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Appearance[edit | edit source]

Da Ming has a head in the shape of a bull that is at least 4 meters in diameter, eyes the size of lanterns and a dark cyan enormous snake body that is thicker than water barrels.

History[edit | edit source]

When they were very small spirit beasts Da Ming was saved by Xiao Wu, thus forming a friendship between the two and Da Ming coming to consider her as a big sister. The trio of Da Ming, Er Ming and Xiao Wu often play together with the other two teasing Xiao Wu often.

After they become somewhat formidable Spirit Beasts, they travel to the center of the Star Dou Forest to acquire their own area. Later on following the death of Xiao Wu's mother, she comes to them and is protected by them.

Soul Land Plot[edit | edit source]

Star Dou Forest[edit | edit source]

Xiao Wu inquires about Da Ming from Er Ming, following Er Ming taking Xiao Wu in the Star Dou Forest.

Spirit Hall Attacks[edit | edit source]

Da Ming appears out of the lake to Xiao Wu and Er Ming, who are sitting under a tree. He enquirers to Xiao Wu about the human world, and asks her to a tell a story of her adventures there.

When Spirit Hall seeks out Xiao Wu to capture her, Da Ming and Er Ming confronts them. However they are immobilized by the Spirit Fusion between Gui Mei and Yue Guan. They manage to break free just as Xiao Wu uses sacrifice to save Tang San and integrate her soul into his 6th Spirit Ring. Xiao Wu leaves them an imprint of what Tang San did to save her life, thus causing the two of them not to kill Tang San. The two silently protects Xiao Wu's rabbit form body as she feeds on energy of the Yearning Heartbroken Red. After all the energy is taken and Tang San loses consciousness, they bring him to the lake where they usually reside.

After the procedure of revival of Xiao Wu is explained by Er Ming, Da Ming allows Tang San to leave with Xiao Wu. He states that from then on, he can consider both him and Er Ming as his brothers. Later he explains to Er Ming that he is immensely shocked by the resolution and love of Tang San and also the hatred he feels for the Spirit Hall.

Soul Land 3 Plot[edit | edit source]

Volume -[edit | edit source]

Sub-Realm[edit | edit source]

Da Ming lives inside a sub-realm within the spirit ascension platform with Er Ming. They created the realm as a place for spirit beasts to live because of the rapid development of human technology. They never thought it would turn into a refuge for spirit beasts. Either Da Ming or Er Ming needs to be in the realm at all times so that the realm does not collapse. Da Ming meets Tang Wulin for the first time within the sub-realm.

Soul Land 4 Plot[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Second Oldest, get rid of them, leave none behind.
— Da Ming
Tang San, remember, if one day you feel you can’t protect Xiao Wu, return here. Me and Er Ming are both Xiao Wu’s best brothers, and also yours.
— Da Ming
Perhaps, all this is the will of Heaven. Tang San, this youth gives an impression that makes even me tremble. Even though he didn’t say so, the hatred in his heart might be able to destroy a great many things. His feelings for Xiao Wu are beyond my understanding, but I believe that he will definitely protect her. He’s an intelligent person, he won’t make the same mistake twice.
— Da Ming

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Manhua the spirit beast is called the Green Ox Python of The Heavens.
  • Da Ming is considered to be the most powerful Spirit Beast in the Star Dou Forest.
  • Da Ming calls Er Ming "Second Oldest".
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