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The seven devils are one. As eldest brother, how can I watch my little sister get taken away?
— Dai Mubai


He is a handsome man tall with broad shoulders, a head of long golden hair unrolling behind him, falling down nearly to his waist with no curls. He gives off a powerful impression.

Most eye catching were his eyes, they are a pair of evil eyes, both eyes unexpectedly have twin pupils, within the deep blue eyes is a very cold gaze, a kind of icy cold evolving from the depths of the heart, an evil light glimmering between half open eyelids, under his gaze, the whole body felt like it was cut by a sharp sword.

Spirit Transformation[]

Following Spirit Transformation his entire body’s skeleton makes cracking sounds, muscles abruptly swelling, filling out the clothes to the point of bursting. Every muscle under the clothes becomes exceedingly distinct.

The full head of blonde hair in a second changes to alternating black and white, white constituting the majority, in its several black locks especially clear. On his forehead appears four faint lines, three horizontal and one vertical, just right to form the character for ‘king’.

His hands changes the most, to no less than twice the size compared to before changing with white fur covering the entire back of the hand. From the ten fingers short dagger-like talons continuously stretch out, each talon like the edge of a knife, length no less than eight centimeters, glimmering with a dim dazzling gleam.

His body slowly bent over, four pupils all becoming thoroughly deep blue, giving people a feeling like of a killing machine.


Dai Mubai is a short tempered person who is often impulsive. He is well aware of his strength and limits. He is a loyal person who cares much for his friends.


Dai Mubai is the second prince of the royal household in the Star Luo Empire. The heir to the throne is by tradition the strongest in the royal family, so he and his older brother are rivals. Dai Mubai since the birth of Zhu Zhuqing was promised in marriage to her as per agreement of their families. Dai Mubai left home in order to become stronger and never lose to anyone. He is the senior at the Shrek Academy and he broke the record for being the youngest to attain the thirtieth rank at the age of 13 which however was subsequently broken by Tang San and Xiao Wu.


Shrek Academy[]

Dai Mubai is first seen at the Rose Hotel with twin girls accompanying him. He challenges Tang San to a duel for taking his room. Dai Mubai having forced to use his 3rd Spirit Ring against a Spirit Grandmaster accepts his defeat, deeply impressed by Tang San.

He is present at the 1st exam for enrollment in the Shrek Academy acting as a bouncer to anyone who disrupted the proceedings. He takes Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing to the 4th exam having them exempted from the 2nd and 3rd exam.

Star Dou Forest[]

Dai Mubai enters the Star Dou Forest along with the other Shrek Seven Devils and Zhao Wuji to collect a Spirit Ring for Oscar. During their encounter with the Titan Giant Ape, he refuses to leave without Zhao Wuji and gets involved in the battle.

Great Spirit Arena[]

Dai Mubai vs Yu Tianheng.jpg

During Grandmaster's intensive training he is the only one other than Tang San able to last till the last second. At the Great Spirit Arena he forms a team with Oscar; the Dual Winged White Tiger Combination. He also becomes the Captain of the Shrek Seven Devils being the oldest and most powerful among the Shrek Seven Devils. During the fight against the Emperor Team he holds out against Yu Tianheng and uses Spirit Fusion Hell White Tiger with Zhu Zhuqing to deliver a major blow to the opponents.

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy[]

After entering the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy premises he immediately sends Xue Beng flying for being disrespectful to them and their teachers causing them to not be enrolled in the Academy.

New Shrek Academy[]

Following Tang San's return from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he receives the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum which allows him to breakthrough the 40th Rank bottleneck. He goes with Liu Erlong, Flender and Yu Xiaogang to obtain his 4th Spirit Ring. Following the absorption he skips straight to Rank 43.

Sunset Forest[]

He accompanies rest of the Shrek Seven Devils and the teachers and helps in finding and subduing Spirit Beasts for absorption of Spirit Rings.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[]


He is the Captain of the Shrek Academy Team. At the opening battle with the second team of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, he takes on 3 opponents, beating them under a minute.

He takes part in the second match up against the Elephant Armored Academy and uses Hell White Tiger to defeat Huyan Li and two other opponents.

He also takes part in the match up against Blazing Academy, colliding with Huo Wushuang head-on.

He also takes part in the matches against Blue Sunshine Academy and Skywater Academy.

Ranking Competition[]

In the Ranking Competition Dai Mubai manages to obtain successive victories and even obtains a complete seven successive victory.

Dai Mubai vs Yu Tianxin.jpg

He appears in the match against the Thunderclap Academy following Xiao Wu and fights against Lei Dong. He counters and destroys Lei Dong's 4th Spirit Ring ability by only using his 1st Spirit Ring and then proceeds to heavily injure him, as revenge against hurting Xiao Wu. His next battle is against the Thunderclap Academy captain Yu Tianxin. They from the start battle against each other purely using their Spirit Power and abilities, enduring each others attacks. They both finally unleash the 4th Spirit Ring ability which ends the match with Dai Mubai winning, but injured.

Following the end of the match as Dai Mubai is about to fall down, Zhu Zhuqing immediately comes up to support him and helps him bear his weight and walk back towards the resting area. When all but Zhu Zhuqing leaves allowing Dai Mubai to take rest, he asks if she hates him, to which she responds saying she does not and that as he is her fiance his life belongs to her. Dai Mubai then embraces her and kisses her to which Zhu Zhuqing responds.

En Route to Spirit City[]

En route to Spirit City, all the Spirit Masters of the Academies are attacked by masked men pretending to be bandits. Following Shrek Academy's display of power and external help that arrives, Chrysanthemum Douluo is summoned to take care of them. However realizing Dai Mubai has taken Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum he offers to make him his disciple. Dai Mubai negotiates the safety of Zhu Zhuqing first and then tries to negotiate the safety of all the members of the Shrek Academy. However since Tang San was the original target the negotiations fail and Dai Mubai along with the rest tries to fight Chrysanthemum Douluo. Soon help arrives thus managing to save their lives.


As the first opponent they were to face forfeited, their next opponent were the Star Luo Imperial Academy. As soon as the lot was drawn Dai Mubai became very silent and tense and his history was revealed to the Shrek Seven Devils. They in turn promised to bring victory no matter what.

Right from the start of the match against Star Luo Empire, as per Grandmaster's instructions, they go all out, attacking them with a barrage of Spirit Abilities. Dai Mubai along with Zhu Zhuqing forms the Spirit Fusion Hell White Tiger and attacks them incapacitating 6 members of the Star Luo Imperial Academy. He attacks Dai Weisi, his own brother, and leaves him with heavy injuries, although having still held back, because of his brotherly feelings.

In the match against Spirit Hall Academy, Dai Mubai along with Zhu Zhuqing confront Yan. The two of them together barely manage to hold up against Yan and trade blows back and forth. Finally they pressure Yan using the Spirit Fusion Hell White Tiger. With all members of the Spirit Hall Academy team subdued except for Yan, Spirit Hall concedes the match.

During the awarding ceremony of the 3 spirit bones, when asked for the representative of the Shrek Academy, Dai Mubai makes Tang San go and receive them. He then gives up the rights to the Spirit Bones as none of them suit him.

When Xiao Wu is revealed to be a Spirit Beast, he stands along with the other Shrek Seven Devils to protect her.

After Tang Hao brings away Tang San and Xiao Wu, Ning Fengzhi offers the Shrek Seven Devils to join with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan to which Dai Mubai declines, stating he and Zhu Zhuqing will be returning to their home in Star Luo Empire.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion[]

5 years later, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing arrives at Shrek Academy where they are met by Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong. He then consoles a crying Rongrong over Oscar's disappearance. Tang San then arrives, however he does not recognize him due to the change in Tang San's appearance. He prepares to fight him, but is deterred when Tang San uses his 4th ability and shows them his twin spirits and eight spider lances. After meeting the teachers and telling them his experiences over the five years, he accepts Flender's suggestion to show them their strength.

Mubai follows Grandmaster's order of wearing mask prior to his self introduction to the students of Shrek Academy. As Zhao Wuji is about to break out from Tang San's Blue Silver Prison, Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing fuse creating the Hell White Tiger. Mubai and Zhuqing slaps away Wuji. When Wuji is about to use his eighth ability they charge forward creating a giant ball of white light and colliding it with Wuji's golden ball of light causing them to be exhausted and their spirit fusion was broken. They then secretly agree to give Flender some face and conceded the fight. Afterwards, Mubai agreed with Tang San's suggestion of meeting up again five years later and vows that he will be strong enough to beat Tang San.

Vast Sea City[]

After hearing about the attacks by Spirit Hall on two of the three upper sect clans, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing goes back to the Star Luo Empire to find out more about the current situation. The two of them return when they receive Grandmaster's letter asking them to come back to travel and train together with the Shrek Seven Devils again.

After returning and undergoing a training with Chen Xin, they set off to Sea God Island. On the way they happen upon a village attacked by Wolftaken. They start assassinating, starting from the back, but unfortunately gets discovered causing an all out battle between the three and the around three hundred Wolftaken. The three gets confronted by three very powerful Cyan Wolftaken but the three of them manage to secure victory over the Wolftaken. Dai Mubai receives the Bloodlust Craze Hurricane Right Leg obtained from one of the Cyan Wolf taken.

Differences in the Manhua[]

  • The fight against Blue Sunshine Academy affects him and causes his Spirit Power to fade away.
  • The reason for his Spirit Power fading is due to ascension of a divine being named Evil Eyed White Tiger sage, who gives him a series of hallucinations which are trials, and which Dai Mubai manages to succeed.
  • Dai Tian poisons Zhu Zhuqing, and in order to save her life he gives up his Evil Eyed White Tiger Sage power.
  • In the Manhua following the conclusion of the battle against Dai Weisi, he makes up with him.


  • Dai Mubai is strongly affected by civilian deaths, more so than Tang San or Ma Hongjun, as seen during the Wolftaken battle. He is shown to have a sense of responsibility for those he could have saved which is greater than the other Seven Devils. LN Chapter 205
  • Dai Mubai didn't learn to swim until the second trial of Sea God Island. LN Chapter 232
  • Dai Mubai's eyes have two pupils each in the Light Novels, but in the Manhua one is red and the other blue, each bearing his spirit mark.
  • Dai Mubai is the most open about his relationship with Zhuqing, brazenly asking for a single room in front of the others in Vast Sea City. LN Chapter 206


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