Description[edit | edit source]

Datura Snake is a serpentine Spirit Beast of animal origin. They have incredibly aggressive character, and they are practically guaranteed to launch an attack when they encounter humans.

Datura Snake’s venom is extremely potent, it has a paralysing effect and even causes high damage to the body’s nerves. It’s one of the most terrible among poison attribute Spirit Beasts. Its body is extremely tough, difficult to hurt with common sabres. Its only weak points are the mouth and the eyes, but Datura Snakes are very good at consistently protecting these two places. Its speed is also extraordinarily high.

The Datura Snake’s cultivation age is related to the size and colour of its body. Prior to the 1000 years rank, its body is ink green and grows 1 meter in length for every 100 years of cultivation. When it approaches the 1000 years bottleneck, its body length is close to 10 meters.

Once it breaks through the 1000 years bottleneck, its power condenses as it continuously casts off its skin. This process changes the body colour from ink green to pink, while the body length shrinks back to 1 metre. Afterwards, its body length begins to increase once again at the rate of 1 meter per every 100 years of cultivation. Once it reaches the 2000 years, the Datura Snake will shrink back again while its pink colour gains a darker shade.

10,000+ years old Datura Snake will change into a yellow colour.

Significant Specimens[edit | edit source]

100+ Years[edit | edit source]

Tang San and his teacher and master Yu Xiaogang encounter a 422 years old Datura Snake during their search for Tang San's 1st Spirit Ring. Tang San manages to kill it with the help of his Silent Sleeve Dart, and then absorbs its Spirit Ring.

1000+ Years[edit | edit source]

Huo Yuhao, Tang Ya, and Beibei come across a 1,300 ~ 1,800 years old Datura Snake while searching for a suitable Spirit Ring in the Star Dou Forest. With Huo Yuhao's help, Beibei manages to subdue it so that Tang Ya can deliver the finishing blow and consequently absorb the Spirit Ring.

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