Description[edit | edit source]

Death Domain is the innate domain of the Death Spider Emperor, with extremely powerful effects. All the user's attributes were amplified by ten percent, all the enemy's attributes reduced by twenty percent, and were unable to use any stealth or teleportation abilities within its range, and at the same time caused mental deterrence, the user's mental strength boosted by twenty percent, the enemy's mental strength reduced by twenty percent.

Users[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Extremely Toxic Enviroment[edit | edit source]

The most terrifying ability of the Death Domain is the extremely toxic environment.

Wherever the domain reaches it's filled with the Death Spider Emperor's poison. Extreme corrosion and diffusion, and can also lower the enemy's speed by ten percent. If they are poisoned, their bodies will constantly weaken, until death. If it is used in battle, it is a catastrophic existence to common soldiers.

Even Da Ming and Er Ming have also previously lost out because of this domain, and adding in Bibi Dong's own formidable attack abilities.

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