Family[edit | edit source]

Dai Weisi[edit | edit source]

Dai Weisi is Dai Mubai's brother. They have a strained relationship as due to the custom of their Royal Family, one must die by the others hand. Dai Weisi often bullied Dai Mubai.

Shrek Seven Devils[edit | edit source]

Zhu Zhuqing[edit | edit source]

Zhu Zhuqing is Dai Mubai's fiance. Due to his departure from home, Zhu Zhuqing is somewhat cold towards him. However Dai Mubai pursues her, being in love, and would do anything in order to protect her and save her. He is mindful of his words and actions around Zhu Zhuqing. She later reveals that she never hated him, and fully accepts him.

Tang San[edit | edit source]

Dai Mubai has immense respect for Tang San and relies on him during battles to successfully coordinate attacks. He considers him as a close brother. He however wants to be able to defeat Tang San in a battle, and has a sense of rivalry.

Xiao Wu[edit | edit source]

Dai Mubai considers Xiao Wu to be the most dangerous among the Shrek Seven Devils, since any injury to her would cause Tang San to go berserk. He considers her as a little sister and admires her close combat prowess.

Ma Hongjun[edit | edit source]

Dai Mubai constantly teases Ma Hongjun, calling him "fatty" and insulting his vulgar activities. Despite this he cares for Ma Hongjun and would not hesitate to go to battle on his sake.

Oscar[edit | edit source]

Initially Dai Mubai considers Oscar to be a vulgar person due to his vulgar incantations for the Sausages and shameful to the Shrek Academy. Later on he comes to rely on him due to the great effects of the Sausages.

Ning Rongrong[edit | edit source]

Initially Dai Mubai is very cross with Ning Rongrong, almost battling her for mocking him, despite knowing her background. Following her personality change, he comes to depend on her Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda and become friends.

Soul Land II[edit | edit source]

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