

- He then very carefully place it on the ground, using his Golden Dragon Spear to carve on it :

Wu Zhangkong, Shrek Academy's Outer Court Court Master, my teacher. From the very first day I had met him, he became my idol. White Robes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold, his entire life was spent contributing for Shrek Academy, his heart yet leaving only for his beloved.

Sky Frost Sword is his martial soul, Long Bing is his sweetheart.

Hope you can reunite with madam in heaven, where the heavens would no longer be cold, and to only be filled with love and affection.

If ice could freeze everything, I wish that both of your love would last forever long.

Disciple, Tang Wulin!

- All S7D also cried, especially Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan cried even harder, they are also like Tang Wulin, at a young age taught by Wu Zhangkong, so their relationship with him is also the deepest. They had never thought that Wu Zhangkong would become a frozen ice statue. Just a few moments ago, he was still living, yet now he had already left them to a faraway place. Tang Yinmeng called out to Tang Wulin, who the latter told her to restrain her grief, she controlled her emotions before stating that in the past where she and Lan Muzi studied in Shrek, they had a special way of communication and just now, Lan Muzi had sent his message to convey to Tang Wulin about some huge major scheme happening right now which needed the deaths of their opponents and a hint that his opponent may still be alive just before his death.

- In the last box, the Underworld Emperor Halousou body exploded, exploding in all 4 directions, Qiangu Dieting's right arm and leg was gone, his right part of his body is also injured, but there isn't any blood spilling out. The box which Qiangu Dieting was finally collapsed. Yes, he had killed his opponent, the Underworld Emperor and was floating in the sky, straightening his back and standing proud, many gazes of respect looking at his heroic figure…-_-’’’

- In this 2nd round, the humans have won again. All 9 opponents died, and the human's side also suffered a huge loss. The Holy Spirit Douluo Ya Li, Yang Wood Douluo Lan Muzi, Sky Frost Long Bing Wu Zhangkong, Qiangu Dongfeng, all 4 strong experts lost their lives + Qiangu Dieting also severely injured. 3 rounds of bet, humans have already won 2 rounds. Even if suffering a huge loss for both rounds, but the Holy Spirit Cult and the Abyssal's side has paid a greater price. For the Holy Spirit Cult, except for the Devil King, all their strongest experts have died. The Underworld Emperor, the Ghost Emperor both died, Darkness Blood devil and Darkness Bell have also died. At this moment, the Devil King's face is very dark, she had expected some losses, but never knew it would be this severe. The Abyssal's side is also extremely bad, with 20+ experts dying with their layers collapsing --- the Spirit Emperor, the Devil Emperor, the Wisdom Emperor, the Scythe Emperor, the Transformation Emperor, the Black Emperor, the Bee Emperor, all 7 strongest experts of Emperor lvl. With that many experts dying, half of the normal Abyssal life forms vanished = Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear and Gu Yuena's Silver Dragon spear absorbing large amounts of Abyssal energies, all turning into life energy. Next, is the most important battle, testing whether Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena could lead the other S7D to win the Devil King, which also decides this war's result. {what? I thought winning 2/3 is already ok, just forfeit this round...}

- Tang Wulin roared a dragon's roar at the Devil King, Gu Yuena also roared then they both hold hands. Qiangu Zhangting who just woken up saw this scene and fainted once more...Qiangu Dieting saw his great grandson and sighed, regretting allowing Qiangu Dongfeng to target Shrek Academy, this blood feud couldn't be resolved. Looking at how intimate Gu Yuena with Tang Wulin, he began to worry that this Silver Dragon Douluo who could originally bring the Spirit Pagoda to greater heights, fearing once the Spirit Pagoda team up with Shrek Academy and Tang Sect, it will be harder to establish themselves independently at the peak. He is only glad about Qiangu Qingfeng leaving with the rest of his bloodline…

- The Devil King+ 8 Abyssal experts also took off. The guy with the strongest aura standing beside the Devil King also had a purple glow around his body. He is only different in wearing a purple colour armour, his hand holding a weapon, that gigantic chinese sword trident (长戟??). He is wearing the helmet, his face couldn't be seen, only could see a pair of purple coloured eyes shining. To be able to stand beside the Devil King, it had already proven his position. Within the Abyssal layers, his position is higher than the Wisdom Emperor, ranked 3rd, also known as the Ardent Emperor (烈帝). Aside from the Abyssal Saint Lord and the Spirit Emperor, the strongest person in the Abyssal layers is him. As of now, the Spirit Emperor had perished, so it could be said, he is currently the strongest on the Abyssal's side. The Devil King looked at Tang Wulin's group, from the overall strength, his team is worse than his previous team. But she is very clear that this team would be even more troublesome to deal with than the previous team, because of Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena. She could already feel that, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena together, their combined strength isn't as simple as 1+1, otherwise, their breathing wouldn't be that harmonized. Both sides exchanging taunts, the Devil King lost in the battle of refuting Tang Wulin and attacked.[ part 6, 75% 1808]

- Tang Wulin raised his Golden Dragon Spear, behind him, the rest of S7D, Sima Jinchi and Gu Yuena moved to their respective positions. The team battle formation with Tang Wulin in front, such tacit agreement, in the entire Shrek Academy, there is no one as strong in this area than the S7D. All of them attended school together, grow up together, clash against enemies together, even all of their 4-word battle armours are also the result of them working hard together. .....Little glows of star lights shone, instantly becoming a long “Star (星辰) Chain”, chaining the 9 people, Tang Wulin felt a huge amount of soul power suddenly pouring into his body. His Golden Dragon Spear shone with a glaring spear brilliance, he waved his Golden Dragon Spear, drawing a line of golden coloured line in the air. That tiny light line became even longer, as if wanting to let both heavens and earth become one. A strong purple glow swiftly got broken, like a wave being split, both attacks clashing, and Tang Wulin's team floating at their original positions, not moving an inch. The Devil King saw how her attack being easily dealt with, she couldn't help but paused, her cultivation lvl had already reached God lvl, every one of her strike naturally is a God lvl. But when she witnessed Tang Wulin's 9-man team moving as a single entity to attack, she felt suppression. No wonder he chose all these companions whose lvls are far from Limit Douluos, there are even some of all these people that had yet to reach Limit Douluo, only relying on their 4-word battle armours. But all these people's coordination with Tang Wulin us definitely couln't be achieve by those Limit Douluos. After reaching Limit Douluo lvl, everyone's combat strength is too strong, wanting to cooperate is even tougher. But Tang Wulin's team is different, their teamwork is extremely natural.

- Along with the Devil king's attack, the Ardent Emperor as the leading with many Abyssal experts also charge forth. The one furthest in front of the Ardent Emperor, is gliding in the air like skating, using one direction heading towards Tang Wulin, his hand's long chinese sword trident strike out, a ray of purple light instantly appeared out of thin air. Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear was raised, his action seemed not too fast, but it landed luckily on that weapon’s core. "Dang!" A loud sound echoed, Tang Wulin's body trembled, his entire team retreating backwards by one step. Not only that, they are wearing battle armours, but could still feel that shuddering. Under the "Star Chain", they could share soul power, and could share the damage. It could be said the current condition of the S7D is the strongest. But that previous clash, the opponent without receiving other expert's aid, could actually push all of them backwards, how strong is that attack? It was known, his side has him and Gu Yuena these 2 top strongest experts. God Strength! That's right, this Ardent Emperor's strike actually had reached God lvl, not weaker than that of the Devil King. The Abyssal's side also have this kind of expert? The Spirit Emperor's mental strength is very strong, but his soul power is weak. Yet this Ardent Emperor's mental strength had yet reached Divine Origin lvl, but his soul power has clearly reached God lvl. You should know, in this Douluo Continent, except for the Devil King, no one has yet to reach that lvl. And, the Ardent Emperor's attack also had a suspicious point, that is as if even the 4-word battle armour is unable to weaken his chinese sword trident’s strength. Tang Wulin has clearly blocked his attack, yet had that feeling that the opponent's purple light passing through his body. If not for the 9 of them sharing the damage, just that attack, he could be injured.

- After the Ardent Emperor's chinese sword trident had been blocked by Tang Wulin, he didn't stop attacking, his body spun, the weapon striking out once more, again aiming for Tang Wulin, he seems to be ignoring the other experts standing behind Tang Wulin. At the same time, the Devil King also arrived, her speed is very fast, shifting her body, and arriving in front of Tang Wulin's 9-man team. Both hands pressing in the sky, immediately, purple glow as if like waves, changing into a huge whirlpool descending to suck in every one of them. The Devil King and the Ardent Emperor didn't have any teamwork, but her attack is timed well, one attacking in front, another disturbing from the side. The main point is that their strengths reaching God lvl, so their attacks are life threatening for Tang Wulin's group.

- Silver light released, enveloping Tang Wulin's 9-man team, at the next moment, all 9 have already teleported 100 mi away, avoiding both the Ardent Emperor's chinese sword trident, and the Devil King's attack. "Team Teleportation". The Silver Dragon Spear's silver light shining, Gu Yuena's one hand on Tang Wulin's back, another hand raising her Silver Dragon Spear. It's been ages since she team up and battle alongside Tang Wulin. Even if the opposing party is very strong, Gu Yuena's heart only had excitement, like the current Tang Wulin, similarly not feeling afraid. Specks of star light shining, the starry sky descending, Xu Xiaoyan had already raised her Star Staff. Almost at the time when the group is being teleported, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear strike out in the air. Gu Yuena's team teleportation would not be useless, after teleportation, their group reappearing right in the middle of the charging Abyssal experts. Their side is similar only have Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena as peak experts, on the Devil King's side, there is also only have the Devil King and the Ardent Emperor as peak experts, within the other Abyssal experts, there is not a single Emperor lvl expert. So, when Tang Wulin's spear struck out, almost all of the Abyssal experts fled. There is only an Abyssal King expert who didn't have sufficient time to run away, so he could only lift both of his hammers, attempting to block Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. The spear seems to slice through tofu, immediately piercing through the hammers and into that Abyssal King expert's chest, an extremely devouring also completely devour any life energy.

- Also at the same time, Gu Yuena's Silver Dragon Spear struck out, when striking out, her eyes suddenly changes, like two whirlpools, looking towards the speedy flying Ardent Emperor. The Ardent Emperor seemed to pause, that originally chinese sword trident should have launched out had clearly delayed by half a beat, only the Devil King first arrived. Gu Yuena's struck out Silver Dragon Spear became longer, a ray of light emerged from the spear, covering the head of it. "7 Elements Combination". The Devil King pointed out her finger touching that spear light, all of a sudden, the 7 elements exploded, turning into a dazzling rain. Gu Yuena used her strength, to temporarily fend off the attacks of the Devil King and the Ardent Emperor, letting them not having a chance to attack Tang Wulin when he is absorbing the life force of the Abyssal energies. Also at this moment, Tang Wulin had already turned around, his Golden Dragon Spear pointing forwards, a strong aura of oppression emitted from his body. This arrogant aura, it is also a type of battle spirit. Previously, he relied on this type of aura to scare Qiangu Dongfeng, making the latter unable to fight against him. This is Dragon Emperor Forbidding Techniques, Dragon Emperor Battle!

- Being influenced by Tang Wulin's aura, the other 6 members of S7D, Gu Yuena and Sima Jinchi all felt their blood pumping. No matter who their opponents are, they all have thoughts of being able to defeat them. This is a completely spiritual attack, letting the Ardent Emperor pausing for a moment. He had just woken up from Gu Yuena's spiritual attack, yet now being influenced by Dragon Emperor Battle, his struck out chinese sword trident has been weakened by a few portions. The Golden Dragon Spear also stabbed out at this kind of situation, tens of thousands of laws merging with the spear glow, during the merging process, trapping the Devil King and the Ardent Emperor.

- The Devil King coldly snorted, releasing her mental strength, waking up the Ardent Emperor, also at the same time, her body's surroundings have appeared 6 purple coloured light balls. And her punch struck out, aiming towards Tang Wulin. Even up against 'Dragon Emperor Battles influence, her might has became weak. The Golden Dragon Spear's spear light gathered, touching the Devil King's fist, forcing her backwards. A huge ray of purple glow shot out from the 6 purple coloured light balls, rushing towards Tang Wulin. This moment, the awakened Ardent Emperor slashed out his weapon, a frightening purple glow appeared once more, striking towards Tang Wulin. Also at this timing, a ray of star light shone from the heavens, accurately landing on the Ardent Emperor's body. The Ardent Emperor's successful strike suddenly turned its direction, heading towards the position of the Devil King. “Starlight Feedback!” An Absolute Control soul skill! In the previous round, because of the Absolute Control 9 Palace grid, Shrek Academy suffered a huge loss. If there isn't the 9 palace grid, how would both Shrek Academy and Tang Sect lost so many Limit Douluos in battle? And this time, the Absolute Control's impressive effect being used on their enemies. The Ardent Emperor had struck forward, but his chinese sword trident is heading for the Devil King who was standing beside him. An Absolute Control soul skill is extremely rare....but it also have some restraint, it could only be used against experts below God lvl, up against a True God, it's Absolute Control ability will cease to exist. Although the Ardent Emperor's soul power has already reached God lvl, his mental strength has yet reached god lvl + he didn't have the most important thing (God Position). Without God Position, one isn't a God. EVen the Devil King who reached True God lvl, is also not a real god. Therefore, even the Devil King, currently also couldn't fully defend against this Absolute Control soul skill, it only had a little influence over her. But, this battle, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena are the most important ones, but also that Number 1 Strongest Control System Battle Soul Master under the heavens, Xu Xiaoyan, who is similarly important.

- At this critical moment, accompanied with the 'Dazzling Starry Sky Domain', "Starlight Feedback" was finally able to exhibit its purpose. Using the “Star Chain", Xu Xiaoyan had already informed Tang Wulin of her upcoming actions. That's why, when the Devil King and the Ardent Emperor attacked, Tang Wulin didn't bothered to care about the Ardent Emperor, but turned his body, bringing his companions to change their formations, becoming he is directly facing that purple-gold coloured light beam. The Golden Dragon Spear spun one round in the air, it could be seen that, that purple-coloured light beam hit Tang Wulin's body, then scattered in all directions, pushing the other 8 people backwards, yet unable to harm them. And the Ardent Emperor's full strike landed accurately on the Devil King's body.

- It is like the Ardent Emperor working with Tang Wulin, one defending, another attacking. The Devil King was unable to lift her defenses in time, and got struck by that chinese sword trident. A loud sounded came out of the Devil King's mouth, just when she was being hit, her body suddenly became soft, a large amount of purple colour glow unleashing from her body, causing the Ardent Emperor to fly away. But, her waist had been sliced out a huge, long hole, blood pilling out. It is obvious that her injuries aren't light. Although that wound swiftly close up at a terrifying speed, her attack had been forcefully interrupted. Such a good opportunity, how could Tang Wulin's team let go? A silvery glow reappeared once more, Team Teleportation. And this time, Tang Wulin made more preparations. Taking advantage of the Ardent Emperor being unfocused, the Devil King injured, Tang Wulin's team once again teleported, appearing right in front of 2 Abyssal experts. "Starlight Dazzling" descended, when those 2 Abyssal experts are in a turmoil, he quickly unleashed the never-ending devouring. Forbidden Ten Thousand Techniques, Dragon Emperor Broke! The bodies which are being locked in space, both Golden Dragon Spear and Silver Dragon Spear stabbed forth at the same time, ending the lives of those 2 Abyssal experts, also devouring their Abyssal energies for their use.

- All of these happened in a flash like the lighting of sparks using stone to start a fire, after 2 clashes, the Devil King was wounded, 3 Abyssal experts had died. Against the opposing party which had 2 God lvl experts, Tang Wulin's 9-man team's battle achievements are glorious. But, Tang Wulin's expression suddenly became strange. Not because of the Devil Emperor's great strength, but because of the Ardent Emperor. The Ardent Emperor's weapon could actually injure the Devil King, how could Tang Wulin not be surprised? The Devil King is a True God, body, soul power, mental strength had all reached God lvl, only lacking a God Position. And at this sort of situation, her body's toughness wouldn't be worse than Tang Wulin and Ah Ruheng's Seamless Golden Body, yet, up against that Ardent Emperor's chinese sword trident, she as if did not have any defenses, her body that have been wounded had serious injuries. It also could be said, the Ardent Emperor's chinese sword trident had the ability to injure Gods. If it was to slash on his body? The Devil King's body also couldn't block it, the 4-word battle armour similarly couldn't block it. This is what kind of existence? He could feel it, Gu Yuena naturally could also feel it.

- If only up against the Devil King, they have some confidence, but they have never thought that the Abyssal layers also have this type of expert. Just from an angle, the Ardent Emperor's skill in fighting close combat is way above the Devil King! Tang Wulin now viewed the weapon very seriously, upon closer look, the Ardent Emperor's chinese sword trident iis different from Tang Wulin's Sea God Trident, it seemed to be humans used ?? halberd (画杆方天戟- info: After Lu Bu [famous guy] died in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (三国演义) war, no one dared to use this no.1 ancient halberd), its whole body is blue-purple colour, with weird engravings, every engravings has a extremely weird light. It didn't have the strong aura of the Sea God Trident, its concealed aura yet is much more terrifying, like a slumbering fearsome beast, which could attack at any given moment. This is at least a God ranked weapon. Tang Wulin even suspected, this could be an Ultra God lvl weapon.

- When Tang Wulin undertook the Sea God's 9 Trials, Tang San had briefed him on some important knowledge, it even contained the knowledge about God-ranked/Divine Weapons. Tang San had told Tang Wulin, Ultra Divine Weapons and Divine Weapons are basically 2 different kinds of existence, but on the same page, their strengths are limited. Simply speaking, with the exception of the God Realm, the strongest existence is only an Ultra Divine Weapon. And, even in the God Realm, not every God have an Ultra Divine Weapon. The only reason that the Douluo Continent being so powerful, is because of having both Sea God Trident and Asura Sword, 2 Ultra Divine Weapons. A normal plane would only have lesser Divine Weapons, almost impossible to have an Ultra Divine Weapon, because an Ultra Divine Weapon will definitely appear on a much higher plane. It could also be interpreted, on this plane, whoever had an Ultra Divine Weapon, could rise above others. [ part 7, 78% 1810] :P

------------------------------Latest Update-----------------------------

- Its name is “Heavenly Saint Deep Split” ( 天圣裂渊). The Abyssal Saint Lord was originally one of the Abyssal life forms, at the beginning because he got this Ultra Divine Weapon which was born in the Abyss plane, he could win against the Abyssal Lords, eventually becoming the leader of the Abyssal plane. It could be said, from some viewpoint, the Abyssal plane is a much higher existence than the Douluo Dalu plane. The Heavenly Saint Deep Split's most terrifying isn't its strong endurance, but it completely ignores defense! With this ultimate penetrating power, any kinds of defense and weapons before it couldn't even function, even if it's an Ultra Divine Weapon's defense armour is also useless....The Heavenly Saint Deep Split only have a special restriction, it could only be used to some extent, like, it could not fire any long distance attack, when using it, one could only fight in close combat…

- The Ardent Emperor didn't have any reaction upon accidentally hitting the Devil King. He lift his Heavenly Saint Deep Split and pointed it towards the sky. Then, an unexplained aura appeared. A light ring suddenly rose into the air, heading towards Tang Wulin's team. Following the appearance of this light ring, the Ardent Emperor vanished. The light ring displayed a gorgeous blue-purple colour, light engravings appeared on its surface. Xu Xiaoyan swiftly used 'Starlight Feedback', yet it actually failed. Tang Wulin's 9-man team could feel their entire bodies froze on the spot, that light ring has yet to approach, they had seemed to be restrained, even Gu Yuena could not display 'Team Teleportation'. The entire space seemed to have been sealed. Not good! Tang Wulin quickly reacted, his right hand hitting the Gu Yuena who was positioned behind him and had also raised her palm, a strong force was transferred from his hand to Gu Yuena. The strong force pushed Gu Yuena's body backwards into Yuanen Yehui's bosom, then kept pushing, bringing along all 8 people flying outwards. When that light ring appeared, except for Tang Wulin, the other 8 people have escaped its range.

- The light ring descended, Tang Wulin could only feel himself losing his awareness, his whole body shaking, and could not be controlled as he flew upwards. That fearful imprisoning power doubled, letting him cannot even lift his hand. Then, the Ardent Emperor reappears, he used his Heavenly Saint Deep Split to swipe out entirely within the light ring. Tang Wulin definitely cannot avoid. He could only endure and lift the Sea God's Trident, protecting his front. "DANG!" A loud noise erupted. But it's very weird that, Tang Wulin did not got struck flying away by this attack. An intense feeling of pain filled Tang Wulin's entire body. He had avoided the critical strike of the Heavenly Saint Deep Split, only got hit by its purple radiance, but he felt as if his entire body is collapsing, an unbearable pain. Luckily, his companions have been pushed away by him. But, that ‘Star Chain’ is still there. Every one of them feeling the pain on their bodies, the waist area had a huge gap. Such a terrifying attack power!! But also at this moment, that light ring vanished, Tang Wulin regained his mobility. Yet the Ardent Emperor's chinese sword spear struck out once more, at such a close distance, he could not avoid it. Tang Wulin decided to use 'Indefinite Storm'!! Blue-gold light flashed from his pair of eyes, like he could not avoid the opponent's Heavenly Saint Deep Split, because of the close distance, the Ardent Emperor similarly could not avoid his 'Purple Demon Eyes’. It was the purest Divine Origin lvl mental energy attach, the Ardent Emperor was hit critically, thus his strike also had been affected.

- The Sea God's Trident first ring of light entrap the Heavenly Saint Deep Split, 2 Ultra Divine Weapons clashed, both unleashing a loud cry. Tang Wulin's upper body moved backwards, finally with the help of the Sea God's Trident and his dodging, he completely avoided that ray of purple light, or else, the consequences of getting slashed is very terrifying. Too scary! It all happened way to fast! If Tang Wulin's actions were slower by a beat, or he did not have an Ultra Divine Weapon, the only conclusion would be: DEATH! Even with Tang Wulin's fast regeneration speed, if his body is cut into halves, it would be also very difficult for him to survive! When against the 'Heavenly Saint Deep Split', the tables have turned. Sea God's Ultimate Arts, ‘Indefinte Storm’. When against his father during the Sea God's 9 tests' world, Tang Wulin used the most, encountered the most, is only this Godly move. Even till the end, he could not free himself of his father's ‘Indefinite Storm’. It could be known, this Godly move's might is very awesome. One golden ring after another fell from the sky, tightly restraining the Ardent Emperor. The Ardent Emperor forcefully endured the pain brought by the 'Purple Demon Eyes', wanting to once again use his weapon, but to only find out that his body could no longer move. At this time, Gu Yuena's ears heard Tang Wulin's voice: "Detain the Devil King!" Gu Yuena's Silver Dragon Spear suddenly emitted silver colour glow, to only see her body move, instantly becoming a gigantic silver colour dragon. >:D

- The huge dragon was 30 mi long, the moment it appeared, the entire sky suddenly changes, the originally black sky brought by the effects of the 'Dazzling Star Domain' actually regained its white colour. Only while recovering, suddenly there are many 7-coloured clouds appearing in the sky. Waves of thunder sounded. Multiple rays of lightning appeared within the clouds, seemingly it could land at any time. The scales of the huge silver coloured dragon is round, after their appearance, its aura strengthened to match that of the Devil King's.... How could the Devil King quickly launch a lethal attack during a single breath of time! She quickly transformed into a beam of purple-gold colour ray, escaping far away. But that silver colour breath seems to have a lock-on target, pursuing that purple-gold colour ray. And the moment when Gu Yuena transformed into a huge silver colour dragon to spit out this breath, the sky resounded an deafening boom, a ray of 7-coloured lightning swiftly descended, landing on the huge silver coloured dragon's body. The moment that 7-coloured lightning descends, Gu Yuena voluntary broke the 'Star Chain' binding the S7D and Sima Jinchi. Then, she revealed her true body, descending from the sky amidst the electrical light. This is...... All of the spectators watching this scene felt it was impossible. During a battle between Soul Masters, there has never been such a situation! Among them, the only one who had truly witnessed the 7-coloured lightning is Tang Wulin. But, that was when he is completing the Heavenly Forging then he would see this type of 7-coloured lightning. And just now that strike of 7-coloured lightning landing on Gu Yuena's body, iis 10 times more powerful than the 7-coloured lightning he had ever encountered after forging the hardest Heavenly Forging, that aura simply had the power to destroy heaven and earth! But, at this time, Tang Wulin cannot care about Gu Yuena's side of situation, he could not waste her efforts. His pair of eyes suddenly lit up, like the starry sky. After Gu Yuena endured the elemental lightning tribulation, the 7-coloured clouds in the sky followed her as she revert back into human form, slowly losing that God lvl aura. But, when half of those 7-coloured clouds vanished, the rest suddenly stopped. Not only that, in the sky, regardless of the Abyssal experts or the S7D's sides, all are locked in position. At this moment, a loud and clear dragon cry echoed through the entire lands. A huge golden coloured dragon appeared, descending from the sealed heavens. The golden coloured dragon's size grew smaller as it passes through, eventually turning into Tang Wulin's original appearance, passing through the Ardent Emperor!

- A loud dragon cry also resounded from the surroundings, as if a group of dragons bemoaning. A fierce aura filled up every corners, like the ending of the world. "Dragon Emperor's Forbidden Techniques -----Forbidden Firmament, Dragon Emperor Doom!" (龙皇禁法---禁苍穹,龙皇陨). Under the control of ‘Indefinite Storm’, the Ardent Emperor had no chance of dodging. When Tang Wulin used ‘Indefinite Storm’, he had decided to pay any price, to first get rid of this Abyssal expert at Emperor's lvl. Just from looking at the killing power, the Ardent Emperor had even surpassed the Devil King! The Ardent Emperor currently could not move, when that huge golden coloured dragon rush towards him, he felt extreme suffocation. In his spiritual world, a huge dragon with its body covered with colourful scales appeared, it was surrounded by many huge dragons. Ten Thousand Dragons Bemoaning! That sad aura expanded to fill up every corner of his spiritual world! The heavens shedding tears! This was what Tang Wulin at the Dragon Tribe Graveyard, used 3 years to bury thousands of dragons while feeling this accumulated sadness. Every dragon bone, every dragon soul, none did not contain this sort of sad emotions. And this type of emotions activated his bloodline's deepest strength, leading to his current rise. Just like Gu Yuena temporarily allowing herself reaching God lvl, the moment the heavens got restricted, Tang Wulin relied on the Sea God's Trident's amplification, letting him also reaching God lvl, thus having this instant teleportation.

- Their temporarily increase's biggest difference from the Sky Transcending Douluo Guan Yue, is that both of their bodies have an extremely strong bloodline. Guan Yue used his life as the cost for the increase, the Devil King's increase is because inside the Abyssal Passageway, she had the protection of the Abyssal plane. And Gu Yuena's temporarily increase, drew the appearance of the elemental lightning tribulation. Tang Wulin used the Sea God's Trident as protection, letting that lightning tribulation had no way of descending. The Ardent Emperor just paused in mid-air. Following the disappearance of the light rings on his body, his body slowly broke down. His battle armour broke piece by piece, his aura swiftly weakening. Only that 'Heavenly Saint Deep Split' drop from the sky, turning into a ray of blue-purple glow dropping. The moment it landed on the ground, the Abyssal Passageway sounded an intense boom!

[One of the 10 Great Abyssal Emperor, the Ardent Emperor, had perished!] [ part 8, 79%, 1812]

- Also at this time, a loud boom sounded once more from afar, dazzling silver light, exploded into the sky, following a huge silver dragon shadow appearing in the air. The silver dragon shadow had glows of purple-gold colour. Tang Wulin transformed into a ball of golden light hitting the ground, pounding a deep huge hole that instantly surpasses 100 mi. His whole body surrounded by golden light, his aura kept becoming weaker. ‘Indefinite Storm’ +God lvl Dragon Emperor Forbidden Techniques, letting him had a huge consuming rate. Wanting to hide the truth from the heavens is not that easy. Even with the support of the Sea God's Trident, he still suffered some damage. But he did not care about his well being, immediately sensing that familiar aura. Luckily, although that aura has weakened, it still exists. The 3rd round, including the Ardent Emperor, the Devil King's team also had the loss of 4 Abyssal experts' lives. Now, because of the previous clashing of God lvls, the sky had completely became a forbidden zone. No matter the S7D, Sima Jinchi, and the opposing remaining Abyssal experts, all could only land on the ground. Gu Yuena's condition is somewhat serious. The current her, also smashed a huge pit in the ground, and her surroundings, still have that intense elemental lightning tribulation, no one dared to come any closer. 'Silver Dragon Wulin' 4-word battle armour's surface has a huge piece being burnt black, her face pale white, her lips still have some blood leaking out, her silver hair in a mess. Just now that ray of elemental lightning tribulation is simply too overwhelming........

- Next, is up against the Devil King, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena expose and did their 2nd time martial soul fusion “Dragon God Transformation”. The Devil King did not try to interfere as she thought that their actions would be useless, yet she was shocked to find out that it has the power of a 3rd ranked God Position. Even though the God Position of Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena was cracked, they eventually crippled the Devil King.... Just as they were about to land the final blow, someone unexpected appeared...Lan Fuzi?!?! She revealed her identity as the Holy Spirit Cult Cult Master’s daughter, aka the Devil King’s daughter. Tang Wulin then realizes the reason for her sea spirit soul, Lan Fuzi confesses to Tang Wulin about liking him :O, but she won’t allow him to kill her mother unless he kills her first. Tang Wulin raised the Sea God’s Trident but was unable to stab her, Gu Yuena sighs as this was how she felt towards Qiangu Zhangting. Loving a person is not wrong….Lan Fuzi’s abdomen was pierced through, looking downwards, it’s not Tang Wulin’s weapon but the hand of the person behind her….The Abyssal Saint Lord took control of the Devil King’s body and started yapping about his plans being fulfilled and looking at the “ants” after reviving the “dead” Abyssal Emperor lvl experts secretly (Wisdom Emperor, Spirit Emperor,etc.) [the heck, humans died for nothing].

- Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena activated ‘Dragon God Transformation’, but in the end, Tang Wulin as the main controller chose to withstand all the damage and when the Sea God’s Trident could not block the attack, he broke the transformation, letting Gu Yuena landing safely while he fully resist the overwhelming attack. It ended with his heart and dragon core shattered….All human experts like 囧. The Passionate Douluo Zang Xin reminded Gu Yuena of that flower that Tang Wulin had gifted her before cooperating with his sworn brother, the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi. They both used their one-time-use martial soul fusion sealing the Abyssal passageway for 3 days with the cost of their lives. They could only use this one time as it will cost them their lives, both have already prepared for the day they will be sacrificed. The Abyssal Saint Lord raged and threw a final desperate attack towards Gu Yuena and the lying Tang Wulin. But sadly, he failed as his attack was blocked by Qiangu Dieting, who wished using his life as a price, Gu Yuena would spare Qiangu Zhangting’s life….

- When Gu Yuena fed the King of Immortal Grass -----‘Yearning Heartbroken Red’ flower into Tang Wulin’s mouth. Silk Tulip then appeared and told her how to use the max potential of the herb (it relied on lovers’ aura, etc,). Tang Wulin’s wounds healed very fast and it sort of let the remaining experts have some assurance. Mo Lan (the elder sister Tang Wulin met on both train express incidents) represents the Federation in explaining to the citizens about the black/darkened sky (caused by the Abyssal Saint Lord) and showed videos of the fights and sacrifices to garner the support of the public to boost the military’s moral...Tang Wulin woke up 1 day later, his wounds all healed… Spending some moments with Gu Yuena and he feeling depressed after Gu Yuena lies to him about having no solution against the Abyssal Saint Lord (there’s one way: Devour him and let the Dragon God reappear…). She then encourages him to be happy as the citizens all relied on his side to win. Tang Wulin felt the weight and pledged to be together with her for eternity, thus decided to break one of the last 3 seals [ the 16th seal ] with the help of Gu Yuena…

- The 3-day buff time is up, various experts appeared, the crowds cheering. Da Ming and Er Ming also appeared as this world is still important for the soul beasts. Tang Wulin had broken through 3rd Rank God, he is afraid that might not be enough to defeat the Abyssal Saint Lord and proposes to break the 2nd last seal or break all of them. Gu Yuena’s face turned paled and hurriedly dissuade him as the 2nd last seal will allow him to be a 2nd Rank God and the final seal will allow him to be a 1st Rank God but his current body could not withstand the unsealing. Only when Tang San returns then Tang Wulin can unseal them.

Tang Wulin suddenly asked: “Gu Yue, you are not human, right?”

Gu Yuena gave him a wry smile: “This question, is a question you have been waiting for a very long time to ask.”

Tang Wulin smiled: “This is not important. Whether you are human is also not important. I only know that, you are my wife.”

Gu Yuena blushed: “Who is your wife? I have not married to you.”

Tang Wulin then promised to propose to her after this battle, he would plan a huge wedding for the both of them and let her stay with him, she could not leave him again. Gu Yuena then confesses that she is the other half of the Dragon God, the Silver Dragon King...When she transformed into a human, becoming Na’er, something bad happened. She lost many of her memories, therefore, the one meeting Tang Wulin at childhood, is the amnesiac her. Under his protection, letting the personality of Na’er being formed, and letting Na’er fell in love with him. Then, the reason for Na’er’s sudden departure, is because her memory is starting to recover. But, Na’er personality still exists. If she forcefully devour Na’er, she would have to pay a very big price, especially the xin lin would never be complete. Therefore, she made a bet with Na’er. Na’er want her (Gu Yue) to approach Tang Wulin, take the initiative to treat him better, until a certain timing, Na’er would then agree to merge. That bet, on the surface is Na’er losing, but because of the time Gu Yue spent with Tang Wulin was longer. But in truth, she lost. As she fell in love with Tang Wulin. Therefore, when Na’er and Gu Yue merging, Na’er is satisfied. But Gu Yue feared Tang Wulin would be heartbroken so she did not even dare to merge with Na’er to be a single host/mind….[flag, this might be their last time hugging]

- The Abyssal Saint Lord emerged after 3 days, mad that his plans got disrupted by the “ants”. Tang Wulin suddenly heard someone yelling out his name, he turned towards the direction of the sound and saw a pink shadow turning into golden red glow, heading straight towards the Abyssal Saint Lord. “ I--LOVE--YOU!!!” NOOOOO!!! But it was too late, a massive huge explosion occurred. Everyone was shocked by it, the whole battlefield was washed in a bright light, that purple coloured sun also got destroyed in an instant… Tang Wulin knew who that person was as memories of him interacting with the female scientist, Ling Zichen flashed through his mind…...She eventually made herself into a bomb (Eternal Kingdom of Heaven), on this intense battlefield, that explosion was extremely helpful to them.

[ Tang Sect’s Soul Guid­ance Ar­tillery Shell Re­search Cen­tral’s Director, Ling Zichen, had died! ]

- The Abyssal Saint Lord became very furious as “his” perfect body got ruined, he made a clone and escaped the fate of being devoured by the Golden Dragon Spear and the Silver Dragon Spear. He did not have the mood of playing and started to destroy the plane. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena teamed up and managed to pushed the Abyssal Saint Lord backwards, the Ancient Tree of Life also help in supporting the Dragon God = wounds kept recovering with endless Life energies. The Abyssal Saint Lord’s expression like ( >o< ) unkillable enemy!! From the purple beam, the Abyssal armies appeared = various Emperor lvl experts + their aura not weakened the slightest bit. A 7-coloured flaming lotus appeared, the Abyssal Saint Lord’s shriek echoed the whole battlefield. [ part 9 100%, end at 1831 ]

[ yes! End at a single digit partition, thanks for Rumstein’s summary of Vol 28 that motivated me to finish all in one shot!! :> Bye. I might not be doing for DD3.5 till it ended or if there is someone making it, i prefer reading the manhua version... ]

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