Dark Devilgod Tiger
Name Dark Devilgod Tiger
Also Known As
Age 60,000+ years
Vital Status Deceased

Appearance Edit

It is a black giant tiger, pure black all over, without a speck of other colour. It is no less than eight meters long, bulging with muscle, maybe weighing more than three thousand jin. The ‘king’ mark on his forehead is also black, but a different shade of black from its fur, a black as gloomy as mist. Its red eyes brim with viciousness, but the most peculiar feature is its tail. The tail is much longer compared to ordinary tiger-type Spirit Beasts, it greatly resembles a scorpion's tail formed from countless bone joints with a giant hook attached that is oriented upward, and it glints with a cold light.

Description Edit

The Dark Demonic God Tiger is extremely powerful. In legends, it is a mutation that occurred as an evil god descended on the White Tiger, turning the White Tiger's light attribute into darkness attribute, producing black wings of corruption, as well as scorpion tail-like Devilgod Hook.

Generally speaking, Spirit Beasts all have a chance to be human Spirits, but the Dark Devilgod Tiger is an exception, and there has never been a human with it as a Spirit. This is because the Dark Devilgod Tiger actually doesn't have mere darkness attribute, but rather the evil attribute left by the Devilgod that cannot be endured by humans. If it were to be evaluated according to Spirit levels, then it would be considered the peak Spirit comparable to the Seraphim.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger possesses an extremely overbearing talent. However, it doesn’t mature through cultivation, and its cultivation is extremely difficult. It can rise in strength quickly only by devouring Spirit Beasts or human Spirit Masters’ spirit power. Consequently, no matter in what environment the Dark Devilgod Tiger appears, it immediately becomes the focus of indiscriminate hatred of local Spirit Beasts that would exterminate it before it grows strong enough to threaten their lives.

Abilities Edit

It has an area ability, Dark Devilgod Thunder, that causes the Dark Devilgod Tiger's roars to grow more intense, whereupon sheets of grey light condense into a sphere around it, and then the sphere explodes with a terrifying might. This ability combines Evil, Wind and Lightning attributes.

In addition, a proof of the Dark Devilgod Tiger's power is that it had a Domain even though it had yet to reach the 100,000 years threshold in its cultivation. Its Domain was of the Darkness attribute.

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