Darkness Green Dragon
Name Darkness Green Dragon
Also Known As
Type Equipment

Description Edit

Darkness Green Dragon is ranked 59th on the Carving Knife Leaderboard. It carries darkness and wind elements, and any Spirit Guidance Device that it creates will carry these two elements. It’s three times heavier than typical carving knives, and is well-known for its stability. Using this carving knife with suitable Spirit Guidance Devices will create formidable effects, and it will have a ten percent increase in success rate when forging Spirit Guidance Device above Class 7.

This carving knife is dark green in color, and a little big. It seems very old, even ancient, with dragon-shaped engravings on both sides. One can almost hear a dragon’s calls as the carving blade is being used, and every cut and move adds a green layer to the metal block’s surface before the green hues rapidly disappears.

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